Aminexil advanced Box of 10 x 6ml

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L'Oréal Aminexil advanced is a fall protection program Aminexil®. L'Oréal Aminexil advanced for beautiful hair growing on a healthy and balanced scalp. Hair loss is reduced to 5% of hair falling phase compared to placebo (without lotion Aminexil)

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Program fall to the aminexil

Beautiful hair grow on a scalp healthy and balanced.
Hair fall is reduced from 5% of hair in phase of fall
compared to placebo (lotion without Aminexil)

The effectiveness of Aminexil have been proven in a study conducted on
130 subjects alopéciques hospital, after 6 weeks
daily application.


Double principle fall to promote the anchoring of the hair and stimulate the activity of the root.

Texture: Formula fluid to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients.
Without rinsing. Quick-drying and natural touch.

Fragrance : Notes of raspberry and apple.

Mode of employment :

Intensive treatment : 1 ampoule per day for 6 consecutive weeks.

Cure maintenance : 3 bulbs minimum per week for 8 weeks

Perform 2 programs per year at the end of the summer and the winter.
On hair washed and air-dried with shampoo soothing sensi balance,
break the bulb to its tip and place the tip applicator.
Apply line by line on the scalp.
Massage gently to distribute. Do not rinse.

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