American Crew Molding clay wax 85g

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American Crew Molding clay is a wax capping fixing strong, natural shine. American Crew Molding clay is unique in its kind, allows you to style, destruct, deconstruct, while providing maximum body and texture.

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Wax capping fixing strong, natural shine.

Clay clay, unique in its kind, allows you to hair, décoiffer, to dissociate while giving a maximum of body and texture.

Ingredients :

Beeswax : Improves texture, volume and definition.
Kaolin : White clay with a natural processing, which stimulates the skin and scalps-sensitive.
Bentonite : Clay that heals and invigorates scalps.
Natural essential oils : A blend of orange, lemon green, peppermint that refreshes and softens.

Our board of use :

Will has worked extensively in hands. Well knead, work with it and then apply on the hair.

Fiche technique

Weight85 gr