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Publié le 2017-03-24

Today we talk about tanning ... or rather self-tanning! Or how to have a beautiful tanned complexion without having to spend hours in the sun with all the risks that this implies ...
But having a beautiful natural tan and without traces with a self tanner is quite complicated unless you are expert in the matter for a top application and especially to have the right product! It is not about finishing with an orange complexion "carrot" absolutely not natural ...

So I chose to tell you about the self-tanning St. Tropez that I could test lately.

First a small presentation of the brand:

St. Tropez is a brand that has 20 years of experience in the field of self-tanning, which is rather reassuring. It is a brand that has a great reputation in the United States and Great Britain and is starting to grow very well in France as well.

The "pluses" of St. Tropez that really distinguishes their other tanning products on the market:

- Aromaguard ™ technology that masks the bad odors associated with DHA.
- A green pigment present in the products (which can surprise to the application and which disappears after the shower) which allows not to finish any orange but rather with a nice golden natural tan.
- The application glove that does not stain your fingers and allows to apply the products really uniformly.

St. Tropez offers several ranges of self-tanning products to stick to our expectations:

- The St. Tropez Self Tan range: products for those who want a quick tan in one application. The range offers different products according to the intensity of tan desired, from the lightest to the darkest. The products come in the form of foams to apply with the specific glove really effective for a application without traces! These foams are additionally tinted to help with the application ... we clearly see where we are or not.

- The St. Tropez Gradual Tan range: for gradual or progressive tanning! Ideal if you do not master the application of the self tanning and if you really want to control the intensity of your tan without traces or streaks. The products in this range are in the form of body lotions and facial creams that contain a light / medium tanner for light and medium / dark skin tones for darker skin tones.

- St. Tropez Instant Tan: for an ephemeral tan that holds about 24 hours and goes to the shower (it resists water but not soap). Ideal for an event, an evening ... Again, the products are available in light / medium and medium / dark. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you!

- St. Tropez Prep and Maintain: for a perfect preparation of the skin before application of self-tanning and a tan that really lasts longer.

Small tips for a homogeneous result with self-tanners St. Tropez and with all the self-tanneres besides ...:
A good preparation of the skin is essential!

- Regular scrubs and 24h before the application of the self-tanner will allow the products not to hang on dry areas such as elbows, knees, ankles ... and to do monstrous tasks! This will also allow the tan to hold longer.
- Regular hydration will also help maintain a beautiful tan.

Now you have your opinion on this brand that has already conquered a good number of stars ... and me too!


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