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    • Alterna shampoo - Alterna hair product
      Alterna shampoo -...

      Alterna Haircare

      Alterna has been one of the first lines of hair care of very great qualities to offer hair care products without chemicals that are harsh for the hair.

    • American crew shampoo - American Crew hair product
      American crew shampoo...

      American Crew offers a full range of shampoos, treatments, waxes, and care after shaving.

      specially designed for the care of the men.

      Assert your style daily with American Crew.

    • Amika shampoo - Amika hair product
      Amika shampoo - Amika...

      Amika shampoos, professional care and styling. A range of New York professional products with exuberant organic shapes and strong colors, in collaboration with fashion stylists and a touch of "obliphica" berries have become their signatures. Known as sea buckthorn, or argouse, obliphica grows in the harshest environments. From the Siberian steppes in the Himalayas, this small bay contains a myriad of vitamins and nutrients, including the subtle omega 7 which strengthens it against the forces of nature.
      Main ingredients:
      The obliphica berry - or sea buckthorn - is the active component of all amika hair products.
      The argouse contains more than 190 biologically active elements for the benefit of the human body; they protect the hair and the skin against lesions caused by free radicals and against the degenerations due to aging.
      Omega 7: The omega 7 fatty acid, rare, constitutes 40% of the fatty acids of the bay! It repels free radicals and promotes the production of collagen.
      Vitamin C: Arugus contains a high concentration of vitamin C, placing it among the richest vitamin C vegetable sources in the world.
      Vitamin A: It fights free radicals, which weigh and weaken the hair.
      Omegas 3, 6 & 9: These fatty acids are known for their ability to reduce hair loss. Sea buckthorn is the only known plant that combines the good effects of these 3 omegas

    • Babyliss Pro: straightener, looper and professional brush
      Babyliss Pro:...

      Babyliss Pro: hair curling iron to the hair straighteners through to the dry hair or mowers, products BaByliss PRO are products of the latest technologies.

      Tools that are perfectly adapted to the gestures, and the high technical skill of the stylists for the most beautiful hair!

      Power, Performance, Ergonomics, Innovation and Design...

      BaByliss PRO, the reference brand for professionals.

    • Bain de Terre By Shiseido shampoo - hair product
      Bain de Terre By...

      Bain de Terre By Shiseido - shampoos, care and styling.

      Bain de Terre By Shiseido offers you the most luxurious hair care experience that nature can offer. Bain de Terre is the only line of paraben-free hair care that harnesses the power of nature to help improve and restore hair health while regaling the senses.

      Explore a very effective range of hair care and styling products with unparalleled efficacy that offer significant remedial benefits for every type of hair while creating a unique sensory experience with lush botanical scents. Each product is infused with a variety of natural botanical extracts, for a respectful embellishment of the hair.

      So, go ahead ... treat yourself to perfection for a sumptuous and silky hair, thanks to what nature has done best!

    • Balmain Hair Extensions
      Balmain Hair Extensions

      Balmain hair couture is the 40 experience to offer you hair extensions of the highest quality.

      Check out the extensions by Balmain hair in natural hair or synthetic: fringes with clip in Balmain hair, Hair dress or Higher Volume.

    • Barnum : straightener, looper and professional brush
      Barnum : straightener,...

      How to define Barnum ? Simply love the hair !

      Thanks to innovations in technology, such as the technology of Magnesium, Graphite and Ysocel, Barnum has the objective of developing the tools ultimate for you to offer a style of quality !

      Barnum represents purity, the design with the use of quality materials and particular attention to ergonomics.

    • Beautiful & Net
      Beautiful & Net

      Beautiful & clear Cosmetic innovative for Her and Him !

      To ensure that cosmetic products Belle & Net are an experience unique and enjoyable for you, we develop concepts that are always evolving and the future, according to the latest scientific knowledge and with the modes of manufacturing of the most modern.

      What makes the products Beautiful & Net are so exceptional: easy to use, gentle to skin, effective, and unique for the result !

      Cream anti-tattoo, shower gel, face cream...

    • Biolage shampoo - Biolage hair products
      Biolage shampoo -...

      Check out at Vision hair Biolage therapeutic approach of professional care.

      Biolage is born of the merger between the science Matrix, and the power of natural ingredients.

      Your hair is radically transformed, healthy, strong and shiny like you've never seen them before ! Biolage captures the essences vital botanical to treat, care for and restore their natural glow to the hair. Biolage benefits from the latest technological innovations in the research of Matrix. Therapies Biolage you provide simple solutions, efficient for visible results immediately. Biolage will make you live a multi-sensory experience unique, an ultimate moment of pleasure and well-being.

    • Biosilk shampoo - Biosilk hair products
      Biosilk shampoo -...

      Enter in the universe of silk Biosilk, born in laboratories Farouk Systems.

      Biosilk is a line of hair care products to the advanced technology.

      Of hair-styling products containing Silk created to provide your hair hydration, repair, strength and shine. For Biosilk, all hair are not the same : each one deserves a treatment tailored and specific. It is by following this philosophy that Biosilk has developed a complete line of care and styling products to meet the needs of every hair type. Of care, who draw their benefits in the pure silk and natural : amino acid rich and powerful to repair, strengthen and revitalize the hair.

      Check out the shampoos and treatments tailored to your hair : • Biosilk Therapy: treatment for hair in distress • Biosilk Hydrating : for dry hair and damaged • Biosilk Silver : for white hair and blond polar • Biosilk Smoothing : for flyaways and frizzy • Biosilk Theckining : for fine hair • Biosilk Treat : for hair weakened and brittle • Biosilk Volume : for flat hair • Biosilk Kids : for the hair of children • Biosilk Finish : to perfect his hairstyle • Biosilk Style: a hairstyle in order • Biosilk Spa : a range body products • Biosilk Fragrance : perfumes and toilet waters.

      Discover the power of silk hair products Biosilk for hair that's radiant with beauty and health !

    • Chen yu makeup - Chen Yu nail polish
      Chen yu makeup - Chen...

      Chen Yu nail Polish glamorous long-term, with silk proteins.

      Formula anti-shock, quick-drying and incomparable brilliance of nail varnish Chen Yu make a allied beauty ideal.

      Test the nail varnish Chen Yu and judge for yourself!

    • China Glaze nails polish
      China Glaze nails polish

      For over 15 years, the varnish China Glaze direct from Los Angles, USA, are THE reference of well-informed professionals. Always at the forefront in the research of innovations in the industry of nail Polish, China Glaze offers high-quality products and is the only brand to incorporate a hardener in each of the varnish. China Glaze means " the glow of porcelain, enriched with a powder of kaolin, varnishes China Glaze makes your nails dazzling and for a long time as the most beautiful porcelain. Partners of many film productions of hollywood and the beauty secret of the stars, you'll also find certainly your happiness with China Glaze. With hundreds of different Polish, the classic colors to the limited collection of extraordinary, with China Glaze you will be filled. Classic red, blue of all the skies, pink chic, matte effect, 3D cracked, crumpled, chrome-plated, sanded find your style, change according to your desires. Treat yourself to the best, treat yourself to China Glaze. In accordance with the european laws in force, all the Polish and care treatments China Glazes are free of DBP (dibutylphtalate), no toluene and no formaldehyde.

    • Cks cosmetics
      Cks cosmetics

      CKS COSMETICS is the culmination of a long collaboration between the cosmetics industry and technological innovation.

      The founders of CKS COSMETICS after many years of working within the company BIOLAUR manufacturer and distributor of cosmetic products on the international market, have continued the development of the manufacturing of cosmetic products hair to create the brands COLOR STAR® and BLONDE STAR®.

      Their experience in the field of the research of innovative raw materials for cosmetics, gives CKS that will be PARTICIPATING in a privileged position in the industry of hair products for professionals.

    • Corioliss : straightener, looper and professional brush
      Corioliss :...

      Corioliss straightener - Corioliss looper - Corioliss hair dryer.

      Corioliss offers straighteners, curling iron, hairdryer combining unique design and technology at the forefront of innovation.

      Discover the Corioliss C1, Corioliss steamer K5, Corioliss C2, Corioliss C3, Corioliss looper, Corioliss K2...

    • Crazy Color - Semi-permanent coloring Crazy Color
      Crazy Color -...

      Crazy Color - temporary coloring.

      Crazy Color was launched in 1977, in the midst of the punk rock explosion and today has a worldwide reputation.
      Crazy Color is 27 shimmering shades without commitment to change your head to the sandstone of your desires.
      In each iconic pink bottle Crazy Color, a color that will wake up your hair.

    • Dessata : disheveling hairbrush
      Dessata : disheveling...

      Dessata is The brush that detangles your hair gently.

      Dessata, it is to detangle without pain or hair breaking. It is ideal for the kids!

      Its 440 standoffs, flexible 3 different heights folds when the pressure on the hair increases excessively. Its ergonomic design without handle uses all arm strength. You can easily unravel. It is adapted to the contour of the head and stimulates the scalp circulation. The spikes penetrate better, and does not generate static electricity, your hair will remain soft and shiny.

      Check out the mini Dessata, ultra compact design, only 6cm long!

    • d:fi shampoo - d:fi hair products
      d:fi shampoo - d:fi...

      d: fi by Revlon Professional Styling Care Line

      d: fi for perfect and successful hairstyles. Having self-confidence, expressing your high-spirited personality, it's inspiring to create the best looks to party all night long.

      D: fi is a short but effective range, consisting of a daily shampoo, a conditioner, gels, sprays, styling waxes ...

    • Eugene Perma shampoo - Eugene Perma hair products
      Eugene Perma shampoo -...

      Sale of hair-styling products Eugene Perma in your wholesaler online Vision-hair.

      Eugene Perma is a French brand of hair-styling products developed by two hairdressers.

      Their experience and know-how have allowed them to create hair products of high quality. Eugene Perma offers a full range of hair care complete to meet the needs of every hair type in a single purpose : a hair beautiful and healthy!!! Check out:

      Expert in coloring, Eugene Perma develops products adapted to your hair, respecting the hair and scalp. For a bright color, check out the ranges of colour products Eugene Perma blush satine, Yzaé, Carmen ultimate, Safranissim'oh .

    • Exquisite beauty paris
      Exquisite beauty paris

      Exquisite Beauty of Paris is a short range, effective, that meets the essential needs of the skin: the products draw their efficiency at the heart of the flowers.

      The products Exquisite Beauty of Paris is derived from the unique combination of 3 white flowers which enter into the composition of each formula:

      • The wild thought, a genuine "water tank" is used for its ability to hydration;
      • Hawthorn has virtues that are firming and protective, it strengthens the cell membrane, allowing them to better defend against free radicals.
      • The cotton flower activates the micro-circulation, thus ensuring a better distribution of nutrients.

      Hydrated, better armed with Exquisite Beauty of Paris, for protecting against free radicals and well-fed, this is the secret of the skin balanced.

      The textures are of infinite softness, and based on the skin, they are paraben-free, dye-free, silicone-free and alcohol-free.

    • CHI shampoo - Farouk CHI hair products
      CHI shampoo - Farouk...

      Check out in Vision'hair Farouk Systems CHI.

      Care products and materials of professional quality, developed with the help of NASA to magnify and sublimate your hair.

      Check out the products : CHI Silk Infusion, CHI Keratin, CHI Miss universe, CHI Iron guard, CHI Luxe, CHI Argan Oil and many other...

    • CHI MAN shampoo - CHI MAN hair products
      CHI MAN shampoo - CHI...

      Check out the line of products CHI MAN for men.

      CHI Man is a line of hair products adapted to the mode of life of modern men and women.

      This new line includes shampoo, conditioner, and styling products...

      Which makes a range of comprehensive and absolutely essential for all the needs of men demanding.

    • Farouk Systems shampoo - hair products
      Farouk Systems shampoo...

      Farouk Systems Royal Treatment by CHI.

      Hair care Farouk Systems-based white truffle and Pearl, paraben-free and without sulfate for beautiful healthy hair.

      Like skin, hair is also susceptible to the effects of time, sun, wind, and thermal damage. FAROUK Royal Treatment by CHI offers 4 simple steps for hair that's perfect : Clean, Nourish, Enhance, and Refine.

      Official depositary Farouk Systems

    • Fauvert professional shampoo - fauvert hair products
      Fauvert professional...

      Discover the range of professional hair products Fauvert for the maintenance of your hair.

      The products of the Fauvert haircare brand are manufactured entirely in France by respect for iso 9001, more exactly in Aix-en-Provence. Concerned about the welfare of hair, Professional Fauvert to develop short of its last 20 years a range for both women and men shampoo products, care, treatment and styling products including coloring, bleaching, straightening etc.

    • Fudge professional shampoo - Fudge hair product
      Fudge professional...

      Fudge - care products and styling products.

      Fudge is a range of styling and care products launched in the early 90s. Fudge is a full range of innovative products created in London, the cradle of creativity. Fudge offers professional products to meet all the craziest needs and desires; To create all styles, from the most sophisticated to the most daring ...
      Let your creativity express yourself!

    • ghd : straightener, looper and professional brush
      ghd : straightener,...

      Check out the stylers ghd and hairdryer ghd : the ghd air, the ghd gold classic styler, ghd platinum... in

      In only 10 years of existence, ghd has evolved as an undisputed leader in the field of styler and straightening iron.

      Always at the forefront of excellence, ghd also offers a range of professional brushes ultra design, comb carbon anti static, shoes buckle, hair dryer...

      ghd has transformed the world of beauty by putting it at the forefront of fashion, creating fashion, do the following.

    • : straightener, looper and professional brush : straightener,...


      Online sales of irons lissers GA.MY.

      Irons to achieve are manufactured in italy.

      All of our electrical appliances are sold with a guarantee bands affixed on the outlet of the device. In the event of damage to the security stripe, which is affixed on the outlet of the device for an exchange or refund will not be taken into account

    • Garraud Paris
      Garraud Paris

      Garraud Paris is one of the leaders of the high-end cosmetics.

      Find Garraud Paris at Vision hair and discover the products:

      Art color
      Garraud Patches
      Garraud evasion

      Garraud Paris beauty products

    • Generik shampoo - Generik hair products
      Generik shampoo -...

      Online sale of products GENERIK care and hair coloration

      The brand of hair products GENERIK was launched in June 2004.

      Its range of professional products is present in more than 10,000 salons in France. shampoos, treatments, styling products, coloring,...

      GENERIK now has over 200 product used daily by hairdressers in their living room to work and sublimate the hair of their clients.

      Coloration Generik

    • Global Keratin shampoo - Global Keratin hair products
      Global Keratin shampoo...

      Global keratin is a specialized brand in the brazilian smoothing treatment and maintains the smoothness.

      GLOBAL KERATIN is a family of products to keratin-based Bioactive organic, specifically designed to smooth and process the hair in-depth, maintain, and optimize the beneficial effect of the keratin to between 2 treatment.

      New : Global Keratin THE BEST for brazilian straightening. Do you dream of having smooth hair and silky ? Easy to style? Cared for and repaired? Soft and Shiny? Here is the product you need. The new formula of brazilian keratin Kératin Gkhair The Best !

      GKHair, the leader of the science of the hair thanks to its revolutionary technology in the brazilian smoothing is back on the front of the stage, with Keratin even more powerful ! Check out the new range GKHair keratin-based : "The Best" that revolutionizes today the world of haute hair !! More than a technique, it is a care for the hair during the smoothing...

    • Hair 30 hair powder - Hair 30 microfiber keratin
      Hair 30 hair powder -...

      Finished the complex with Hair 30!

      You think of the implants capillaries ? Try Hair 30 !

      Hair 30 is the powder for thinning hair revolutionary and innovative, technology-micro fiber unique.

      Hair 30 is composed of microfibers of keratin, just like your hair. It is for this reason that it blends in completely with your hair.

      The result is invisible and natural !

      In 30 seconds only Hair30 allows you to: Hide baldness, hide scars, plates..., hide the exposed roots between 2 colours, increasing the density of the hair.
      Quick and easy to use of Hair30 without any risk to the hair or scalp : Hair 30 is completely natural !
      Hair30 available in 7 shades : blonde, light brown, brown dark brown, black, salt-and-pepper, white, mahogany.

    • HC PRESTIGE shampoo - HC Prestige hair products
      HC PRESTIGE shampoo -...

      HC Prestige

      HC Prestige hair products

      Created in 2010, HC (Hair Care) Prestige is a French company with a team of experienced professionals from different fields such as hairdressing, research and development, marketing, and distribution networks.

      HC Prestige has pooled this expertise in order to better respond to the increasing demand of the market.

      Manufacturer avant-garde, HC Prestige is committed to addressing the requirements of women in terms of skin care and cosmetics hair.

      The products HC Prestige benefit from the latest innovations to make them accessible to the greatest number. Products natural therefore non-harmful, and as a result prestigious. Hence the name chosen for the brand: PRESTIGE

    • Identik Paris shampoo - Identik hair products
      Identik Paris shampoo...

      Identik M. Pokora: a range of professional shampoo, care and styling created in collaboration with Matt Pokora and developed by identik, whose composition is 98% natural. Identik offers a range of shampoos repigmenting 98% original natural, without sulphate, paraben, silica, oxidant and peg, to revive the coloring of your hair. The Floral Repair range shampoo and care of high quality for the regular maintenance of your hair As well as the styling range Identik by M.Pokora

    • Inoar professional shampoo - hair products
      Inoar professional...

      A little history of INOAR Professional.

      Inoar Professional takes birth in the life of Inocência Manoel, founder, more known under the name of Inô.

      A true pioneer, this is one of the people that marked the difference in the world of hair thanks to his innate talent in the development of new products. Born with curly hair, Inô has devoted his life in search of solutions that may make the hair smooth.

      Brazilian keratin INOAR unique formula without formaldehyde since 2001.

      The treatment of brazilian Inoar is a skilful combination of organic acids, jojoba oil, protein, wheat germ, cocoa extract, keratin,panthenol and white clay. The special union of these substance gives way to KEM3 COMPLEX , a patented formula, the most innovative to get hair smooth and frizz-free.

      The treatment strengthens the keratin present in the hair, repairs the fiber to the hair the more damaged, in régènerant and the silky look and the vitality along the entire length. The two phases of treatment (shampoo Limpeza shallow and very clear, and the Treatment Brasiliero) act in synergy to rebuild the areas most damaged of hair by reducing the volume of 70% to 90%.

    • Inovo paris patch fortifier
      Inovo paris patch...

      Inovo paris patch fortifier for hair decreases hair loss, increases hair resistance, improves the beauty of hair ..
      Invisible and practical, this TRANSDERMIC patch gradually diffuses into the skin for 12 hours a cocktail of plant extracts that act in synergy on the main causes of hair loss.

      • Increases resistance: + 250%
      • Softens hair fiber: + 62%
      • Improves hair beauty: 44.5%
      • Decreases hair loss: -52%
    • JM nails nails polish
      JM nails nails polish


    • J Beverly Hills shampoo - hair products
      J Beverly Hills...

      J Beverly Hills is a line of hair products is the most prestigious in the Western United States.

      Manufactured in California, J Beverly Hills is the brand that can be found more in the bathrooms of the stars.

      Juan Juan, artist, hairstylist in Beverly Hills, is the founder of the brand J-Beverly Hills.

      Check Out: J Beverly Hills Blue Line, Platinum, Men, Style and finish, hand and body

    • Joico shampoo - Joico hair products
      Joico shampoo - Joico...

      Joico creates superior products for hair that's beautiful and full of vitality.

      Products Joico are designed to exceed the expectations of consumers and stylists for 30 years.

      Joico brings together the beauty and science to allow the true artistic talent to express themselves.

      Joico is one of the leaders of professional care for hair in more than 65 countries. Joico offers not just excellent hair products, but also exceptional solutions for the hair. Apart from the shampoos and after-shampoos, Joico also offers care, masks, hair straighteners, intensifying shine and many other things. Whatever your needs, we have what you need.

    • Jump Your Hair
      Jump Your Hair

      Jump Your Hair is a brand of hair and mane care products.

      Jump Your Hair products are formulated with Keratin and Biotin for a strong and shiny mane and hair.

      At Jump Your Hair you will find shampoo, conditioner, care oil…

    • Kadus Professional shampoo - Kadus hair product
      Kadus Professional...

      Kadus Professional.

      Discover Kadus Professional, the brand with many years of experience in hair beauty.

      The brand is distinguished by 4 essential values: accessibility, unity, reliability and transparency, to offer you a wide range of quality hair products, adapted to all.

      From care products for all hair types to techniques or styling, Kadus Professional will meet all your needs.

    • Kardashian Beauty shampoo - hair products
      Kardashian Beauty...
    • KATIVA shampoo - Kativa hair products
      KATIVA shampoo -...

      Kativa is a brand dedicated to hair care, which has a range of products formulated with argan oil and keratin sulfate-free and formaldehyde.

      Kativa has understood perfectly the different problems that women face with their hair, they may be dehydrated, dry or very undisciplined.

      Whatever your case Kativa to a solution for you! Thanks to the different lines that Kativa you offer, you can now customize your shampoos, conditioners, oils and treatments to obtain beautiful hair: Argan Oil. Macadamia, Keratin, Quinua, Colageno, Kerapro.

    • Kerapro shampoo - Kerapro hair products
      Kerapro shampoo -...

      Kerapro Advanced volume reduction treatment. Formula without Formaldehyde and Formaldehydes.

      The Kerapro system bases its action on Carbotechnology, offering extraordinary results for the hair: smoothing, volume reduction, intense shine, anti frizz action and maximum hydration

    • Kérastase shampoo - Kérastase Hair products
      Kérastase shampoo -...

      Kérastase shampoo and hair care - Kérastase

      Enter the world Kérastase luxury hair products and sublimate your hair with Kérastase!

      Kérastase shampoo, Kérastase care, Kérastase masques and Kérastase hair treatments to deeply nourish your hair.

      Kérastase hair products, offers a range of bath: shampoo treatment, care, mask and treatment to meet the needs of your hair. being official Kérastase seller you can find all Kérastase hair products at a preferential price.

      Learn more ...

      Find the Kérastase skincare range that suits your hair:

      Kérastase products:

      Absolute Blond Kérastase: specially designed for natural blond, bleached and cold blonde hair. Absolute blond kérastase
      Kérastase AURA BOTANICA: The first hair care line Kérastase with 98% of natural ingredients, without silicone, paraben and sulfate.
      NUTRITIVE Kérastase: Nourish the dry and / or sensitized hair. Kérastase nutritive care gives your hair the right nutrition they need.
      Kérastase CHROMATIC REFLECTION: Reveal the glow of your colored hair with Kérastase reflection. First reflective light treatment to reveal the mirror glow of colored hair.
      Kérastase CRISTALLISTE: 1st Kérastase hair care concentrates in liquid light for medium to long hair.
      Kérastase RESISTANCE: Strengthen weakened hair from the inside. Kérastase Resistance reconstructs the internal matter of hair weakened by external aggressions.
      Kérastase SPECIFIC: Correct the visible and invisible signs of scalp hair disordered. Specific Kerastase responds precisely to hair imbalances.
      Kérastase SOLEIL: Kérastase Shampoo and Sun Care tailored for colored or natural hair. Kérastase innovates and creates the first indices-protective and repair care tailored.
      Kérastase ELIXIR ULTIME: Kérastase multi-use sublimation care with Oléo-Complexe associated with the most precious ingredients selected with care.
      Kérastase DISCIPLINE: The ultimate Kérastase care for unruly and curly hair. Anti frizz and anti-humidity action that tames the most unruly hair.
      Kérastase DENSIFIQUE: Capillary density activator for women and men: with Kérastase densifique from 10 days, more body and flexibility, from 30 days, more density, from 3 months, 1700 new hair revealed.
      VOLUMIFIC KERASTAZA: The bath and cares Kérastase volumifique gives volume and body to fine hair.
      Kérastase COIFFAGE COUTURE: Styling and styling products from Kérastase to build, sublimate and give style to any hair.
      Kérastase MEN: Meets the specific needs of men's hair.
      Kerastase Shampoo: All Kérastase baths.

      The history of Kérastase

      Kérastase, L'Oréal Professional's advanced research section, to create a complete range of hair care products tailored to your hair
      Based on avant-garde technology, to maintain and sublimate your hair. official dealer by Kérastase offers the products of Kérastase ranges; Baths (shampoos), care, treatment for both women and men ...
      The Kérastase brand offers a wide range of high-end skincare products to meet the needs of your hair, thanks to Kérastase's advanced technologies. Kérastase hairdressing products are a guarantee of quality and prestige for professionals in the world of hairdressing since the 1960s.
      Since 1964, Kérastase meets the expectations of the most demanding women. By creating the exceptional care that will help bring maximum benefit to your hair
      The performance, personalization and expertise of the hairdresser are the three fundamentals of the Kérastase brand.
      The Kérastase product ranges are composed of a bath (shampoo treatment), a treatment, and / or a treatment adapted to your hair type as well as your scalp, the goal of Kérastase bring you the most adapted product to your hair for maximum efficiency.

      The Kérastase Philosophy:

      All women want healthy hair, but the solution is the same for all. The type of hair, the specificities of the scalp, the internal or external factors affect the health of the hair. This difficulty requires personal attention coupled with expertise. Kérastase creates innovative and personalized products for a sublime result.
      Hair care plays an important role in the world of Kérastase. Innovations, unique, exceptional care and treatment are Kérastase's primary concerns for the well-being of your hair formulas and preserving their natural beauty.
      Proof of quality, Kerastase shampoos and care range are used by the largest hairdressing salons around the world.

      Official website: ké

    • Lashilé Beauty
      Lashilé Beauty

      Lashilé beauty

      Lashilé Beauty Laboratory, nutricosmetics is a new generation of beauty products that act from the inside, to improve the external appearance of various parts of the body, such as the skin, hair, nails, etc. The term comes from the contraction of "Nutrition" and "Cosmetics". The Gummie is highly dosed nutricosmetics, with a delicious fruity taste that allows optimal bioavailability resulting in greater efficiency than the capsule or tablets. No constraint: no need to accompany it with a glass of water or take it only in the morning. Ideal for people who cannot swallow capsules or tablets. The vitamin gummie is ideal for having fun while taking care of yourself!

      Food supplements are 100% vegan with certification: EVEVEGAN01

    • The secrets of Loly
      The secrets of Loly

      The secrets of Loly is a French brand of hair products specially designed for curly, curly, frizzy, wavy hair.

      The secrets of Loly also offers a specific range children, body care, styling care ...
      The products The secrets of Loly are natural for a total respect of the hair.

      The formulation of Les Secrets de Loly products is guaranteed free of silicone, parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, artificial coloring, animal testing and hand-made products.

    • Lisshair shampoo - Lisshair hair products
      Lisshair shampoo -...

      Brazilian smoothing Lisshair

      Lisshair is a French brand, specialized in hair care, and more particularly in the care of the Keratin, more commonly known as : Brazilian Smoothing Keratin.

      All the products are in conformity with the european legislation( and especially on formalin-fixed ).

      Lisshair offers a range of professional products on The Brazilian straightening Keratin is primarily a remedial care, deep base of keratin,the effects of softening and smoothing hair are spectacular and last for approximately 3 to 5 months depending on hair and frequency of shampoos.

      The formulation the keratin treatment Lisshair is highly enriched with natural keratin. It has the highest rate of natural keratin in the market.

    • L'oréal professional shampoo - hair products
      L'oréal professional...

      L'oréal Professional on sale at Vision'Hair.

      Famous for his expertise in the world of beauty, l'oréal Professional appears as the specialist hair products, innovative and qualitative, combining fashion and beauty of the hair. Shampoos, lotions, serums, coloring and other treatments

      Vision Hair presents to you the products of hair l'oréal Professional is tailored to your needs and the nature of your hair.

      • L'oréal professional Mythic oil : for an incomparable brilliance to all hair types.
      • L'oréal professional Serioxyl : specific treatment for the hair density loss.
      • L'oréal professional Expert Series care innovative high precision custom
      • L'oréal professional Tecni Art: styling products of l'oréal professionnel for hair unique
      • L'oréal professional Man: a specific range suited to men
      • L'oréal professional Optimizer: products specialists to prepare the hair care (coloring, permanent, etc)

      With Vision'Hair and l'oreal Professional, find the right products for your hair !

    • Macadamia shampoo - Macadamia hair products
      Macadamia shampoo -...

      Shampoos and treatments Macadamia Professional, meet the needs of all hair types few of their nature.

      The Macadamia Natural Oil products, rich in macadamia oil that contains more Omega 7 than any other oilseed oil, provides intense moisture and nourishes the hair, a penetrating power and unique absorption, light and non-fat, no residues, brings strength, elasticity and suppleness to the hair. And argan oil rich in Omega 9 antioxidants and Vitamin E, which improve hair strength, repairs the damage to the hair dry and brittle, renewing the hair and making it shine and suppleness. Helps balance sebum production.
      Macadamia shampoos and care deeply nourish the hair without weighing it down and fix it from within, rather than simply condition the surface to renew the natural texture of the hair.

    • Matrix shampoo - Matrix hair products
      Matrix shampoo -...

      Matrix sales of hair-styling products.

      Matrix offers a range of shampoo, treatment, care, and styling complete.

      With Vision-Hair, check out the ranges of Matrix products for a better protection for your hair : Sleek Look, Color care, Curl, Amplify, Repair, Oil wonder, Blonde, care, Stylelink

      Each issue of hair solution. The range of style Matrix combines the most cutting edge technology to the creativity the more free.

    • Minerals of Eden shampoo - hair products
      Minerals of Eden...

      The advanced formulas of Minerals of Eden are a luxurious and nourishing therapeutic spa treatment.

      Innovation is the cornerstone of Minerals of Eden "MofE", even if all our raw materials are derived from the combination of minerals of natural origin of the Dead Sea, renowned for its regenerative and repairing properties.
      The advanced formulas of Minerals of Eden are a luxurious and nourishing therapeutic spa treatment. They remain close to the natural balance of skin and hair to feel nourished, pampered and special. The varied range of MofE uses the most powerful natural extracts to offer an intense therapeutic experience.
      Combining nature and innovative cutting-edge technology, Minerals of Eden offers a complete complete solution for your hair and body; For both women and men.
      The Dead Sea is at the lowest point on the planet. Located at 423 meters below sea level in the Jordan Valley in southern Israel, with a mineral salt concentration ten times larger than the waters of the ocean, the Dead Sea contains 26 minerals - 12 of them They are not found in any other body of water on earth.

    • Mizani shampoo - Mizani hair products
      Mizani shampoo -...

      Mizani brand born from the expertise of L'Oréal Professionnel.

      Vision'hair offers a wide selection of hair products Mizani unruly hair, curly and frizzy.

      The brand Mizani specializes in the treatment, nutrition and sublimation of curly and frizzy hair.

      Mizani comes from Swahili, an African language, and means balance. This is the whole philosophy of hair products Mizani, the balance and beauty of curly hair, frizzy or undisciplined Maghrebi, Caribbean, afros, mixed or European. Mizani will answer to your needs whatever your type of hair.

      Discover the Mizani ranges:

      Mizani Scalp Care: sensitive scalp
      Mizani Moisturfusion: nutrition and hydration
      Mizani True Texture: care of curls
      Mizani Termasmooth: care for smooth hair
      Mizani Care: day cream and night cream
      Mizani styling

      vision-hair official distributor of Mizani products

    • Moroccanoil shampoo - Moroccanoil hair products
      Moroccanoil shampoo -...

      Experience the innovation of shampoos, care, masks and styling Moroccanoil based on argan oil.

      Moroccanoil has revolutionized hair care with its shampoos and care!

      At Moroccanoil, it is the passion that drives them to achieve hair care products of great quality.

      Their formulations and innovative enriched in antioxidants and nutrients are unmatched and offer results dazzling.

      The hairdressers as clients prefer products Moroccanoil for one thing : they are effective.

      Enter in the universe Moroccanoil and discover the performance.

    • Mulato shampoo - Mulato hair products
      Mulato shampoo -...

      Mulata shampoos, treatments, styling and products repigmentants natural Mulato.

      Mulato shampoos and hair care ingredients origins natural made in France.

      With Mulato, more of a compromise : not to choose between effectiveness and naturalness, the products Mulato are without parabens, without silicone, without résorcine, without PEG, and their compositions are of a minimum of 90% natural ingredients. They are not tested on animals.

      The products Mulato are without superfluous packaging and bottles are recyclable.

      The products Mulato are certified by independent laboratories and meeting the new guidelines of the European public health.

      Check out the range of repigmentants natural Mulato, the range Mulato Flow'air for all types of hair or even the range for children Mulato and zero lice.

    • Myriam K Paris shampoo - Myriam K hair products
      Myriam K Paris shampoo...

      Myriam K Paris is synonymous with beauty hair.

      Myriam K is today's pledge of professionalism and innovation.

      After having developed the brazilian keratin snapshot in France, Myriam K has created the shaping of French and a range of care anti-age capillary.

      Today, Myriam K is present in more than ten countries, including the 25000 trade fairs in France. Myriam K offers a number of treatments in the salon but also at home.

      Myriam Keramane, the founder of this brand is always listening to the women in order to offer the best for a sublime hair, dense and shiny.

    • Neia shampoo Bio and Vegan - Bio hair products
      Neia shampoo Bio and...
      Neia 1st brand of shampoos and hair care exclusively organic and vegan for hairdressing professionals.

      Neia is a line of shampoos and hair care Bio and vegan, 100% made in France.

      It provides an expert response to all your hair requirements and offers exceptional care with delicate scents and voluptuous textures for an authentic moment of well-being.

      Neia range of shampoos and hair care Bio, to meet the needs of dry hair, colored hair or weakened and for oily scalp.
    • Nioxin shampoo - Nioxin hair products
      Nioxin shampoo -...

      Discover Nioxin the one brand for denser and thicker hair

      Nioxin is one of the leaders in treatment for the hair, refined, thin recognized in the world.

      Trophy winner Stylist Choice Award for best product for thinning hair for 10 consecutive years.

      The factors of thinning hair are many and varied, and the hair loses density and material with the time.
      Products Nioxin act on the scalp and the root of the hair to purify and provide a healthy environment in order to optimize the shoot. They stimulate the scalp.

      More than 70% of users observe a head of hair thicker and denser in just 4 weeks.

    • OPI

      OPI nails, hands and feet care.

      OPI is the benchmark brand for manicure and pedicure products.

      OPI are varnishes, care for the hands, for the feet…

    • Olaplex

      OLAPLEX care protocol for technical service.

      Olaplex is THE brand that revolutionized dyeing, bleaching, and other chemical, mechanical and thermal techniques that damage the hair.

      With Olaplex, everything is allowed! Discolour, color, smooth, permanentez, défrisez your hair without risk to their health!

      Olaplex comprises three steps:

      During the technical service:

      - Olaplex Bond Multiplier No.1: to reconstruct the disulfide bonds of the hair and added to the mixture during the preparation of the technical service (coloration, sweeping, bleaching, straightening, permanent Brazilian smoothing).

      - Olaplex Bond Perfector No.2: It binds the remaining disulfide bridges just after the technical service to restore the strength, structure and integrity of the hair.


      At home:

      - Olaplex Hair Perfector N°3: Helps to restore the capillary connections and maintain healthy hair in between two services. This applies to home before shampooing and is used approximately once a week.

    • Panasonic : professional hair clipper
      Panasonic :...

      Panasonic is a brand created in 1955.

      Panasonic is one of the leaders of electronic devices and provides various products with innovative technology.

      Check out the mowers and equipment Panasonic.

    • Parlux : straightener, looper and professional brush
      Parlux : straightener,...

      Parlux: hair dryer professional long-life

      Dryers hair PARLUX are manufactured in Italy and are designed to meet the needs of professional barbers : engine long-term, flow of air a powerful, lightweight, and not noisy.

      Dryers hair Parlux combine the effects of high heat to a stream of air powerful to reduce drying time and minimize the risk of latération of the hair due to the heat.

      Models ceramic/ionic includes the patented systems that help maintain hydration of the hair. This is the reason for which they are used by stylists to the forefront around the world.

    • Paul Mitchell shampoo - Paul Mitchell hair products
      Paul Mitchell shampoo...

      Paul Mitchell for sale at a low price in Vision'hair

      Professional products only distributed by salon professionals !

      Paul Mitchell offers several ranges of shampoos, conditioners, specific care and styling products,
      Created by hairdressers for hairdressers and their client(s), Paul Mitchell this is luxury at a low price !

      Check out the ranges Tea Tree, Mitch, Black and White....

    • Petrol Hahn Pro shampoo - hair products
      Petrol Hahn Pro...

      Petrol Hahn Pro check out the new professional range of shampoos, treatments and styling for Men. This innovation products EUGENE PERMA writes a new page in the history of the brand, petrole hahn, who continues to build his relationship with men and their hair. Petrole hahn Pro, the professional expertise.

    • Phytodess shampoo - Phytodess hair products
      Phytodess shampoo -...

      PHYTODESS Paris in Vision-hair.

      The products Phytodess are true elixirs of beauty of the hair and scalp.

      They combine naturality, luxury and expertise in hairdressing to reveal and enhance the beauty of all hair types. The unique formulas, the clays of color, essential oils, trace elements, precious stones and metals combine textures to delicate and subtle flavours for genuine moments of pleasure. These gentle formulas can be combined to infinity to create tailor-made treatments to find in you the professionalism and the gesture expert of your hair salon.

      THE VALUES PHYTODESS: the majority of assets of natural origin. A "sourcing" controlled and supportive, that promote respect for biodiversity and the development of an economy of proximity. Cases the cardboard from forests that are managed. Products and packaging tested and validated by the teachers of hairdressing and creating Dessange. Brand engaged, PHYTODESS sets the scene of the selected asset based on the criteria of efficiency , respect of the biodiversity and of their societal impact on local populations.

    • Pro Fiber shampoo - Pro Fiber hair products
      Pro Fiber shampoo -...

      PRO FIBER of professional L'Oreal, is a deep repair treatment range of all types of hair sensitized to reconstruct the fiber and regain hair soft, lightweight, repaired, even from root to tip.

      New protocol haircare l’APTYL 100, a product of 15 years of research and 15 patents.
      PRO FIBER is a range of care repair deep of all types of hair aware to rebuild the fiber and look for hair that is soft, lightweight, repaired, regular, from roots to ends.
      This protocol of care begins in the salon where salon professionals will assess with you the level of awareness of your hair.
      It consists of 3 protocols of care depending on the degree of awareness of the fibre and for each one, a shampoo, a concentrate of active follow-up care ACTIVATOR APTYL 100 in an overlay.

      How to assess your level of awareness ?

      Level 1 : The shine of your hair is light, the texture of your hair is rather dry, your spikes are refined, the color is dull. Your hair are slightly sensitized.
      Level 2 : The shine of your hair is low, texture is rough, your tips are split ends, your color irregular. Your hair is sensitized.
      Level 3 : The brilliance of your hair is non-existent, its texture is unstructured, your spikes are brittle, and your color disgorged quickly. Your hair are very sensitive

      At home you will be able to extend the action of the care performed in the living room thanks to the protocols-activator-of-care and the mono-dose Re-load APTYL 100 to do all 4 shampoos about.

      Protocols :
      RECTIFY : 1 level of awareness to rectify the fibre.
      RESTORE : 2nd level awareness-raising to repair the fiber.
      RECONSTRUCT : 3rd level of awareness to rebuild the fiber.

      The active principles of which it is composed :
      TheAPTYL 100 a unique compound of two assets :
      TheAMINOSILANE, a compound of silicon, recognized for the reconstruction of the cortex in the depth and strengthen the hair structure, creating a three-dimensional network that allows for a solid anchor.
      A POLYMER CATIONIC for gainer and deposit a film continuously on the surface of the hair, and thus provide a soft, silky touch.
      These 2 elements are attracted to each other to strengthen their respective actions.

      Available in your hair salon Vision'hair.

    • Pogopogo shampoo - Pogopogo hair productst
      Pogopogo shampoo -...

      POGOPOGO, the art and how to create her look. Range professional nonconformist, products for texturiser, shape of hairstyles défrisées, distorted, looks improbable. Perfumes for her & him With POGOPOGO, give life to your creativity...

    • Proraso : shaving soap, shaving cream and beard oil
      Proraso : shaving...

      Proraso is an Italian brand founded in 1948 by Ludovico Martelli.

      Proraso offers a wide range of products dedicated to the care of shaving is well known and used by top barbers from around the world.

      Strong of its long years of experience, the brand Proraso will give you a shave 'fun', precise, and comfortable as in the barber shop !

    • Puréology shampoo - Pureology hair products
      Puréology shampoo -...

      PUREOLOGY, the new generation of care for coloured hair, n°1 in the USA*, has been created by a hairdresser in california exclusively for colorists and their clients. Through a complex anti-sag exclusive, the AntiFadeComplexe, and shampoos, sulfate-free, products PUREOLOGY allow you to better retain the color and preserve its shine longer.The health concentrated formulas, 100% vegan**, botanical extracts, bio, bring a care and protection best hair. Formulas concentrated for 2-fold more applications than any shampoo as usual. PUROLOGIE guarantee a color long term. * Elected in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 best care professional color Largest community of hairdressers in the USA : 50 000 clicks per month.** Preserving the world for future generations : there are no ingredients or derivatives of animal origin does not fit into the composition of the products. 2€ per product, repay on your next purchase PUREOLOGY is committed and guarantees to you a color long-term or you repay.

    • Redken shampoo - Redken hair products
      Redken shampoo -...

      Online sale of products Redken hairdressers and individuals.

      Check out Redken whole range : shampoo, conditioner and treatments to meet all hair types:

      dry hair, brittle hair, blonde hair, coloured hair, flyaways, curly hair, fine hair, normal hair, hair very dry and sensitised scalp to dandruff, oily scalp, sensitive scalp, hair fall, solar products.

      A breakthrough technique that is common to all our products, based on the protein and an acidic pH. Immediate and dramatic results, a firm touch and natural hair lightweight and flexible.

      REDKEN FOR MEN Redken has combined the power of protein with the carbohydrate to create redken for men. - The Protein to penetrate inside the fiber, to build up its internal structure. - Carbohydrates to recharge hair in energy, the rebooster in depth. - Essential Complements to thicken, to nourish him and restore his strength.

      REDKEN STYLING Inspired by the spirit, energy and fashion of the streets of New York, the Styling Redken allows you to create combinations of fashionable for your hair.

      A NEW TECHNOLOGY One of the latest innovations american : the Bonding System. This patented technology operates for the first time, a neutralization of the polymers of Styling in order to be soluble in water without diluting the power of the resins. A range pro to sculpt your hair

      REDKEN PRODUCTS on Sale at Vision-Hair

    • Reedley Professional shampoo - hair products
      Reedley Professional...

      Reedley Professional is an American brand of luxury hair care.

      Reedley Professional comes in 3 ranges of advanced technology products for spectacular results and gorgeous hair.

      Discover the Reedley Professional Macadamia, Reedley Professional Keratin and Reedley Professional Argan Oil ranges.

    • Revlon shampoo - Revlon hair products
      Revlon shampoo -...

      The hair-styling products Revlon to your hair!

      A luxurious brand specializing in hair products that has proved popular with celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Halle Berry or Olivia Wilde.

      The hair products Revlon are the result of unique formulas that combine efficiency and protection of the hair.

      Revlon declines its range of hair-styling products to take care of all the hair : - Revlon Style Masters : styling products professional - Revlon Alpha 5 in 1 care contractors for the atypical hair (very dry, fatty, substantial devitalised...)

      • Revlon Orofluido : products for dry hair, dull and staining
      • Revlon Equave: nourishing for dry hair.
      • Revlon Interactive to : care for dehydrated hair.
      • Revlon Nutri Color Creme : care cream for the brilliance of coloured hair.
      • Revlon Revlonissimo 45 days: shampoos care without sulfates has staining.
      • Revlon Intragen : Shampoos and care contractors of the scalps with problems.
      • Revlon Uniq One: Shampoos and care 10 in 1

      Shampoos and care Revlon treat and protect your hair while sublimating : do live in your hair experience of hair-styling products Revlon.

    • Rlizz paris shampoo - Rlizz paris hair products
      Rlizz paris shampoo -...

      Rlizz Cacao Brazil brazilian Smoothing keratin.

      Rlizz is the 1st professional line smoothing smart breathable keratin.

      Developed in the lab, the Smoothing Smart Cocoa Brazil from Rlizz is a smoothing treatment of the new generation.

      It is made from trace elements. Its active principles based on keratin and cocoa restructure the hair fiber and provide hydration which results in the complete regeneration of the hair. It does not contain formaldehyde, parabens or ammonia.

      This is a product created to smooth the temporary and gradual, but also to repair the hair fragile, brittle, dry, frizzy or damaged by external aggressions (sun, pollution). The Smoothing Smart is compatible with all other techniques. The Smoothing Smart Cocoa Brazil smooth the hair in a natural way with an anti-frizz for 2 to 3 months (depending on frequency of washes). After the treatment the hair is protected against heat stress caused by external agents such as sun, sea water, chlorine,and certain hair products. This technique allows a reconstruction of the keratin with a silky aspect, and a decrease in volume. Cocoa Brasil is on the amine side of the keratin, the bonds break,the hair relaxes and under the effect of the heat they get back together later to make the hair smooth.

    • Rolling Hills
      Rolling Hills
    • Sebastian Professional shampoo - hair products
      Sebastian Professional...

      Sale of hair-styling products Sebastian Professional at Vision'hair.

      Sebastian Professional offers personal care products, the hair.

      Products adapted to all types of hair as well as hair styling products and styling care for all styles, from the most wise to the most wild !

      Discover a complete range of products for professional hair of the top of range.

    • Senteurs d'ailleurs : black cosmetic soap
      Senteurs d'ailleurs :...

      Check out our range of black soap and glove of exfoliating scrub scents.

      The black soap scrub is a gesture indispensable from the eastern beauty to rid the skin of all its impurities. It has been used for millennia for its virtues.

      The black soap is a smooth paste with a base of virgin olive oil that cleanses and relaxed the epidermis. A skin well gummed is then ready to receive the benefits of the care nourishing.

      Discover for you the secrets of the beautiful oriental thanks to know black gloves and scrub Scents.

    • Schwarzkopf Professional shampoo - hair products

      Schwarzkopf Professional products for hairdressing professionals of German origin.

      The brand Schwarzkopf is rich in more than 110 years of experience.

      Recognized by all professionals, Schwarzkopf is an expert indisputable of hair-styling products. Coloration Schwarzkopf, care and styling products the brand offers you a wide range of hair products for hair shining. Vision hair makes you discover Schwarzkopf's famous lines :

      Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure hairtherapy, Schwarzkopf Blondme, Schwarzkopf Igora Royal, Schwarzkopf essensity, Schwarzkopf Seah, Schwarzkopf Osis +.....

    • SP Classic shampoo - SP Classic hair products
      SP Classic shampoo -...

      Sale of products from salon System Professional:

      Shampoos, dental Care, Treatment, Serum, hair styling System Professional for hair more healthy and vibrant shine.

      System Professional is the partner salons of the most prestigious. Because it is based on the latest scientific findings focused on the hair. Discover in exclusivity the last news System Professional : A complete range for all types of hair and scalps. A cutting-edge technology for your hair. Check out SP Men, SP Luxe Oil, SP Repair, SP Shine define, SP Volumize, SP Color save SP Balance scalp SP Clear scalp, SP Hydrate SP Smoothen, SP After sun, SP Styling...

    • System Professional shampoo - hair products
      System Professional...

      System Professional l'énergie du cheveu

      n-depth care. We combine the latest scientific discoveries with our mastery of the art of hairdressing to push the boundaries of hair beauty and quality. Because we believe that your hair is a living part of your body, as unique as your fingerprint, we recommend a personal care system tailored to your specific energy needs. From individual salon diagnosis to our highly personalized range of products to apply at home, we offer you a personal and tailor-made treatment system that will transform your hair and reveal its beauty. System Professional's new EnergyCode ™ complex is a technology designed to restore hair's natural lipid balance and protect keratin, for regenerated hair that is visibly healthier and more responsive to touch, styling and coloring.

    • ST TROPEZ self-tanning
      ST TROPEZ self-tanning

      St Tropez is an English cosmetic brand specializing in self-tanning products.

      The St Tropez brand offers several product ranges, namely self-tanning products, skin tone enhancers, tanning enhancers, tanning optimizers, progressive tanning products, finishing products and accessories.
      All these products are in the form of cream, spray, foam or lotion.

    • Super million hair
      Super million hair

      Super Million Hair is a process that instantly mask sparse hair and incipient baldness.

      Super Million Hair has been developed for men and women suffering from hair loss.
      For many people, emerging baldness or that some places get rid of is a problem. Super Million Hair conceals these problem areas in just seconds. This is the simplest method to make the hair immediately thicker and bulkier.
      Super Million Hair is composed of fine fibers * which have a static charge in order to adhere to the hair of the user. This allows each hair to look thicker.
      Simply apply the fibers to the problem areas and then fix them with the special spray. Super Million Hair holds up to the next shampoo and even up close, this product remains unrecognizable.

      * Fibers: In a patented process, natural viscose is transformed into fibers from 0.3 to 0.5 mm long. These fibers have a static charge allowing them to adhere to the hair of the user. Thanks to the different lengths, they integrate perfectly and discreetly into the structure of the hair. The result is visible immediately: the hair looks dense and thicker.

    • Tangle teezer : disheveling hairbrush
      Tangle teezer :...

      Tangle Teezer "The brush"

      Tangle Teezer is revolutionizing the combability of the hair.

      In effect, this brush provides a dual-action detangling and smoothing the cuticle. Detangle gently assured.

      Why is "The brush"?

      Simply because it detangles the hair without breaking or damaging the spikes, thanks to the installation of spikes (hyper flexible and of various sizes). In addition, the ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the hands, we use it as well on dry hair, as wet and still as effective.

      Another important detail, this brush has been tested and approved by children. Every morning it is also a detangling without crying.

      Tangle teezer is : More ergonomics for a better grip. Unraveling ultra-fast, pain-free not to tear off, does not break the hair. Stimulates the scalp

      Suitable for all hair types : frizzy hair, frizzy, curly, straight...

      Does not take up much space, creeps everywhere Fight against the elasticity of the static

      Also suitable for wigs and hair extensions

    • Tigi shampoo - Tigi hair products
      Tigi shampoo - Tigi...

      Sale of products of hair styling, Tigi, Tigi Bed Head, Tigi Catwalk...

      Hardly present in France, the brand TIGI has an outstanding reputation outside the border.

      Convinced by the quality of the products hair salon, Tigi, Vision'Hair invites you to discover the brand of product hair professional Tigi.

      Hair products top of the range developed to meet the specific needs of each hair. Beyond the quality, it is the originality of Tigi, which makes the difference : products out of common trends that follow fashion.

      High-performance products, packaging staggered and names to be humorous, to be seduced by Tigi ! Among a very wide range, Tigi Bead Head is one of the lines most popular with hair-styling products combining efficiency and humour. Suited to every type of hair, the Tigi Bead Head surfs with humor.

      Shampoos, treatments and styling ... discover the surprising products Tigi Bead Head. Tigi Bead Head it is also the Tigi Bead Head for men and Tigi Bead Head for the body. After the humor, the Tigi love fashion ! The line Tigi Catwalk consists of hair products (shampoos, treatments and styling to make the hair protected, strong and bright in the image of catwalk of fashion shows.

      Tigi Catwalk is available for each hair, check out the products Tigi Catwalk.

    • TigiPro shampoo - TigiPro hair products
      TigiPro shampoo -...

      The range of Tigi Pro offers the performance of repairs and maintenance and superior, suitable for all hair types.

      Developed by the Tigi Professional, Tigi Pro has been created by salon professionals for salon professionals and address today to the general public.

      Check Out Tigi Pro.

    • Tondéo : professional hair clipper
      Tondéo : professional...

      Tondeo offers quality equipment professional for a hair cut at the top.

      Try cutting scissors and clippers Tondeo awaken your creativity!

      Tondeo in Vision'hair.

    • Urban keratin shampoo - hair products
      Urban keratin shampoo...


      Urban Keratin was created in 2010 by two professionals of the hairdressing specialists in the field of brazilian smoothing.

      Urban Keratin itself as a brand of cosmetic capillary.
      Driven by the company's Current Concept, its reputation has been built on the development of a chemical formula to the well-kept secret and designed in full respect of european standards, combining keratin with amino acids to a unique treatment ! Thanks to this discovery, which revolutionized the hair care, brazilian keratin becomes a capillary care full, which beautifies and repairs, plus a technical aggressive to the hair fibre.

      In order to offer the full potential of this innovative formula, we have enriched, to develop new lines of cosmetics, in order to meet the needs of our clients

      Check out : Urban Express, for a brazilian straightening treatment in an hour and smoke-free ; and an Urban Diamond, the luxury version of our care. UrbanPlex for a technical service without damage to the hair.

    • Velecta paramount : straightener, looper and professional brush
      Velecta paramount :...


    • Wella Professionals shampoo - Wella hair products
      Wella Professionals...

      Wella professionals hair-styling products renowned in the world of hairdressing.

      Wella offers a wide range of hair-styling products and coloring.

      Wella acquires more than 125 years of know-how.

      An undeniable expertise which is the strength of Wella. In search of hair-styling products sharp, Wella focuses on innovation and the continuous improvement of its products to target and meet the need of every hair, even the most specific. Vision-Hair invites you to discover the ranges Wella : Wella care Brilliancefor colored hair, Wella care Enrichfor dry hair,Wella care Balance to appease the leather hairy, Wella color rechargeto repigment your hair, Wella sunto protect your hair from the sun,Wella Elementswithout parabens, without sulfates without the silicones,Wella Eimi styling styling products to finish your hairdo.Wella also develops products for staining :Wella Koleston perfect staining of oxidative stress, Wella koleston perfect innosensewithout ppd, Wella color touchcoloring semi-permanent,Wella color freshtemporary coloration, Wella Eoscoloring natural, Wella blondor powder and cream discoloration.
      With Wella, you are sure to find the prouits care or staining professional that suits you

    • Yoshi : Professional cutting scissors
      Yoshi : Professional...

      Yoshi, the creator of japanese scissors to cut the top of the range since 1928.

      Try a scissors Yoshi it is to adopt. The cutting scissors Yoshi respects the ergonomics of the hand for comfortable use.

      The scissors Yoshi are manufactured with steels of very high quality for a lifetime longer long.

      Yoshi is also a Styler with vibrant, razor and a pack of scissors.

    • Zingus hair powder - Zingus keratin fiber
      Zingus hair powder -...

      Densify your hair with Zingus keratin powder!

      Hide your hair loss, conceal scars, plaques, roots and white hair in just 30 seconds for a natural effect.
      Supports light rain.
      Bottle of 23 g.
      Available in 6 natural colors.
      Pro Tip: Wash and dry your hair. Spread the keratin fibers in sparse places Paint lightly and fix with a lacquer about 15 cm from the hair.