Global Keratin shampoo - Global Keratin hair products

Global Keratin shampoo - Global Keratin hair products

Global keratin is a specialized brand in the brazilian smoothing treatment and maintains the smoothness.

GLOBAL KERATIN is a family of products to keratin-based Bioactive organic, specifically designed to smooth and process the hair in-depth, maintain, and optimize the beneficial effect of the keratin to between 2 treatment.

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  • Shampoo, treatment & styling
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    Shampoos, treatments and styling global-keratin to maintain hair with a brazilian smoothing

  • GK The BEST smoothing
    GK The BEST smoothing

    The Best reduces the stiffness (elastic modulus) in the hair. This reduction, or easing effect relaxes natural curls and makes the hair softer. More concentration of Juvexin is important more the hair will become soft and smooth. Wash the hair with GKhair PH+ clarifying shampoo. Apply The Best with the help of a brush, leaving to ask for 5 to 60 minutes, depending on the type of hair and the desired effect. Rinse the hair and dry using a hair dryer using a round brush, then smooth it out using plates to smooth out.

  • GKhair staining & discoloration
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