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    Eugene Perma shampoo - Eugene Perma hair products

    Eugene Perma shampoo - Eugene Perma hair products

    Sale of hair-styling products Eugene Perma in your wholesaler online Vision-hair.

    Eugene Perma is a French brand of hair-styling products developed by two hairdressers.

    Their experience and know-how have allowed them to create hair products of high quality. Eugene Perma offers a full range of hair care complete to meet the needs of every hair ty...

    • Essentiel

      Eugene perma Essentiel shampoo and care for high precision hair

      ESSENTIEL shampoos, treatments and treatments are real elixirs of beauty for your hair. Designed in France in Eugène perma professional laboratories, they are the fruit of a know-how of more than 100 years of research and expertise in hair care.

      ESSENTIEL range composed of professional care, tailored to meet your specific needs while ensuring a unique sensory experience.
      Eugène perma professional Essential is a high-precision, tailor-made skincare product that thoroughly addresses all the specific problems of the hair and scalp thanks to new assets. All products in the Essential range are dermatologically tested.

    • Collections Nature by Cycle Vital
      Collections Nature by...

      Eugene Perma NATURE COLLECTIONS by Cycle vital is the perfect combination of science and nature around the plant.

      Eugene Perma NATURE COLLECTIONS by Cycle vital offers a range of hair care for all hair types.

    • Certified Organic Collections nature by vital cycle
      Certified Organic...

      Eugène Perma Certified Organic Collections nature by vital cycle.

      Eugène Perma Certified Organic Collections nature by cycle vital is the first complete range of certified organic hair products. EUGENE PERMA Professional extracts the benefits and virtues of nature and restores it in its new range of certified organic shampoos, care and styling.
      Eugène Perma Certified Organic Collections nature by cycle vital is labeled Cosmebio®, thanks to ingredients of natural origin from organic farming. The range validates the main principles of Ecological and Organic Cosmetics by being certified by ECOCERT®.

    • Collections nature kids
      Collections nature kids

      The collection collections nature kids is composed of 2 products without sulphate, without paraben and without silicone:

      The Ultra-Conditioning Shampoo Collections Nature, is used daily and leaves the hair clean and untangled. Its sweet and soothing fragrance will delight the little ones.

      >> Sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free
      >> Double Action: Lava and Disentangling
      >> Facilitates styling
      >> Made in France

      Nature Kids Anti-Lice Lotion and Lentes Collections that combine softness and efficiency: lice and nits are eliminated from the first application in 20 minutes chrono! Enriched with organic lavender essential oils from Provence, the lotion is suitable for children's hair since it does not contain any chemical insecticide.

      >> Kills lice and nits from the first application in 20 minutes chrono
      >> Easy to apply
      >> Does not contain chemical insecticide
      >> Soft and hypoallergenic formula
      >> Sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free
      >> Made in France
      >> Practical! A tight comb is provided with the lotion to remove dead lice and nits

      Medical device suitable for the treatment of lice and nits in adults and children over 3 years of age.

    • lacquer collections nature
      lacquer collections...

      lacquer collections nature of Eugene perma

      Eugène Perma Collections Nature lacquer allows a fixation of your hairstyles and blow-dry. Ideal in finish, it protects your hair against moisture.

      lacquer nature collections is declined in 2 strength: flexible and strong. Paraben free, organic organic Cameline oil extract certified and controlled origin: rich in fatty acids, it moisturizes and regenerates.

    • Sun Effect by Solaris
      Sun Effect by Solaris

      Sun Effect by Solaris by Eugene Perma from the sun in the hair

      Sun Effect by Solaris, 3 progressive lightening treatments for a custom-made Blonding. Sun Effect by Solaris a natural and luminous result without maintenance to answer all your desires.

      Young women can not all sweep and sometimes fear discolouration. Here is why Eugene Perma has just created Sun Effect by Solaris: 3 products that in combination can lighten up to 2 tones in 5 applications (visible from the 1st application).

      Base of application: on hair brown to natural blond or faded / highlighted.

      Most :
      Efficiency and softness: with monoi oil and chamomile, ingredients recognized respectively for softness and lightening.
      Without constraint and respect of the hair: without ammonia and without hydrogen peroxide (for the shampoo).
      Quick and easy to use: 2 care without rinsing, no break time, for a blond reboosted!

      How to use :
      Apply the shampoo on all the hair, massage and rinse
      For a localized effect: Tie & Dye or wicks, apply the jelly.
      For a nuanced or global effect, apply the spray
      (For a lightening of 2 shades the shampoo is recommended in addition to jelly or spray)

    • cycle vital dry shampoo
      cycle vital dry shampoo
      cycle vital dry shampoo
      Dry shampoo is as effective as a classic shampoo and so much more practical!

      A unique formula:

      Oats * for its protective properties, ideal for all types of hair.
      L'Illite ** for its ability to absorb sebum

      Dry shampoo cycle vital:

      It's all the benefits of a shampoo without using water!
      Suitable for all types of hair.
      Perfect for the scalp with excess of sebum.
      Facilitates styling.
      Give a densifying effect.
      Allows spacing shampoos.

      Ideal for travel and travel.

      * is used for its cleaning, sanitizing and softening properties, to relieve itching and skin irritation. This active ingredient is nowadays highly recommended in the products of hygiene and dermatological care for fragile skin or irritated.

      ** better known as green clay, has significant absorption capacity and is particularly suitable for the treatment of oily skin and hair that it purifies by absorbing sebum and impurities from the epidermis.
    • Artist(e)

      Artist(e) is a new line of styling products sharp, very powerful, with a real pleasure to use. Artist(e) is the first range indicative mood thanks to the complex Happy-Mix. A real trio to the "good mood" vitamin E compound to the anti-oxidant properties to claim a shield against harsh external factors (pollution, UV,...), an asset with known properties to stimulate the production of Dopamine in the brain* : providing sensations of well-being and happiness, and a fragrance is "good mood" patented arousing a feeling of well-being and happiness**.

    • SOS express color retouching roots
      SOS express color...

      SOS express color retouching roots, Eugene's perma root retouching spray.
      The root retouching spray will allow you to wait between two colorings. Instant and homogeneous coverage of white roots. Natural result, almost invisible, without ammonia, spray with light diffusion, fast drying.

      Effective: Instant and homogeneous coverage of white roots. Natural result, almost invisible.
      Without constraint: Elimination after a shampoo. Without ammonia.
      Practice: Easy to carry can fit in a purse. 100ml = 30 applications.
      Easy application: Spray with light diffusion, homogeneous and targeted. Fast drying
      6 shades.

    • blush care
      blush care

      BLUSH CARE Care régenérant of color. Benefiting from the INTUITIVE COLOUR SYSTEM, the hair is visibly regenerated reflection and shine. Made from butter of kokum, a fruit tree of south India, this treatment jacket nourishes deeply the hair fibre. The scales are covered, the hair repaired and regains softness and flexibility. Finally, a UV filter protector integrated in the formula reduces the harmful effects of sunlight on color. Thus preserved, the color stays nice and intact for a longer time. directions for use : Distribute uniformly on the hair. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the intensity of the reflection desired. Rinse abondament, and proceed with styling.

    • Equivital

      EQUIVITAL, a professional range guaranteeing a greater quality and comfort absolut services, colouring, and shape. Currently, the range of Equivital brings together the latest technological advances. Formulated Without sulfate shampoo and paraben-free, for other care, Equivital only raises awareness in not the hair, limit the phenomenon of affadissement, preserves the integrity of the hydrolipidic film, and respects the hair fiber. For most of the products in the range, of cosmetic actives high-performance have also been scrupulously selected and added to provide softness and comfort of use. Perfume without allergens that is based on notes scent of flowers and musk, which gives the range, cosméticité and technical skills.

    • Eugene Perma Carmen Ritual
      Eugene Perma Carmen...

      Eugene Perma Carmen Ritual, coloring without ammonia, without PPD, without resorcinol and without mineral oils.

      Eugene Perma Carmen Ritual is a 3-step hair color ritual formulated with 95% natural origin.

      Eugene Perma Carmen Rituel combines color performance, beauty of the hair and comfort of the scalp.

      Choose hair color formulated without PPD **, resorcinol and mineral oils and post-color treatments without sulfated surfactants and silicones.

      Eugene Perma Carmen Rituel is a perfect compromise between tone on tone and permanent coloring.

      Step 1 Eugene Perma Carmen Ritual:
      COLOR by applying, depending on the desired end result, the mixture of coloring cream (s) + activator cream of your choice (5, 9, 20 or 30 Volumes)
      Step 2 Eugene Perma Carmen Ritual:
      CLEAN with the rebalancing washing jelly which eliminates alkaline residues and rebalances the pH of the hair fiber
      Step 3 Eugene Perma Carmen Ritual:
      SUBLIME with the perfecting care balm that brings softness and facilitates disentangling.

    • Solaris

      DISCOLORATION REVISITED Eugene Perma has just relaunched Solaris, its range of discoloration. Thus, several products are in changes of packaging and capacity : lightening cream passes into a tube of 60 ml in case the oil-lightening and the milk, neutralizer in a bottle-square 500 ml, powder Powerful and free Air are now available in the format of packet of 450 grams. The range is enriched with a new, pulp bleaching PAT7, which lightens up to 7 levels and is for use with two oxidants-specific (30 and 40 volumes). THE PLUS : a dough enriched with oils of cotton and rice, and, therefore, particularly adapted to the scalps delicate.

    • Blush Satine
      Blush Satine

      Temporary Coloration Eugène Perma Blush satine

      Check out Blush satine, coloring without oxidation, ammonia-free, to use it as such !
      It does not lighten, fragile hair. Color it and bring shades to the natural color of hair. Apply on natural hair or chemically treated. Blending the first white hair. Revive the reflections between two colorations. The shade gradually fades to the shampoo, until complete elimination. Comfort of use : does not flow, excellent spreading on the hair (the coats for a better distribution of assets). A new formula for even more performance. INTUITIVE COLOUR SCHEME and a combination of direct dyes creating a glow effect satin for a trendy and glamorous. A cosmetic cream built as a detangler containing agents, conditioners, and softening performance. Quick to apply and easy to rinse.

    • Blush flashy mix
      Blush flashy mix

      Blush flashy mix, new temporary flashy color, no limit, no ammonia, no peroxide. 8 Shades + 1 Clear

      Can be applied to natural, colored, wicked or discolored hair: for a result of discreet to flashy

      Ultra bright and intense flashy result
      Easy to apply
      Fast pause time.
      Holds 12 to 20 shampoos.
      Optimum hair care: without ammonia or peroxide
      No developer required
      Gourmet Perfume
      No bleeding of the color when rinsing.

      "Progressive pastel" technology: the colors are eliminated harmoniously, without false reflection and without alteration of the color as and when shampoos

    • Safranissim'OH

      Colouring tone-on-tone ammonia-free SAFRANISSIM'OH.

      Enriched with the Harmony Color Complex: For double the performance in color and care, thanks to the optimum penetration of dyes and remedial action and renforçatrice on the hair. For a result to be incomparable brilliance, intense color and brilliant, hair is extremely smooth, strong and healthy for a long time.

      Preparation : 30 ml of cream + 60 ml of developer (sold separately)

      Pause time 15 to 20 minutes for a lightweight result : developer 5 volumes, for a result more intense : kodak 9 volumes, for a result that is very intense : developer 17 volumes

    • Carmen coloring
      Carmen coloring

      Carmen coloring Eugene Perma: oxidation coloring.

      An extended family of 76 shades mixed together for a wide range of colors and hues. Formulated with a complex of three vegetable oils extracts (castor, coconut, rapeseed) which allow d'enrober pigments to transport the heart of the hair. Dye penetration is facilitated and the allocation is carried out more naturally. 100% coverage of white hair, bright and intense color.


      • Carmen : 1 tube of color cream Carmen 60ml + 60 ml oxycrem 10, 20 or 30 volumes depending on the result desired. (Oxycrem sold separately)
      • Carmen SE : 1 tube of color cream Carmen 60ml + 180 ml oxycrem 20 or 30 volumes depending on the result desired. (Oxycrem sold separately)


    • Color cream
      Color cream

      Eugene Perma Color cream colouring of rust.

      A choice of 60 shades for a result intense color, rich in depth. A 100% coverage of white hair. Power brightening up to 4.5 tones : 2 tones at 20 volumes, 3 tones in 30 volumes, 4,5 tones for super skin-lightening

      Preparation : 30ml color cream + 90ml of oxycrem Eugene Perma

    • Yzaé

      Yzaé, oxidation coloring, without scent and without ammonia. The glow color to a pure state.

      A unique formula, enriched with keratin of plant origin, seed oil of camellia wild, extract of Sophora Japonica, it repairs, protects and enhances the hair. Formulated without ammonia, fragrance-free, for optimal adherence of the hair. Without smell, for even more pleasure and comfort.
      Yzaé it is :
      50 shades to the colors subtle and bright, 2 developers : 20 and 30 volumes indispensable to the mixture, 1 specific shampoo post color.
      With Yzaé, live the experience of pure color, bright and intense for a long time. Brilliance stupendous. Utmost Respect of the hair. Correctness of the rendering of a colorist.
      Coverage of gray hair 100%. Brightening up to 3 tones.

      Preparation : 1 tube + 60cc of developer 20 or 30 volumes (1 + 1)

    • Oxycrem

      Oxidant cream oxycrem to use with all ranges of oxidation coloring.

      Do not use with dyes without ammonia

    • Carmen ton sur ton
      Carmen ton sur ton

      Eugène Perma CARMEN TON ON TON

      Discover Eugène Perma CARMEN TON ON TON, the semi-permanent coloring innovation that enhances reflection and shine.

      The excellence and know-how CARMEN coloring finally adapted to the semi-permanent coloring without ammonia.

      CARMEN TON SUR TON and its REFLECT MAGNETIQ SYSTEM technology, offers numerous possibilities through 4 services: SEMI-PERMANENT, GLOSS, PATINE and HOMME.

      CARMEN TON ON TON it is: an intense and luminous color and an absolute gloss without stress and without root effect (unless mixed with the developer 15 volumes).

      TECHNOLOGY: Reflect Magnetic System
      36 SHADES
      COVERAGE: Up to 70% of white hair with natural. Up to 50% with reflections.

      TINUE: Fades gradually over shampoos.

      RESULTS: Intense and luminous reflection. Extreme shine.