Essentiel Pro Density: Refined, sparse hair

Eugene Perma Pro Density - 2 Densifying Programs for Narrow and Sparse Hair.

Pro EUGENE PERMA Essential Density Programs bring thickness and density instantly. They are suitable for hair that has been refined and tired, losing density, sparse, lacking strength or brittle.
Eugene Perma Pro Density 1 and 2 offer care and thickness to the hair for a complete restructuring and regeneration of the fiber.


- MACA 3D Complex: Extracts of Maca roots, the secret of vitality of the Incas, with the thickening action.
- Keratin proteins: reinforce the internal structure of the hair and protect its cuticle.
- For the program force 2: VITACELIUM: a powerful cellular regeneration agent that activates the stem cells and stimulates the hair follicles.

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