Gradual tone black Wella - hair care-gray/white

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SP Men Gradual Tone black, pigmenting active foam that color. SP Men Gradual Tone Black gradually restores hair to its natural color (black or brown). SP Men Gradual Tone black is effective for up to 70% gray hair. Targeted action: Restore the natural color and faded gray hair.

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Gradual tone
Foam pigmentante that activates the color.
Restores little by little, to hair its natural colour (black or brown).
Effective for grey hair up to 70 %.

No change compared to the old version pigment mousse

Targeted Action : Restores the natural color and blending gray hair.
Return discrete and progressive natural color in shades typically male.
Simple to use, fast, and easy.
The results are natural and can be intensified depending on the needs.
The hair retains its natural shine.
Based on the principle of oxidation of the air.Usage tips : gray hair fade more and more as the number of applications.
Approximately 3 to 5 applications with intervals of 3 days between each application.

Mode of employment :
Apply the product on the brush provided and apply directly on dry hair or wet.
Let it pause for 5 minutes the Foam pigmentante in order to take effect. During this time the oxygen of the air makes the foam more dark.
The result is progressive and intensifies over a 2 to 3 days.
For a more intense, extend the 1st treatment and let the foam sit for 10 minutes.
For the following applications (2 to 5), 5 minutes of break time are sufficient.
Never leave Gradual tone for more than 15 minutes !

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