Schwarzkopf BlondMe Advanced Bonding System

Schwarzkopf BlondMe Advanced Bonding System.

Schwarzkopf BLONDME with Advanced Bonding System, adapts to all types of blond and is specially formulated for delicate blonde hair. BLONDME brings a deep care to measure for all blond:
- ALL TYPES OF BLONDS: Sublime all types of blond with intense care.
- COLD COALS: Sublime blond with cold and ashy reflections and neutralizes hot reflections.
-HOT BODY: Sublime warm colors, revives the caramel reflections lacking shine.

The Bonding Technology contains magnesium citrate to balance the pH and stabilize the inner structure of the delicate blond hair by creating new bonds in the core of the hair fiber. The Link Creative Technology is integrated into the sulphate-free care line to create new bonds and maintain a fabulous result. Care ingredients, hydrolysed keratin and Marula oil keep a strong, healthy blond hair.

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