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Publié le 2016-04-01

We already know the Kérastase Densifique cure and the care line Kérastase densifique more suited to women. Today is a new range specially formulated for you gentlemen, Kérastase offers: Kérastase Densifique Men!

Hair loss or density loss?

First, it is important to differentiate between hair loss and loss of capillary density to achieve the appropriate treatment and achieve good results. To make a difference, it's pretty simple.
- If you notice a decrease in the mass of your hair but step back from your hairline then this is a density loss.
- If you notice a decrease in the mass of your hair and a decline of your site online then it is a hair loss.
The loss of hair density is manifested by a progressive thinning of each hair fiber until its total disappearance in some areas.
There are various responsible for this refinement factors that testosterone would be primarily involved. Therefore, you gentlemen are more subject to this loss of density. But no panic Kérastase has the answer to this problem!
The range Densifique man

Technology :

Kérastase offers ritual acts on the density loss through an innovative formula that combines:
- The Stemoxydine®: which activates capillary density.
- The resulting glycan complex of glycobiology, in combination with Stemoxydine®: brings the density and thickness.
- Arginine: helps synthesizing root nutrients and stimulates microcirculation of the scalp.
- Biotin, or vitamin B6 helps améhliorer hair quality.
- A polymer texturising: brings the body to a more dense appearance.

Products :

- The cure Kérastase Densifique man 30x6ml: to apply daily for 3 months for optimum results.
- The shampoo Kérastase Bain density man (which replaces the capital strength shampoo density) to use daily.
- The Kérastase density Balm: to use for styling

Please gentlemen to leave your opinion on this new range very soon ...


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