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    Coloring lashes lightening

    Coloring lashes lightening

    Powdered bleaching powder - Wella Magma.

    Discover Wella Magma, the bleaching powder that allows to discolor and color in one step.

    Wella Magma has a wide range of colors to personalize your hairstyle according to your desires.

    Wella Magma cold blonde tones, Magma intense red hues and impressive contrasting colors for even more freedom and creativ...

    • Magma

      Magma bleaching powder that allows for bleaching and color in a single step.

      Thanks to the diversity of the palette of colors Magma, you can in one step for bleaching and coloring your hair. Customize your hair as you wish. Choose between cold blond tones, intense red shades and impressive color contrast. And for even more freedom and creativity, all Magma shades can be mixed together!