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    Range of colouring

    Range of colouring


    • Temporary Coloration
      Temporary Coloration

      The temporary coloration brings the shine and little to cover white hair up to 50% without constraint. Her outfit is average (6 to 10 shampoos following the lines of color and marks.
      You can change the reflection at will.

    • Colouring tone-on-tone
      Colouring tone-on-tone

      The colouring tone-on-tone does not clear, it is ammonia-free and allows you to cover your white hair up to 70%, bringing a lot of shine. It does not go away with the shampoo. Following the revealing employee, you can intensify the reflection.

    • Oxidation coloring
      Oxidation coloring

      The technology of the coloration of oxidation, allows you to change your hair color permanently, and covering up to 100% white hair.
      You can darken or lighten your base up to 3 colours according to the oxidant used 10, 20 or 30 volume and up to 5 tones with the hair color lightening and an oxidant 30 volume.
      We have selected for you the most major professional brand like Wella, Schwarzkopf, Eugène perma, Génerik, Revlon, Tigi, l'oreal, Matrix

    • Coloring without ammonia
      Coloring without ammonia

      We have selected for you a wide choice of coloring without ammonia all tested under dermatological control.

      Major brands such as Schwarzkopf, Revlon, Eugene perma, Farouk and Générik have created a special range for respect the sensitivity of your hair and scalp while maintaining product quality.

    • Staining without pTD and pPD
      Staining without pTD...

      Coloring without pTD and pPD - professional coloring.

      Capillary staining without pTD and pPD to limit the risk of allergic reactions.

      In the Hair Coloration category without pTD and pPD, discover Wella Koleston Perfect Innosense.

    • Bleaching cream
      Bleaching cream

      Eclaircissez your hair gently. Creams discoloration are particularly recommended for the technical close to the scalp.
      the creams or pastes discoloration are less aggressive for the hair and scalp

    • Oil bleaching
      Oil bleaching

      Oil lightening is ideal to lighten up your roots quickly and up to 3 colours according to the oxidant used 20, 30 volume.

    • bleaching powder
      bleaching powder

      Professional bleaching powder lightening up to 9 tones.

      Bleaching powder blue or white, non-volatile with or without ammonia for all fading techniques while respecting the state of your hair.

      Discover a wide choice of professional bleaching powder L'Oréal, Wella, Tigi, Eugène perma, Schwarzkopf, Generik. The bleaching powders are to be mixed with an oxidizer of 20 to 40 volumes according to the technique used and the desired result.
      Professional product, well respect the instructions for use.

    • Coloring lashes lightening
      Coloring lashes...

      Powdered bleaching powder - Wella Magma.

      Discover Wella Magma, the bleaching powder that allows to discolor and color in one step.

      Wella Magma has a wide range of colors to personalize your hairstyle according to your desires.

      Wella Magma cold blonde tones, Magma intense red hues and impressive contrasting colors for even more freedom and creativity.

      All Wella Magma shades can be mixed for even more choice!

    • Oxidant Cream
      Oxidant Cream

      The oxidant cream and use it with products specific as the tubes of color, creams discoloration,the powders discoloration and the powders éclaircissantes bits.
      Depending on the lightening desired, and your natural base, it will be necessary to adapt the oxidant is most appropriate, to achieve the desired result.

      How to choose your oxidant ?
      For the coloration :
      The oxidant cream 10 volume or 3% can lighten the base hair tone. (or re-repigment the length)
      Oxidant cream 20 volume or 6% can lighten the base of the hair of two tones
      The oxidant cream 30 volume or 9% can lighten the base of the hair three tone

      For the bleaching products or certain colors éclaircissantes :
      The oxidant cream 40 volume or 12% allows for clarification of four to seven shades.
      (Do not use the 12% with the colouring traditional)

    • Developer - Emulsion
      Developer - Emulsion

      The developer or emulsions are to be used with the dyes of the radius : colouring tone-on-tone.
      Depending on the range of dye chosen you will need to take the developer or emulsion of the same brand to have an optimal result of your coloring.