10.31 color SUPREME Crystal gold (50ml)

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INOA SUPREME coloration anti-age

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INOA SUPREME coloration anti-age 1 staining anti-age

  • perfect cover white hair
  • Hair redensifiés thanks to the Densilum-R

Results : a true colour and harmonious in agreement with your complexion to a real coup.The staining age supreme becomes progréssivement INOA supreme coloration without ammonia.The shades remain the same but the preparation changes. Preparation of Inoa supreme : 1 tube Inoa supreme (16g) 60grs of oxidant rich 20v 40grs of inoa gel Break time 30 minutes. Input of material for a fiber redensified. Comfort. The double reflect for colour that brightens the complexion.

Fiche technique

Weight16 gr