Color Touch Relights

Re-sharpen the bits and bleached hair with color touch relights. This staining to base of acid ph, has been specially designed to tint and brighten the lashes. The specific pigment to "Select Formula" acts selectively on the wicks. While the pigments in gloss develop on the hair as a whole. Colour as we can see in the biggest stars. - Gloss intense - easy to Use - Time of impregnation is very short - A result of color certified - Nuançassions colors extraordinary - Smell nice - For hair that's healthy and cared for

Pro tip :
Always mix Color Touch Relights with the emulsion Color Touch 1.9 per cent. Mix in proportions of 1:2, e.g. 30 g cream + 60 g emulsion.
Do not mix with products from another line, such as, for example, Color Touch or Koleston Perfect.
The shades Relights Red should not be used on a pitch of 6 and more clear

Break time :

  • Without heat : 20 minutes (or 15 minutes after a perm or straightening)
  • With heat(e.g. Climazon) 15 minutes (or 10 minutes after a perm or straightening)
  • if necessary, the pause time may be extended by 5 minutes.
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