L'Oreal Instant clear shampoo 300ml

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L'Oreal Instant clear anti-dandruff shampoo. L'Oreal Instant clear gently removes dandruff. Instant reduction itching. The scalp is purified to a lasting sensation of touching clean. The hair is light, easy to style.

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L'Oreal Instant clear is an anti-dandruff shampoo with lemon acids.

- Zinc Pyrithione: to eliminate from the first application dandruff and reduce itching.
- Citric acid: to bring shine to the hair.
- Soothing asset

- The scalp is permanently purified for a feeling of clean touch.
- The hair is light, easy to comb.
- Dandruff is gently removed
- Instant reduction of itching
- Soft and shiny hair

Creamy, pearly, non-dulling formula. Easy rinsing and natural touch.

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Quantité250 ml