Hair accessories comb brushes


  • Hair Comb
    Hair Comb

    Hair comb

    Hair comb, tail comb, cutting comb, afro comb, Brazilian combing special comb, comb set ..

  • Brushes Babyliss
    Brushes Babyliss


  • Brushes Corioliss
    Brushes Corioliss


  • Brush Dessata
    Brush Dessata


  • Brushes ghd
    Brushes ghd


  • Brushes tangle teezer
    Brushes tangle teezer


  • Springs, Wells
    Springs, Wells

    Elastic and bar for fixing your hairstyles

    Discover a choice of elastic or barrette to maintain your hair

  • Pliers

    online sales of hair clip, tweezers crabs, pliers separate the strands etc....

  • Cape cup
    Cape cup


  • Mirror

    Mirror - Illuminated mirror, magnifying mirror.

    Our selection of mirrors, illuminated mirrors or magnifying mirrors for a facial or make-up.

    Discover the Babyliss Pro mirror with its inimitable style and refined design that make it a must for your beauty routine but also a superb decorative object for your bathroom.

  • Towels

    Discover the Vision'hair selection of towels and linen necessary for hair care and technical work such as coloring, fading, locks, keratin treatment...

    You can find in this category, bathrobes, aprons, towels and more...

    Do not miss any more linen for your care and technical services!