Biosilk shampoo - Biosilk hair products

Biosilk shampoo - Biosilk hair products

Enter in the universe of silk Biosilk, born in laboratories Farouk Systems.

Biosilk is a line of hair care products to the advanced technology.

Of hair-styling products containing Silk created to provide your hair hydration, repair, strength and shine. For Biosilk, all hair are not the same : each one deserves a treatment tailored and specific. ...

  • Biosilk color therapy
    Biosilk color therapy


  • Biosilk Therapy - cure silky
    Biosilk Therapy - cure...

    Biosilk Silk Therapy Cure Soyeuse the miracle of silk

    The Biosilk silk therapy range is ideal for all hair types. Thanks to the silk protein the hair is hydrated and natural shine.

    This quest for healthier hair is how BioSilk Silk Therapy emerged in 1986. For centuries, silk was celebrated as a luxurious fabric due to its smooth texture and brilliant luster. Throughout history, silk clothed royalty and the elite, continually evolving with fashion trends to be one of the most coveted fabrics of all times. It is also one of the strongest fibers in the world equal to steel. Because of this, Farouk Shami researched and discovered the benefits of silk proteins and how they could be applied to hair. Each silk protein contained 17 of the 19 amino acids found in hair, imparting shine, taming frizz and preventing split ends. Farouk knew than that all women want the hair to be shiny, healthy looking and conditioned properly, Silk solved those three issues with one product, the magic of Silk Therapy. The launch of BioSilk Silk Therapy was yet another first since natural pure silk had never been used in hair care before. It was created as a weightless, leave-in silk replenishing and reconstructing treatment to repair, smooth and protect all hair types.

  • Biosilk Hydrating
    Biosilk Hydrating

    Biosilk Hydrating : dry or damaged Hair

  • Biosilk smoothing
    Biosilk smoothing

    Biosilk smoothing : Hair rebels

  • Biosilk volume
    Biosilk volume

    Biosilk volume

  • Biosilk Theckining
    Biosilk Theckining

    Biosilk Theckining : Syst�me d'�paississement hair with vitamin B and prot�ines de bl�.

  • Biosilk Silver
    Biosilk Silver

    Biosilk Silver

  • Biosilk Treat
    Biosilk Treat

    Biosilk Treat : Hair weakened, brittle

  • Biosilk Spa
    Biosilk Spa

    Biosilk Spa

  • Biosilk Kids
    Biosilk Kids

    Biosilk Kids : shampoo, moisturiser, shower gel.

  • Biosilk Style
    Biosilk Style

    Biosilk Style : gel, spray, thermal protection...

  • Biosilk Finish
    Biosilk Finish

    Biosilk Finish : gloss, wax, spray...

  • Biosilk Rock Hard
    Biosilk Rock Hard

    Biosilk Rock Hard range of styling gels, sprays, waxes, pastes ...

    Biosilk Rock Hard brings control, holding, shine, shaping the hair to create any style, wiser to bolder.

    Styling Biosilk Rock Hard strengthens, moisturizes and protects the hair for a stylish styling without damaging hair and residue.