Joico shampoo - Joico hair products

Joico shampoo - Joico hair products

Joico creates superior products for hair that's beautiful and full of vitality.

Products Joico are designed to exceed the expectations of consumers and stylists for 30 years.

Joico brings together the beauty and science to allow the true artistic talent to express themselves.

Joico is one of the leaders of professional care for hair in more than...

  • Joico daily care
    Joico daily care

    Joico Daily Care

    The range for all hair types, normal to dry.

    Joico Daily care can be used daily to nourish hair and provide the nutrients essential to maintaining good health. For beautiful hair full of life all day!!!

  • Joico color endure
    Joico color endure

    Joico Color Endure treated hair

    Joico Color Endure protects the color from UV rays, gives shine and reflection for a bright color every day.

  • Joico K-Pak
    Joico K-Pak

    Joico K-PAK : for weak hair and damaged

    Joico K-Pak offers hair reconstruction, ultimate, ultimate protection

    Protects against environmental factors, extreme climatic conditions, chemical services, a poor diet...

    Intense treatments that contains the unique Hair Protection System™ to restore the capacity of stress management hair, restore hydration levels and balance porosity, the line of K-Pak also has the Bio-advanced Peptide Complex™ of all ranges Joico.

  • Joico Body Luxe
    Joico Body Luxe

    Joico Body Luxe for fine hair and dishes

    For hair that's light and bulky : in most diets, the protein is a key ingredient of most of the menus. It satisfies without weighing it down. It is for this reason that Joico uses the protein oats “Oat Protein Complex™“ in the formula products Body Luxury.

    For maximum volume and a hair light. Each hair fiber is immediately thicker, the hair soft and smooth.

  • Joico Smooth Cure
    Joico Smooth Cure

    Joico Smooth Cure : for unruly hair, frizzy, kinky or coarse

    For a reduction in insured frizz !

    JOICO has created smooth cure its own cure smoothing formulated sulfate-free, formaldehyde-free and chemical-free. Containing Kerashield Complex™, a potent formula made up of rich but light oils and butters mixed with the hydrolyzed keratin (water-based),

    Smooth Cure offers a smoothing exceptional frizz-free for up to 72 hours.

  • Joico Moisture Recovery
    Joico Moisture Recovery

    Joico Moisture Recovery for dry hair and dehydrated

    This range Joico will provide your dry hair all the hydration they need.

    The technology of this range : the Hydramine Sea Complex™ consists of a unique blend of marine plants and minerals, which reinforces the barrier lipid natural hair to restore the flexibility, softness and to prevent drying of the hair fiber.


  • Joico Style and Finish
    Joico Style and Finish

    Joico Style and Finish hair styling products

    Styling & Finishing, styling products for all styles !
    That want a hairstyle wise or unstructured, matte or glossy, soft or well-fixed, Joico has necessarily the styling that suits you !

  • Joico Structure
    Joico Structure

    Joico Structure styling products

    Dare to haircuts and hairstyles that are bold, make a statement with your style with the styling Joico Structure !