Hair 30 hair powder - Hair 30 microfiber keratin

Finished the complex with Hair 30!

You think of the implants capillaries ? Try Hair 30 !

Hair 30 is the powder for thinning hair revolutionary and innovative, technology-micro fiber unique.

Hair 30 is composed of microfibers of keratin, just like your hair. It is for this reason that it blends in completely with your hair.

The result is invisible and natural !

In 30 seconds only Hair30 allows you to: Hide baldness, hide scars, plates..., hide the exposed roots between 2 colours, increasing the density of the hair.
Quick and easy to use of Hair30 without any risk to the hair or scalp : Hair 30 is completely natural !
Hair30 available in 7 shades : blonde, light brown, brown dark brown, black, salt-and-pepper, white, mahogany.

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