Coloring without ammonia

Coloring without ammonia

We have selected for you a wide choice of coloring without ammonia all tested under dermatological control.

Major brands such as Schwarzkopf, Revlon, Eugene perma, Farouk and Générik have created a special range for respect the sensitivity of your hair and scalp while maintaining product quality.

  • Igora Senea Schwarzkopf
    Igora Senea Schwarzkopf

    The hair color Schwarzkopf Senea An innovation in the world of coloring products : the first colouring Schwarzkopf permanent for the scalps delicate. Tested under dermatological control, the results account for 95% of women met : a perfect coverage of white hair, and a lasting hold and radiant, a composition of non-aggressive to the scalp (without ammonia, without smell, fragrance-free), The coloration of Schwarzkopf Igora Senea is a unique range for a color durable, glossy and radiant that combines comfort and respect for the skin. Because the scalps sensitive also have the right to the coloring, discover the products of coloration Schwarzkopf Igora Senea.

  • INOA supreme
    INOA supreme

    INOA supreme Technology ODS2 - Densilum Staining anti-age ammonia-free, odor free, specifically designed for 70% to 100% of white hair.

    Coverage highlights. Sublime shine · Without mixing of shades · Input of material for a fiber redensified · optimal Comfort for the scalp · 6 weeks of hydration and nutrition intense

    Mode of employment: 1 tube of Iona supreme 60g + 60 grams of oxidant rich 20 vol, pause Time : 30 minutes

  • Color Insider
    Color Insider

    The new color of oxidation by Matrix is odourless and ammonia-free. It is the coloring High-Definition incorporating technology ODS2 (Oil Delivery System) to a color faithful, accurate and brilliant ! PRODUCT features Injection color 100% more efficient*impact color maximum; protection of the hair exceptional ; revolutionary technology ODS2 *The revolutionary technology ODS2 optimizes the effectiveness of the system of coloration of the hair. It allows the same degree of clarification with a developer-oil-20 volume than a classic dye with an oxidant 40 volumes, and this with the same amount of alkaline solvent. revolutionary technology ODS2: in Contrast to colorations on traditional, water-based, COLORINSIDER is oil-based. This system is rich in oil optimises the efficiency of the coloring process by facilitating the delivery of the pigments in the heart of the fiber, resulting in color and magnified. COLORINSIDER is unique in that it offers all the benefits of permanent hair color professional ammonia-free: It covers up to 100% white hair It brightens up to 3 tones and offers a power of colouring virtually unlimited It has a respect abolu of fiber** The texture of COLORINSIDER spreads easily in the hair while keeping it exactly where it is applied. His consistency has been created for the tradeshows and adapts to an application's free hand. The High-Definition color The color is vivid, has highlights precise and allows for perfect coverage 100% white hair. A finished, silk Helps to preserve the integrity of the fiber for a result that is uniformly bright and any reflections. A color palette of accuracy, An optimal balance between the basics and the glare for a result that is predictable and true to the color chart. Without odor, with no ammonia For a nice app and exceptional comfort **Respects the essential balance between amino acid and lipid content of the hair.

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  • Essensity Schwarzkopf
    Essensity Schwarzkopf

    Essensity color without ammonia, fragrance, silicones, paraffin or mineral oils, derivatives of formaldehyde.

    Protects the hair and provides a natural shine long-term.
    Essensity by Schwarzkopf is the first color without ammonia, containing ECTOINE, and more than 90 % of the ingredients are derived from nature, without compromise on performance. 100% Efficient 100 % Ammonia-free, Fragrance -, Silicone -, paraffin Oil/mineral Oil, Parabens and derivatives of Formaldehyde Coverage up to 90% of white hair. Assortment of shades mixed together on heights of tone : light, medium and dark. Ability to create a variety of shades and reflections intermediaries. Stabilizes the hair structure during the colouring process. The ECTOINE: known for its protective properties and highly valued in the skin care, anti-aging creams and protective sunscreens, helps to stabilize the protein molecules in the hair fiber and to protect the channel protein of the hair.
    The Milk Revealing ESSENSITY (sold separately) is an emulsion very cosmetic, which is in perfect harmony with The cream ESSENSITY Permanent color Soft, ensuring a colouring perfectly controlled and successful.
    Council of pro :
    For a simple colouring and a coverage of 30% of white hair, use the Milk Revealing titrated to 2, 5% / 8 Vol.
    For coverage of white hair above 30% and a brightening of 1 or 2 pitches (including an equalization perfect color) use the Milk Revealing titrated to 5, 5% / 18 Vol.
    Preparation :
    Dosage : 1 tube + 60ml of milk revealing
    Break time : 30minutes
    Products Professional

  • INOA

    INOA (new formulation) //Technology ODS2 oxidation Coloring without ammonia. Technology ODS2 (Oil Delivery System) Ease of mixing and use a new one. Brightens up to 3 levels in 35 min. Cover 100% of white hair. Consistency, held and fairly perfect color. Optimum comfort of the scalp. Hydration and intense nutrition up to the next color. Hair softer than before coloring, sublime shine. Mode of use : The system INOA is in 2 parts, Use only the new oxidant rich bottle Inoa ! For an application mix : 60 g of oxidant rich 20 or 30 volume (20 volume to cover gray hair, to lighten up to 2 tones / 30-volume to lighten up to 3 tones) 60 g of coloring cream Mix until you obtain a homogeneous cream and oncteuse. Important : the colouring may cause an allergic reaction, allergy test skin perform essential 48 hours before. *mailing system to the oil

  • Orofluido Revlon
    Orofluido Revlon

    Staining Elixir orofluido is obtained from the fusion of oils of argan, Cyprus and linseed oil. The excellent results obtained with this permanent colourant without ammonia are possible due to the interaction of the oils with different pigments specific. This coloration permanent enthralls us with its delicious fragrance of Orofluido. Maximum results with a maximum respect for the hair.
    The characteristics of the staining Orofluido Colour Elixir has been formulated from oils with many virtues, which combined with an alkaline solvent to optimize the performance of the staining and to ensure the penetration of the pigment in the hair fibre without the awareness. In addition to its formulation without ammonia, Orofluido Colour Elixir is a permanent coloration is pleasantly scented that covers white hair 100%, respects the hair and brings an exceptional shine.

    La coloration Orofluido est arrêté par Revlon et elle est remplacé par : Color sublime coloration sans ammoniaque

  • Kit color without ammonia Generik
    Kit color without...

    Staining Kit professional Génerik Without ammonia, Without résorcine paraben-Free 100% Coverage of white hair
    The kit contains the following :
    1 applicator bottle of creme developer 60ml 1 tube of color cream 40ml
    1 dose of shampoo 15ml - 1 pair of gloves - 1 instruction manual

  • Tube coloration without ammonia Generik
    Tube coloration...

    Cream Coloratante oxidation WITHOUT AMMONIA and WITHOUT PARABEN, WITHOUT RESORCINE Tube 100ml (or 2 applications on average) 50 Shades
    Mode of employment :
    Choose the oxidant cream depending on the lightening desired. 10vol 3% tone-on-tone - 20vol 6% 1 thy - 30vol 9% 2-tone - 40vol 12% 3 tones
    Preparation of the mixture : 1 dose = 50ml color cream + 75ml oxidizer. (1+1.5)
    Time to break 35minutes.
    Application on hair that has not been washed.

  • CHI IONIC Farouk Systems
    CHI IONIC Farouk Systems

    The hair color CHI ionic brand FAROUK SYSTEMS USA do not harm the environment, are all WITHOUT PPD, WITHOUT AMMONIA OR DERIVED and 100% biodegradable. Permanent Coloration without ammonia, or derivatives, Color more durable with incomparable brilliance of 82 shades, Cover white hair 100% guarantee and for a long time. Contain an ionic charge ( + / - ), combined heat ceramic increases the pigmentation in the colour of the hair. Coloring-based organic pigments of natural origin, olive oil, amino acids and silk competitive Price with tubes of 90 g (average of 2 applications) Cream silk ensures a better hydration of the Hair, with a pleasant fragrance. CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color is a Color that is Not Aggressive. The harmful chemicals have been disregarded in the elaboration of its composition. The Permanent color and silky does not contain ammonia because its pH is constant during the whole process of the coloration. The ammonia has been replaced by a component mild alkaline called Monoethanolamine (MEA), which maintains the pH constant during the whole staining procedure. Once the peroxide has released oxygen, it becomes water, and the colouring becomes a conditioner. The time to additional treatment with Chi Ionic Color will not change the level or tone of the color. In the coloring traditional ammonia-based or derived the pH constant is impossible to maintain due to the gas spiraling out of control, created by the ammonia and the Peroxide. The staining will continue to oxidize over time. Mastery of the integration process of the molecules of silk in all products. The color penetrates to the heart of the hair while repairing damaged hair with more shine thanks to the silk. The cream silk ensures a better hydration of the Hair Ionic Technology : Ionic charge (+ /-) helps to set the color inside the hair. It is mandatory to mix the color cream CHI with the Generator in CHI.

    • Preparation : 1 part of color cream + 1 equal share of Generator CHI (10v, 20v, 30v, depending on the case)
    • For the blond ultra : 1 part of color cream + 2 units of Generator CHI 40 volume

    1tube = 2doses
    Find all our coloring, CHI ammonia-free colour shade lighter to the darker

  • Yzaé Eugene perma
    Yzaé Eugene perma

    Yzaé, oxidation coloring WITHOUT AMMONIA, OR PERFUME. The glow color to a pure state.
    A formula unique and original that combines 2 liquid phases normally incompatible, in the form of a cream-gel, homogeneous and stable.
    Enriched Triozen Complex, it repairs, protects and enhances the hair. Formulated without ammonia, fragrance-free, for optimal adherence of the hair. Without smell, for even more pleasure and comfort. For Yzaé we have selected ingredients of plant origin originating from Asia, known for their ultra quality cosmetics. TRIOZEN COMPLEX : Keratin of plant origin Oil seed camellia wild Extract of Sophora Japonica Action anti-drying - Action anti-rough - Action anti dull Yzaé : 50 shades of the brilliance stupendous, subtle colors and vibrant.
    2 developers, 20 and 30 volumes, which are essential to the mix.
    1 specific shampoo post color.
    With Yzaé, live the experience of pure color, bright and intense for a long time. Brilliance stupendous. Utmost Respect of the hair. Correctness of the rendering of a colorist.
    Coverage of gray hair 100%.
    Brightening up to 3 tones.
    Preparation : 1 tube + 60cc of developer 20 or 30 volumes (1 + 1)

  • Color sublime by Revlonissimo
    Color sublime by...

    Color sublime by Revlonissimo

    Revlon Color sublime by Revlonissimo, the first permanent color without ammonia that offers a selection of 3 perfumes to maximize the senses.

    Color sublime by Revlonissimo has been formulated with the latest technologies in coloring and care offering attractive and natural tones, total coverage and optimal respect of the hair.

    Color Sublime By Revlonissimo offers a choice of 51 shades classified into 12 categories:

    Color Sublime By Revlonissimo Natural, Color Sublime By Revlonissimo Ash, Color Sublime By Revlonissimo Iridescent, Color Sublime By Revlonissimo, Color Sublime By Revlonissimo Cold Beige, Golden Iridescent, Golden, Tobacco, Amber, Nutty, Copper, Red and Burgundy