COVER 5 light Brown N°5 bottle 50ml

Référence : 1868

L'Oreal Cover 5 Light brown gel coloring. L'Oreal Cover 5 Light brown is for men who wish to blur their white hair natural and unobtrusive way, without radical change, to find a refreshed hair.

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Plus d'information

This product is used in a mixture 1 + 1 at the rate of : 50 ml of the staining-gel + 50 ml oxidant 20 volumes.(oxidant sold separately)

The presence of white hair is mitigated, while preserving the natural relief of the hair.
The result is clean and discreet, in harmony with the natural color.
Texture: The fluid texture and translucent original quickly turns into a light gel and creamy during mixing with the oxidant.
Coverage: Fade up to 50% white hair
Clarification: Colour Gel without ammonia

Chrono Blend
This gel is ammonia free and contains a balance of dyes, carefully selected and dosed to be neither too hot nor too ashy. It allows you to stay in the area of neutrality and to avoid reflections from artificial as well as overloads. And break time is only 5 minutes.

The new base and foam, enriched with Incell, allows to preserve the integrity of the hair fiber.

Tenacity : Blending natural in 5 weeks.
Type of hair : Men up to 50% of your hair.
Break time : 5 minutes

Mode of employment :

  1. Preparation

Wear suitable gloves mono use. CUtiliser exclusively with the oxidizing cream, L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL 20-volumes (6%) maximum. Observe the proportions indicated. Do not use metal tools. Make the mixture in a hot water bottle applicatrice until obtaining a gel-creamy. Apply the mixture directly to the hot-water bottle.

2. Application and rinsing

Proceed to the application on dry hair, unwashed. Wear suitable gloves mono use.
• 1st application : Make an application to the roots, lengths, and tips. Leave pause on for 5 minutes. At the end of the pause time, emulsify carefully. Thoroughly rinse the hair. Finish with a shampoo. Note : follow the break time of 5 minutes ; an extension would cause a foncement of the applied swatch. Do not use metal tools (pliers, comb.).

• Applications : If the hair is a bit long, locate the product first on the roots, and then onto the spikes. Leave pause 5 minutes in total from the time we apply

Fiche technique

Quantité50 ml