INOA 9 very light blonde (60g)

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L'Oreal INOA is an ammonia-free oxidation dye with ODS² Technology (Oil Delivery System *).
L'Oréal INOA allows a lightening up to 3 tones in 35 minutes and a uniformity, holding and perfect accuracy of the color. L'Oréal INOA coloring offers a 100% coverage of white hair

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Plus d'information

INOA (new formulation)

//Technology ODS2
Staining oxidation without ammonia. Technology ODS2 (Oil Delivery System*)

  • Ease of mixing and use a new one.
  • Brightens up to 3 levels in 35 min.
  • Cover 100% of white hair.
  • Consistency, holding and accuracy perfect color.
  • Optimum comfort of the scalp.
  • Hydration and intense nutrition until the next coloring.
  • Hair softer than before coloring, sublime shine.

Mode job :
The system INOA is in 2 parts Use only the new oxidant rich bottle Inoa !

For an application mix :

  • 60 g of oxidant rich 20 or 30 volumes (20 volumes to cover white hair, lighten up to 2 tones / 30-volume to lighten up up to 3 tones)
  • 60 g of coloring cream

Mix until you obtain a homogeneous cream and oncteuse.

Important : the colour can cause a reaction allergic, allergy test skin for making a essential 48 hours before.
*mailing system to the oil

Fiche technique

Weight60 gr