• St. Tropez…


    Today we talk about tanning ... or rather self-tanning! Or how to have a beautiful tanned complexion without having to spend hours in the sun with all the risks that this implies ...
    But having a beautiful natural tan and without traces with a self tanner is quite complicated unless you are expert in the matter for a top application and especially to have the right product! It is not about finishing with an orange complexion "carrot" absolutely not natural ...

    So I chose to tell you about the self-tanning St. Tropez that I could test lately.

  • New to Kérastase!


    We already know the Kérastase Densifique cure and the care line Kérastase densifique more suited to women. Today is a new range specially formulated for you gentlemen, Kérastase offers: Kérastase Densifique Men!

  • Discover Macadamia oil and its miraculous virtues!


    We see for some time to reach the market of cosmetic products based on many macadamia oil. This oil has a lot of benefits both for the skin or hair.

  • Lice and nits


    It's back to school soon and with it the arrival of a calamity that every parent dreads ...

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