ghd : straightener, looper and professional brush

ghd : straightener, looper and professional brush

Check out the stylers ghd and hairdryer ghd : the ghd air, the ghd gold classic styler, ghd platinum... in

In only 10 years of existence, ghd has evolved as an undisputed leader in the field of styler and straightening iron.

Always at the forefront of excellence, ghd also offers a range of professional brushes ultra design, comb...

  • ghd brushes and combs
    ghd brushes and combs

    Check out our selection of ghd comb carbon anti static and brushes.

    For a style worthy of the greatest professionals of the hairstyle.

  • ghd air hair dryer professional
    ghd air hair dryer...

    ghd air The professional touch to cut the breath!

    Recognized as the mark of the capping of professional excellence for over 10 years, ghd has revolutionized the way of doing her hair, with its famous Styler®. Today, ghd expands its range of products with the launch of the hairdryer ghd air, the combination of design and professional performance.

    ghd air : A must-have for coiffages pro at home

  • ghd styler
    ghd styler

    With its Stylers®, exceptional quality, ghd has secured a reputation important to salon professionals but also as consumers.

    The Styler® ghd is a jewel of technology, unique and revolutionary to obtain all the coiffages without limits with ease and speed spectacular : loop, glamour, guts, ripple, movement, blow-dry, ultra-smooth, volume root...

    All of our electrical appliances are sold with a guarantee bands affixed on the outlet of the device. In the event of damage to the security stripe, which is affixed on the outlet of the device for an exchange or refund will not be taken into account.

  • ghd spray thermo-protector
    ghd spray...

    The indispensable styling with heated tools!

    Held average with the new thermal technology, strengthens and nourishes the hair when heat styling. Contains ingredients that reflect and absorb heat, protecting the hair shaft. Contains agents to protect against UVA rays.

  • ghd curve
    ghd curve

    New range ghd designed to provide loops of sublime on all types of hair even the most sensitized or colored.

    With the technology tri-zone® developed by our experts ghd : for curls and shiny hair respected for a long time.