CHI shampoo - Farouk CHI hair products

CHI shampoo - Farouk CHI hair products

Check out in Vision'hair Farouk Systems CHI.

Care products and materials of professional quality, developed with the help of NASA to magnify and sublimate your hair.

Check out the products : CHI Silk Infusion, CHI Keratin, CHI Miss universe, CHI Iron guard, CHI Luxe, CHI Argan Oil and many other...

  • CHI Rose Hip Oil
    CHI Rose Hip Oil

    CHI Rose Hip Oil - shampoo, care and styling - Farouk Systems CHI.

    CHI Rose Hip Oil is a range for colored hair. CHI Rose Hip Oil moisturizes naturally with rosehip oil, while closing the hair cuticle for intense color longer. Naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, CHI Rose Hip Oil brings vitality, prevents fading and gives shine to your color. Revive your hair colored with CHI Rose Hip Oil!

  • CHI Argan Oil
    CHI Argan Oil

    CHI Argan Oil is a line of luxurious care for hair. With a unique blend, and natural oil, argan oil, moringa, ceramic CHI and vitamins enriching for rejuvenation and hydration perfect hair damaged and frizzy.

  • CHI Tea Tree Oil
    CHI Tea Tree Oil

    Discover CHI Tea Tree Oil

    The new range CHI Tea Tree Oil was formulated with tea tree oil.

    CHI Products Tea Tree Oil purify, cleanse and tone the hair and scalp. They are enriched with silk and chamomile, they provide hydration and strength in depth to your hair for beautiful healthy hair and shining brilliance!

  • CHI Keratin
    CHI Keratin

    CHI Keratin Farouk Systems : new range of products based on keratin, silk, jojoba oil and argan oil.

    Transform chemically, mechanically or otherwise ill-treated by their environment, the hair become strong, healthy, the cuticle smoothed with CHI Keratin. Ingredients highly refined CHI Keratin restores and protects the keratin protein naturally present in hair. It greatly improves the elasticity and preventing breakage, while adding intense hydration that will make it shine and softness to hair. Rebuild : The protein keratin natural hair dramatically and strengthens the hair to prevent breakage. Revive : the softness and shine to hair thanks to the essential nutrients, proteins, keratin and oils of jojoba and argan. Protect The hair against heat damage and the environment thanks to new technology of Keratrix ™. This innovation uses a system of extended release, for all the days, took advantage of its treatment and protection. The benefits of keratin : a natural Protein that is found as the main ingredient in the hair so that it remains strong and healthy. Smoothes, straightens and eliminates frizz. The daily use of products with keratin to rebuild hair that has been damaged by heat and the use of chemicals. Moisturizes, repairs the damage and strengthens the hair. The benefits of argan oil : Moisturizes the hair without making it greasy. Improves elasticity and strengthens hair to prevent breakage. Keeps hair soft and gives shine. The benefits of jojoba oil : Remove the layers damaged hair and scalp for better treatment results. Minimizes the loss of protein in the hair to keep the hair healthy. Conditions hair and scalp by providing nutrients and essential at the same time.

  • CHI 44 Iron Guard
    CHI 44 Iron Guard

    CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal offers a complete protection against damage from the heat of the shampoo to the styling.

    The shampoo and conditioner, thermal protector are designed for all types of hair that have experienced several occasions, styling with heated tools, and provide hair a protection before styling.

    The spray-thermal protector can be used on damp or dry hair to create beautiful finishes as smooth as curly.

  • CHI Infra Repair
    CHI Infra Repair


  • CHI Magnified Volume
    CHI Magnified Volume


  • CHI Miss Universe
    CHI Miss Universe

    CHI Miss Universe : The official line, and the exclusive venue of Miss Universe. Miss Universe Style Illuminate by CHI is specifically developed for hairstyles close to perfection. This complete line offers the ability to rework, shape and create hairstyles with exceptional. Specially formulated with vitamins and oils nobles such as the moringa and macadamia, these products treat the hair in addition to perfect.

  • CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Oil Optimum Moisture
    CHI Deep Brilliance...

    CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Oil Optimum Moisture.

    The CHI Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Oil Optimum Moisture Line combines the moisturizing power of olive oil with Monoi Oil's unique blend of coconut oil and Tiare Gardenia that helps strengthen hair while reversing damage and Protecting the hair from future damage. This line ensures the hydration and reconstruction of dry and damaged hair, even chemically treated.

    Key Ingredients:

    - Olive oil: moisturizing agent that penetrates deeply. Improves hair elasticity.
    - Monoi oil: The unique blend of coconut oil and Tiare Gardenia flowers helps to repair the hair.
    - Shea butter: Intensive moisturizing properties rich in vitamins and fatty acids which improves the health of the hair and promotes a healthy scalp. Reduces dryness and breakage.
    - Silk: Silk proteins are able to penetrate and strengthen deeply. Brings silky shine and softness to the hair.

  • CHI Deep Brilliance
    CHI Deep Brilliance


  • CHI Ionic Color Protect
    CHI Ionic Color Protect

    La gamme Color Protect, est replacé par la gamme CHI Rose Hip Oil

  • CHI Product Styling
    CHI Product Styling


  • CHI hair Dryers & hair straighteners
    CHI hair Dryers & hair...


  • Color CHI IONIC Farouk Systems
    Color CHI IONIC Farouk...

    The hair color CHI ionic brand FAROUK SYSTEMS USA do not harm the environment, are all WITHOUT PPD, WITHOUT AMMONIA OR DERIVED and 100% biodegradable. Permanent Coloration without ammonia, or derivatives, Color more durable with incomparable brilliance of 82 shades, Cover white hair 100% guarantee and for a long time. Contain an ionic charge ( + / - ), combined heat ceramic increases the pigmentation in the colour of the hair. Coloring-based organic pigments of natural origin, olive oil, amino acids and silk competitive Price with tubes of 90 g (average of 2 applications) Cream silk ensures a better hydration of the Hair, with a pleasant fragrance. CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color is a Color that is Not Aggressive. The harmful chemicals have been disregarded in the elaboration of its composition. The Permanent color and silky does not contain ammonia because its pH is constant during the whole process of the coloration. The ammonia has been replaced by a component mild alkaline called Monoethanolamine (MEA), which maintains the pH constant during the whole staining procedure. Once the peroxide has released oxygen, it becomes water, and the colouring becomes a conditioner. The time to additional treatment with Chi Ionic Color will not change the level or tone of the color. In the coloring traditional ammonia-based or derived the pH constant is impossible to maintain due to the gas spiraling out of control, created by the ammonia and the Peroxide. The staining will continue to oxidize over time. Mastery of the integration process of the molecules of silk in all products. The color penetrates to the heart of the hair while repairing damaged hair with more shine thanks to the silk. The cream silk ensures a better hydration of the Hair Ionic Technology : Ionic charge (+ /-) helps to set the color inside the hair. It is mandatory to mix the color cream CHI with the Generator in CHI.

    • Preparation : 1 part of color cream + 1 equal share of Generator CHI (10v, 20v, 30v, depending on the case)
    • For the blond ultra : 1 part of color cream + 2 units of Generator CHI 40 volume

    1tube = 2doses
    Find all our coloring, CHI ammonia-free colour shade lighter to the darker


    CHI LUXURY Specifically developed to rebuild the hair is dry, colored and damaged.

    This revolutionary formula is designed to :

    • Repair and prevent damaged hair.
    • Moisturize the hair.
    • Make the maximum amount of brilliance.
    • Increase the UV protection to preserve the colour.
  • CHI Enviro American Smoothing
    CHI Enviro American...
  • CHI Olive Organics
    CHI Olive Organics

    CHI Olive Organics is a range of shampoo and care with certified organic extra virgin olive oil.

    CHI Olive Organics is suitable for all types of hair and skin.

    CHI Olive Organics is also formulated with botanical ingredients for a balanced care of hair and skin.

    CHI Olive Organics consists of CHI Olive Organics Hair and Body Shampoo and Shower Gel, CHI Olive Organics Conditioner, CHI Olive Organics Mask, CHI Olive Organics Olive and Silk Care Oil.

    The key ingredients of the CHI Olive Organics range:
    Extra organic certified virgin olive oil:
    Superior moisturizing agent that penetrates deeply into the hair and prevents its dehydration. Oil extracted from cold-pressed olives is rich in nutrients and helps keep hair strong while antioxidants help strengthen and protect against external aggression.
    Mixture of botanical plants:
    A unique blend of herbs that prevent pitchforks for healthy, shiny hair. This blend consists of Calendula flowers, Chamomile, comfrey root, cucumber, green tea and passion fruit.

  • CHI Aloe Vera Curl Defined
    CHI Aloe Vera Curl...

    CHI Aloe Vera Curl Defined - For all types of curls.

    CHI Aloe Vera Curl Defined is a range of shampoo and care with Aloe Vera for curly hair.

    CHI Aloe Vera Curl Defined consists of CHI Aloe Vera shampoo, CHI Aloe Vera conditioner, CHI Aloe Vera Oil, CHI Aloe Vera Curl cream, and CHI Aloe Vera control gel ...