CHI IONIC Farouk Systems

The hair color CHI ionic brand FAROUK SYSTEMS USA do not harm the environment, are all WITHOUT PPD, WITHOUT AMMONIA OR DERIVED and 100% biodegradable. Permanent Coloration without ammonia, or derivatives, Color more durable with incomparable brilliance of 82 shades, Cover white hair 100% guarantee and for a long time. Contain an ionic charge ( + / - ), combined heat ceramic increases the pigmentation in the colour of the hair. Coloring-based organic pigments of natural origin, olive oil, amino acids and silk competitive Price with tubes of 90 g (average of 2 applications) Cream silk ensures a better hydration of the Hair, with a pleasant fragrance. CHI Ionic Permanent Shine Color is a Color that is Not Aggressive. The harmful chemicals have been disregarded in the elaboration of its composition. The Permanent color and silky does not contain ammonia because its pH is constant during the whole process of the coloration. The ammonia has been replaced by a component mild alkaline called Monoethanolamine (MEA), which maintains the pH constant during the whole staining procedure. Once the peroxide has released oxygen, it becomes water, and the colouring becomes a conditioner. The time to additional treatment with Chi Ionic Color will not change the level or tone of the color. In the coloring traditional ammonia-based or derived the pH constant is impossible to maintain due to the gas spiraling out of control, created by the ammonia and the Peroxide. The staining will continue to oxidize over time. Mastery of the integration process of the molecules of silk in all products. The color penetrates to the heart of the hair while repairing damaged hair with more shine thanks to the silk. The cream silk ensures a better hydration of the Hair Ionic Technology : Ionic charge (+ /-) helps to set the color inside the hair. It is mandatory to mix the color cream CHI with the Generator in CHI.

  • Preparation : 1 part of color cream + 1 equal share of Generator CHI (10v, 20v, 30v, depending on the case)
  • For the blond ultra : 1 part of color cream + 2 units of Generator CHI 40 volume

1tube = 2doses
Find all our coloring, CHI ammonia-free colour shade lighter to the darker

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Affichage 1 - 60 de 100 articles