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    KATIVA shampoo - Kativa hair products

    KATIVA shampoo - Kativa hair products

    Kativa is a brand dedicated to hair care, which has a range of products formulated with argan oil and keratin sulfate-free and formaldehyde.

    Kativa has understood perfectly the different problems that women face with their hair, they may be dehydrated, dry or very undisciplined.

    Whatever your case Kativa to a solution for you! Thanks to the diff...

    • Keratina

      Complete treatment formulated with the main component of hair, keratin, which increases the force and vitality for healthy hair and shiny. The range includes:

      A shampoo
      A conditioner
      A cream styling
      A mask of intensive treatment

      A full range, without salt or sulphates, which helps to strengthen and restore hair damaged by continued exposure to heated tools and chemicals.

      Kativa keratin protects and repairs hair, restores strength and flexibility.

      Nutrition and reconstruction with a professional quality.

    • Macadamia

      Care line designed to hydrate and protect all hair types. Ideal for dry hair, and/or very dry and damaged. Formulated with a base oil of macadamia, whose main property is the deep hydration.

      Its composition, particularly rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid, vitamin E and sterols, gives it the soothing and calming properties. The new line of Macadamia protects, hydrates and revitalizes hair, stimulates the hair and scalp.

      The Macadamia products are free of salts and sulfates, for maximum protection of the hair.
      They restore hydration on the surface of the hair for better protection of the capillary fibre. Formulated for the hair lifeless, dull and dehydrated.

      Hydration and strength with a professional quality.

    • Argan Oil
      Argan Oil


      Treat and protect your hair with natural argan oil Kativa.

      The range Kativa natural Argan Oil contains a formula certified eco and natural assets that provide protection, nutrition and natural shine.

      Kativa Argan Oil is a line dedicated to hair dry, dull, weakened by heated tools or external factors such as weather, sun, etc

      Kativa natural Argan Oil contains softening agents that prevents dryness of the hair fiber and provides protection and shine.

    • Colageno

      Kativa Colageno

      Collagen is a chain of proteins that are essential to our bodies that provide strength and flexibility in the tissues.
      Such as the skin, hair, in their natural cycle of growth, lose their elasticity, volume, youth and radiance.
      Collagen and proteins that act at the root of the hair, for the revitalization and restructuring of the hair, allowing its natural renewal.

      The new line collageno of Kativa contains a formula rich in proteins and natural active ingredients that strengthen, condition and restructure the hair naturally and allow recovery of proteins and lipids that are lost.

      Regular use of COLLAGEN TREATMENT Kativa allows you to recover IN short TIME, body, STRENGTH, VOLUME AND SHINE.

    • Quinua

      Kativa Quinua


      Protection of color thanks to the Quinoa and to the properties of its ancestral grain. It helps to nourish and protect colour-treated hair through its innovative formula, blending the quinoa hydrolyzed with natural agents, sealing the cuticle and forming a protective layer on the hair.

      The line Kativa Quinoa, natural provides the solution for the care of colored hair and highlights, offering resistance, nutrition and shine of the color.
      Prevents the fading of colored hair and prolongs the beauty of the hair colour radiant.
      Without salts or sulphates.