Wella coloration

All the hair color professional Wella Professionals coordinate perfectly with each other and give you more flexibility and choice to meet your expectations. For a full-service coloring, Wella Professionals offers a wide range of dyes, temporary, semi permanent and permanent; the change from one coloration to another is simple thanks to the digit...

  • Wella INSPIRE
    Wella INSPIRE

    Immerse yourself in the limitless universe of coloring with Wella inspire.

    Inspire offers unlimited possibilities to salon colorists to create a complete palette of individualized hair color results. Each shade is an expression of skill and creativity, providing a personalized color experience for each client. It covers the full spectrum of fashion color, high intensity natural and bright tones with up to 100% gray / white coverage for all applications. What makes it so different from the existing color brands is the combination of a neutral cream base and pigment-like granules to define and create a color depth.
    3 products for infinite combinations: Pure cream and High lift cream (lightening power up to 5 tones) and Pure Tone (pure pigment)

  • Color.id

    FREE YOUR MIND COLOUR WITH INTUITION For the first time, nuancez colours without marbling*, without foils : what is color .id ? A new product that allows you to create technical "method air" to tint the hair multi-tones. A new method that allows instinctively to sculpt, shape and position of the colors to each side of the other without the risk that they may not mix them. Thanks to a revolutionary innovation, Color.id contains a new technology InvisiDivider Techonology that creates a matrix that is unique within the mass of colour, and acts as a barrier, flexible way to separate and keep different colors of hair. Thus, it is possible to juxtapose colors without mottles* no use of aluminium foil. SEE THE MODE of ACTION OF COLOR.ID

  • Illumina color
    Illumina color

    ILLUMINA COLOR PERMANENT COLORING The greatest innovation in color in 20 years: ILLUMINA COLOR is a premium brand of Wella Professionals. The colouring pure and light regardless of the light. Superior protection of the hair*. Up to 100% coverage of white hair, with a result that is pure. Beyond the color, the power of light. *color after color, compared to our global competitor main.

  • Koleston Perfect
    Koleston Perfect

    With Koleston Perfect get the colouring perfect, intense and vibrant, thanks to its components of high quality.
    With a great choice of shades, you will find the shade that suits you that you are blonde, brunettes, redheads. With the shades of the special mix, you will be able to boost your flare to get bright and vivid colors.
    Koleston Perfect with technology TRILUXIV covers up to 100% white hair, regrowth to ends
    Koleston Perfect contains 25% moisturizing agents and lipids to take care of your hair and wrap smoothly.
    Up to 66% more shine when.

    Council of pro
    To associate with Welloxon Perfect for best results. Koleston Perfect Base and Welloxon Perfect (1 + 1). Proportion to the nuance Special Blonde (1 + 2).

    3 shades of lift : 1 part Koleston Perfect, 1 part Welloxon Perfect 12% (40V)
    2 shades of lift : 1 part Koleston Perfect, 1 part Welloxon Perfect 9% (30V)
    1 ton of lift /Coverage of gray hair/ tone-on-tone or to darken :
    1 part Koleston Perfect, 1 part Welloxon Perfect 6% (20V)

    Special Blonde : 1 part Koleston Perfect 2 parts Welloxon Perfect 9% or 12% (40V)

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