DiaRichesse 8.34 Venetian Blond 50ml

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DiaRichesse 8.34 Venetian Blond from L'Oréal Professionnel

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Diarichesse hair is natural or coloured : Colouring tone-on-tone alkaline ammonia-free

Results :

  • Reflections are rich and deep
  • Results ultra-bright, visible even on a dark base
  • Coverage up to 70% white hair
  • Color just, predictable and uniform, without overload. Fades into discretion.
  • Exceptional softness : technology Ionène G + Incell strengthens and protects the hair fiber

Preparation and mode of employment:

  • Wear gloves
  • Use exclusively with the diactivateurs 6 vol, 9 vol or 15 vol.
  • Pour into a non-metallic bowl50ml cream diarichesse, then add 75ml of diactivateur 6 vol, 9 vol or 15 vol as a function of intensity and coverage you want.(the quantities of product can be reduced while respecting the proportions of 1 + 1.5)

1era application :

  • On dry hair, not washed, apply with a brush on the roots, lengths and tips.
  • Pause time : 20 minutes.
  • Emulsify carefully, rinse thoroughly and finish with a shampoo and post - staining.

The following Applications :

  • Apply the mixture only on the roots and let it pause for 15 minutes.
  • Then lie down on the lengths and tips and leave pause on for 5 minutes.
  • When the color is well maintained, the increase in the number of simple emulsion is sufficient.
  • Emulsify carefully, rinse thoroughly and finish with a shampoo and post - staining.



Application on bases of clear

Application on lengths and edge already colored

Application on the day of service, permanent or smoothing



Stay at the same height of your

Cover up to 30% white hair



Cover up to 70% white hair

Provide a reflection even more visible



Important : the colouring may cause an allergic reaction, allergy test skin perform essential 48 hours before.

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Quantité50 ml