Kérastase Reflection chromatique

Kérastase Reflection chromatique colored hair

Kérastase succeeded in identifying the particles of water directly responsible for the fading of color: copper, calcium and chlorine. The all-new Chelators Complex is able to neutralize them and prevent their adhesion to the fiber over the long term. For 40 days *, the color is protected and extended, the brightness is glowing for a mirror effect. The fiber is nourished and supple, for a sublimated matter.
* Instrumental test after application of Bath + Chromatic Masque Fins.

For the first time, Kérastase introduces chromatic correction in his care for colored hair and invents Chromatic Touches, the first corrective personalized care to prolong the brilliance of his color. Available in 4 shades, they allow, once mixed with the Fondant or the Chromatic Mask, to neutralize or to revive the reflections of its color for a natural and brilliant result.
Learn how to use Chromatic Keys.

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