Majicontrast Red (50ml)

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Cream frosting colored Ionène G + Incell

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Cream frosting colored Ionène G + Incell

Contrast effects reserved for brown hair natural or colored.

Live Application, without discoloration prior.

Technology : revolutionary New technology : the dyes hi. chroma ™, fidelity and its dual system charging.
Its active care selective (Ionène G) acts in depth and on the surface, to regenerate the hair where it needs it.
Its unique associations of dyes adorn the hair of a colour faithful and tenacious.

Toughness : Exceptional thanks to the dye Hi Chroma ™

Coverage : No coverage of white hair

Clarification : Up to 4 tones

Pause time : 15 min under heat-35 min at free air

Preparation :

Wear suitable gloves mono use.

In a shaker, mix ½ tube of maji.contrast (25ml) with 37.5 ml of oxidant, n° 1 , 2, or 3, (1+1.5), depending on the intensity and the clarification desired.

Shake well.

Directions : On dry hair, not washed, apply the mixture in part, thanks to the comb veils or with the aid of a brush under Quick wicks, Color boxes, cellophane, or other material.

Do not use a metal tool (pliers, comb, etc.).

Let it pause for 15 minutes under heat or 35mn in the open air.

Emulsify carefully, rinse off the hair after the pause time and then apply a shampoo optimiser post-color.

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Quantité50 ml