Brazilian smoothing Professional

Brazilian professional keratin-based smoothing for smooth, shiny and non-fragile hair, Vision'Hair recommends Brazilian smoothing for smooth, shiny and non-weakened hair. Brazilian smoothing is a natural care, composed of keratin, which wraps and sheaths the hair in order to make it more flexible and easy to comb. It is the ally of all hair, eve...

  • CHI enviro
    CHI enviro

    Brazilian smoothing treatment CHI ENVIRO Created by the laboratories Farouk Systems, the brand CHI Enviro is now the symbol in the field of brazilian smoothing. It sounds like a revolution in the world the capillary tube, and to respond with efficacy to our desire of having smooth hair, soft, shiny and healthy. CHI Enviro has developed a complete range of keratin smoothing from a unique formula made up of amino acids, proteins, silk and pearl. Without formaldehyde, this innovative formula penetrates deep to the cuticle of the hair, to soften and smooth the hair. The brazilian smoothing treatment CHI Enviro is akin to a revolutionary treatment high-quality easy and quick to make at home. That could eliminate more than 95% of frizz, CHI Enviro ensures healthier hair, more resistant, more smooth but also more shiny. Allied to the use of a smoother to 210 degrees, the brazilian smoothing treatment CHI Enviro provides a long lasting result for up to four months. Essential, the straighteners ceramic has the consequence of setting the formula at the heart of the hair for a result that is undeniable. It is a research team rich in skills and expertise (chemists, scientists, artists, hairdressers, etc) which has allowed to develop, at the end of two years of work, this exclusive formula conditioner. Following this discovery, new products such as the shampoo or the mask Smoothing are added to the range in order to maintain the hair after using the brazilian smoothing for optimized outcome. Depending on the nature of your hair, choose a brazilian smoothing treatment that suits you. CHI ENVIRO American Smoothing is available in three formulas : C/N for natural hair/resistant C/C for colored hair/chemically treated C/F to the hair is very light/porous/thin

  • Curless Kératine
    Curless Kératine

    EUGENEPERMA CURLESS KERATIN hair protective treatment, and smoothing Brazilian, the insurance of healthy hair and easy to style Curless Keratin is a treatment thermo-active Keratin-based vegetable* and butter of Murumuru that protects, envelops the hair shaft and smoothes the scales to find a hair soft, shiny and much easier to style for up to 3 months**. Curless Keratin does not alter the chemical structure of the hair and can therefore be applied on all types of hair : natural, frosted hair, colorful... Curless Keratin is a smoothing treatment Brazilian formulated without paraben and, in accordance with the legislation in force, without formaldehyde (formalin) or a generator of formaldehyde.
    *mixture of amino acids of vegetable origin, similar to the composition of Keratin.
    **with the use of cleaning products Curless Keratin, blow drying, and / or the passage of the plates

  • Global keratin
    Global keratin

    Global Keratin : keratin smoothing For your brazilian smoothing, Vision'Hair introduces you to the smoothing keratin of the brand Global Keratin. A basis of three types of different keratin (bioactive organic and organic), this innovative provides both smoothing and care for the hair soft, shiny and protected. For a keratin smoothing lasting for five months, check out the product Global Keratin.


    Created in 2010, Hair Care Prestige is a French company with a team of experienced professionals from different fields such as hairdressing, research and development, marketing, and distribution networks. We have put together this know-how in order to better respond to the increasing demand of the market. Manufacturer avant-garde, eager to meet the requirements of women in terms of skin care and cosmetics hair care, we position ourselves as a privileged partner of salon professionals. We would like to bring the latest innovations worldwide in order to make them accessible to the greatest number. Following the trends of the market, we are committed to natural products and therefore not harmful, and as a result prestigious. Hence the chosen name for our brand: PRESTIGE

  • Kerapro

    Brazilian smoothing treatment KERAPRO You have bulk hair and would like to regain the hair more flexible ? You have unruly hair and you want smooth? Vision Hair, your wholesaler hair, the keratin smoothing Kerapro. Discover a treatment volume reduction and smoothing capillary, without formalin. With its formula without formaldehyde, Kerapro brings together a range of products that are efficient but non-aggressive for your hair that provide : Smoothing capillary volume Reduction Shine intense Hydration-Action, anti-frizz effects of this keratin smoothing are immediate and sustainable. Make the hair nourished, smooth, shiny and easy to style for three to four months. Suited to all hair, the treatment to the keratin Kerapro is compatible with colored hair, using before or after staining. Vision'Hair offers you find all the products of brazilian straightening and smoothing keratin.

  • Lisshair

    LissHair is a French brand specialized in hair care and more particularly in the Brazilian smoothing or keratin care.

    LissHair is one of the Brazilian smoothing specialists. With its range of professional products, LissHair offers an exclusive formulation highly enriched in natural keratin: the highest rate on the market.

    LissHair's Brazilian smoothing is first and foremost a keratin-based, deep repairing treatment whose hair softening and smoothing effects are spectacular and long-lasting, from 3 to 5 months depending on the hair and the frequency of the shampoos.

    Note that the brand guarantees Brazilian smoothing products in accordance with European legislation. Practical and easy, find out how to use the LissHair Brazilian Smoothing.

  • Rlizz paris
    Rlizz paris

    CACAO BRAZIL keratin Smoothing. 1st professional line of “Smoothing Smart Breathable" HAS THE Keratin. Developed in the lab, the Smoothing Smart COCOA BRAZIL from RLIZZ® is a smoothing treatment of the new generation. It is made from trace elements. Its active principles based on keratin and cocoa restructure the hair fiber and provide hydration which results in the complete regeneration of the hair. Formulas certified formaldehyde-free, ammonia-free, soda free and paraben-free. This is a product created to smooth the temporary and gradual, but also to repair the hair fragile, brittle, dry, frizzy or damaged by external aggressions (sun, pollution). The Smoothing Smart is compatible with all other techniques. The Smoothing Smart COCOA BRAZIL smooth the hair in a natural way with an anti-frizz for 2 to 3 months (depending on frequency of washes). After the treatment the hair is protected against heat stress caused by external agents such as sun, sea water, chlorine, and certain hair products. This technique allows a reconstruction of the keratin with a silky aspect, and a decrease in volume. COCOA BRAZIL is on the amine side of the keratin, the bonds break, the hair relaxes and under the effect of the heat they get back together later to make the hair smooth.

  • Schwarzkopf Supreme Keratin
    Schwarzkopf Supreme...

    Schwarzkopf Supreme Keratin : treatment program smoothing full are You tired of your hair unmanageable, or damaged your frizz ? Check out the new Supreme Keratin - care-smoothing single who tames the hair with an anti-frizz intense.

  • Urban keratin
    Urban keratin

    Born in 2010 from the passion of two salon professionals specialize in brazilian straightening, Urban Keratin itself as a brand of cosmetic capillary to the singular identity. Driven by the company's Current Concept, its strength, and its reputation is based on the elaboration of a chemical formula secretly guarded, and designed in full respect of european standards, combining keratin, a protein which we do ventera never enough benefits for the hair, to amino acids. Thanks to this revolutionary discovery, and for the first time, the brazilian smoothing can be thought of as a genuine care, both embellishing and repairer, relegating them to the dustbin its reputation as a technical aggressive for the hair.
    Keen to exploit the full potential of this innovative formula, we have enriched, so as to expand our offer by developing new lines of cosmetics, more nearly, always, the expectations of women : Urban Express, for a brazilian straightening treatment in an hour and smoke-free ; and an Urban Diamond, the luxury version of our care. The current Concept offers you today, therefore, three ranges of specific products, available through a fortnight of care, combining shine, softness and flexibility. Those same people who make our company the leader of the French brazilian smoothing, the range UrbanKeratin radiating in more than 20 countries and to meet the needs of 90% of the female clientele.