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Hardly present in France, the brand TIGI has an outstanding reputation outside the border.

Convinced by the quality of the products hair salon, Tigi, Vision'Hair invites you to discover the brand of product hair professional Tigi.

Hair products top of the range developed to meet the specific needs of each hair. Beyond the quality, it is the originality of Tigi, which makes the difference : products out of common trends that follow fashion.

High-performance products, packaging staggered and names to be humorous, to be seduced by Tigi ! Among a very wide range, Tigi Bead Head is one of the lines most popular with hair-styling products combining efficiency and humour. Suited to every type of hair, the Tigi Bead Head surfs with humor.

Shampoos, treatments and styling ... discover the surprising products Tigi Bead Head. Tigi Bead Head it is also the Tigi Bead Head for men and Tigi Bead Head for the body. After the humor, the Tigi love fashion ! The line Tigi Catwalk consists of hair products (shampoos, treatments and styling to make the hair protected, strong and bright in the image of catwalk of fashion shows.

Tigi Catwalk is available for each hair, check out the products Tigi Catwalk.

  • Bed Head

    Bed Head


  • BedHead For Men

    BedHead For Men


  • Tigi Catwalk

    Tigi Catwalk

    Hair-styling products, Tigi Catwalk hair dry or rebel, fine, or curly...



    S FACTOR TIGI has entered a new era in hair care by launching a line of high-end products that will allow you to have the hair you've always dreamed of. S-Factor is perfectly suited to all hair types as it smoothes straight hair, revives the radiance of the short hair, tames the frizz of curly hair and calms down the african hair. The products are also suitable for colored hair ; they protect from the heat and take care of the natural hair.



    ROCKAHOLIC is inspired by the originality of the culture of modern rock. The new range ROCKAHOLIC will encourage everyone to pursue his dreams and be himself a rock star, whatever the vicissitudes of life. ROCKAHOLIC brings freedom and fun. Result : a final look that allows everybody to express in his own way his side rock!

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