Matrix shampoo - Matrix hair products

Matrix shampoo - Matrix hair products

Matrix sales of hair-styling products.

Matrix offers a range of shampoo, treatment, care, and styling complete.

With Vision-Hair, check out the ranges of Matrix products for a better protection for your hair : Sleek Look, Color care, Curl, Amplify, Repair, Oil wonder, Blonde, care, Stylelink

Each issue of hair solution. The range of style Matrix...

  • Matrix So long grooming damaged hair, weakened
    Matrix So long...

    Discover Matrix Total result So long damage, a range of products dedicated to hair damaged, weakened and brittle.

    Matrix So long grooming, enriched in ceramides, strengthens hair to reduce breakage and ensure healthy growth of the hair.

    Restructures the hair fiber in depth to strengthen hair weakened and give them a healthy shine, make them stronger and more flexible.

    For hair more beautiful, stronger, more resistant.

  • Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose
    Matrix Oil Wonders...

    Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose - shampoo, care and hair styling for fine hair.

    Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose is a full line of volumizing care products. Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose offers light hair nutrition and up to 78% more volume *.

  • Matrix Oil Wonders
    Matrix Oil Wonders

    Matrix Oil Wonders

    Master beauty secrets hair oil products Oil Wonders.

    Now, you can master the art of oil hairdressing with formulas of hair care and styling for innovative.

    Treat yourself to the wonders of ancient civilizations to nourish, strengthen, control and protect your hair.

    Discover the ancient rituals of beauty and care, Argan, Hibiscus, Amla and Murumuru.

  • Matrix Hello Blondie blonde hair
    Matrix Hello Blondie...

    Matrix Total Results Hello Blondie

    The Matrix products Hello Blondie offer a specific solution for the care of blond hair.

    The blond hair often tend to lose their brightness with time and and become dry like straw.

    The technology "Defense 360°" product Hello Blondie, Camomile and Panthenol-strengthens shine, prevents damage, and protects against UV rays for a salon perfect : blond hair strengthened, shiny and full of life.

    The formula delicate softens hair and maintains in all their glory.

  • Matrix Mega Sleek hair rebels
    Matrix Mega Sleek hair...

    Try Matrix Total résults Mega Sleek !

    Frizz, the tips damaged ?

    Mega sleek with shea butter, repairs, and smoothes the fiber damaged your hair for 24 hours.

    For hair up to 5X smoother !

  • Matrix Moisture me rich dry hair
    Matrix Moisture me...

    Matrix Total Results Moisture me rich is intended for hair dry and dull.

    Matrix Moisture me rich in Glycerin, which provides an intense hydration to cuticles weak, dry and damaged

    Results : a fibre reinforced, hydrated, layer after layer, hair soft, radiant and easy to comb.

  • Matrix Color Obsessed hair colored
    Matrix Color Obsessed...

    Matrix Total Result Color Obsessed to the technology Fade Guard™.

    Matrix Color Obsessed preserves a lasting radiance of coloured hair.

    This range provides gloss and smoothness for a vibrant color that lasts.

  • Matrix Curl please curly hair
    Matrix Curl please...

    Discover Matrix Total Results Curl please with Anti-Frizz Nutri-Curl Technology™

    Matrix Curl Please tames the frizz and the curls unruly.

    For curls perfectly defined, plump and frizz-free !

  • Matrix High Amplify fine hair and soft
    Matrix High Amplify...

    Matrix Total Results High Amplify is the answer to fine hair and soft.

    The Full Boost Technology products High Amplify boosts your hair for a volume of anti-gravity that lasts.

    Enriched with proteins, this range provides the structure, the material and the volume.

  • Matrix Stylelink styling
    Matrix Stylelink styling

    Matrix Stylelink styling products:

    Mix! Boost! Share!

    100% Innovative, 100% Intermélangeables, 100% Stackable, 100% Easy to model, 100% residue-Free.

    An infinity of possibilities for an infinite number of styles!

  • Matrix Total Results Miracles
    Matrix Total Results...

    Matrix Total Results Miracles

    Check out the care Matrix Wonders without rinsing, for hair perfect all day

  • Matrix Total Results Texture Games
    Matrix Total Results...

    Matrix Total Results Games Texture Shampoo, care and styling texturizing products.

    Matrix Total Results Texture Games brings texture to hair with polymer, to boost the hair structure for a more defined styling.

    The hair is well prepared for the formatting and capping your have a better hold.

  • Matrix Brass Off
    Matrix Brass Off

    Matrix Total Results Brass Off is the Matrix range for cold blonde or cool brown hair.

    Matrix Total Results Brass Off neutralizes copper tones, moisturizes hair and protects it from breakage.

    Matrix Total Results Brass Off consists of the Matrix Brass Off Neutralizing Shampoo, the Matrix Brass Off Care Rinse and Matrix Brass Off Neutralizing Mask.