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    Myriam K Paris shampoo - Myriam K hair products

    Myriam K Paris shampoo - Myriam K hair products

    Myriam K Paris is synonymous with beauty hair.

    Myriam K is today's pledge of professionalism and innovation.

    After having developed the brazilian keratin snapshot in France, Myriam K has created the shaping of French and a range of care anti-age capillary.

    Today, Myriam K is present in more than ten countries, including the 25000 trade fairs in F...

    • Myriam k Anti-age capillary
      Myriam k Anti-age...

      With The Anti-age capillary, give a youthful look to your hair !

      Myriam K Paris, soin Anti-age Capillary " is a range of skincare products revolutionary.

      Anti-age capillary is directed to the hair stressed, over-stretched by blow drying, weakened by chemical treatments, dull, rough, loss of density.

      Genuine care "injection" of keratin and hyaluronic acid, anti-age capillary helps to rejuvenate the hair.

      It moisturises, restructures and repairs for a hair rejuvenated, who finds beauty and health.

    • Myriam K smooth French
      Myriam K smooth French

      Check out the smooth French by Myriam K Paris.

      Smooth French Myriam K Paris is care disciplining thermo dynamics, is enriched with extracts of Lily flower, diamond sprayed, Keratin, cashmere and hyaluronic acid.
      It repairs the hair, reduces the volume and gives shine and hydration, while facilitating the capping. It is much more than a simple anti-aliasing, it is a treatment that is full.

      A combination of the ingredients to the most luxurious ones to a shine second to none and a hair repaired in depth.

      Smoothing French has a higher efficiency of repair and allows to obtain a hair smoother than a brazilian smoothing treatment.