Eugene Perma Carmen Ritual

Eugene Perma Carmen Ritual, coloring without ammonia, without PPD, without resorcinol and without mineral oils.

Eugene Perma Carmen Ritual is a 3-step hair color ritual formulated with 95% natural origin.

Eugene Perma Carmen Rituel combines color performance, beauty of the hair and comfort of the scalp.

Choose hair color formulated without PPD **, resorcinol and mineral oils and post-color treatments without sulfated surfactants and silicones.

Eugene Perma Carmen Rituel is a perfect compromise between tone on tone and permanent coloring.

Step 1 Eugene Perma Carmen Ritual:
COLOR by applying, depending on the desired end result, the mixture of coloring cream (s) + activator cream of your choice (5, 9, 20 or 30 Volumes)
Step 2 Eugene Perma Carmen Ritual:
CLEAN with the rebalancing washing jelly which eliminates alkaline residues and rebalances the pH of the hair fiber
Step 3 Eugene Perma Carmen Ritual:
SUBLIME with the perfecting care balm that brings softness and facilitates disentangling.

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