Essensity Schwarzkopf

Essensity color without ammonia, fragrance, silicones, paraffin or mineral oils, derivatives of formaldehyde.

Protects the hair and provides a natural shine long-term.
Essensity by Schwarzkopf is the first color without ammonia, containing ECTOINE, and more than 90 % of the ingredients are derived from nature, without compromise on performance. 100% Efficient 100 % Ammonia-free, Fragrance -, Silicone -, paraffin Oil/mineral Oil, Parabens and derivatives of Formaldehyde Coverage up to 90% of white hair. Assortment of shades mixed together on heights of tone : light, medium and dark. Ability to create a variety of shades and reflections intermediaries. Stabilizes the hair structure during the colouring process. The ECTOINE: known for its protective properties and highly valued in the skin care, anti-aging creams and protective sunscreens, helps to stabilize the protein molecules in the hair fiber and to protect the channel protein of the hair.
The Milk Revealing ESSENSITY (sold separately) is an emulsion very cosmetic, which is in perfect harmony with The cream ESSENSITY Permanent color Soft, ensuring a colouring perfectly controlled and successful.
Council of pro :
For a simple colouring and a coverage of 30% of white hair, use the Milk Revealing titrated to 2, 5% / 8 Vol.
For coverage of white hair above 30% and a brightening of 1 or 2 pitches (including an equalization perfect color) use the Milk Revealing titrated to 5, 5% / 18 Vol.
Preparation :
Dosage : 1 tube + 60ml of milk revealing
Break time : 30minutes
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