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    Staining without pTD and pPD

    Staining without pTD and pPD

    Coloring without pTD and pPD - professional coloring.

    Capillary staining without pTD and pPD to limit the risk of allergic reactions.

    In the Hair Coloration category without pTD and pPD, discover Wella Koleston Perfect Innosense.

    • Koleston Perfect Innosense
      Koleston Perfect...

      Koleston Perfect Innosense hair colour, without pTD and pPD for many years, researchers in P&G have tried to find an alternative to these molecules which would reduce the risk of developing allergies* do not compromise on the permanent coloring. After more than 20 years of research, Wella Professionals has managed to develop a molecule coloring alternative, ME+, which provides a result without compromise. Koleston Perfect Innosense is now the first brand of permanent color formulated with ME+, with up to 100 % coverage of white hair. This technology has been reviewed and approved by top dermatologists, immunologues and toxicologists, which allowed him to be certified by the ECARF (European Centre for the Foundation for research on allergies) because formulated to reduce the risk of developing allergy*. Why technology ME+ is it revolutionary ? For a long time, the industry has never stopped searching for new molecules which have the properties of both to reduce the risk of developing allergies while providing the same performance of the stain. The new molecule ME+ allows to both reduce the risk of developing an allergic reaction* with the performance of permanent color, the industry has always sought. How does the ME+ does it reduce the risk of allergen ? In developing the ME+, Wella Professionals has retained the part of the molecule responsible for the intensity of the holding and of the coverage of the staining, but has changed its form so that the receivers of the lynphocytes T can not fix as easily as above. It is the simplicity of the technology is its strength. Its effectiveness has it been proven ? Koleston Perfect Innosense is the first to be certified by the ECARF (European Foundation for the Research on the Allergies) because formulated to minimize the risk of allergies*. With Koleston Perfect Innosense no compromise! With the brand new Koleston Perfect Innosense, the time of compromise is over. Offering the same results as Koleston Perfect in terms of intensity, it comes in a multitude of shades, a blond or a brown, sophisticated black or a red, bold, all with a risk of developing an allergy less thanks to its revolutionary technology. Women can therefore make an informed choice about the coloring they use and the ingredients, with the guarantee of a result that is more successful than ever. *Even if the risk of developing new allergy is reduced, there remains a risk of allergic reaction which can be severe. Always perform a Test Alert Allergy 48 hours before every colour service.