Mettalic by Carmen

Coloring Metallic by Carmen

The coloring Metallic by Carmen d'Eugène perma makes it possible to obtain metallic shades on faded hair or locks.

Manual :

Applies on discolored hair or discolored strands.
Mix in a non metallic bowl 1 dose of Metallic by Carme + 2 doses of oxycrem 10 volume.
Leave on for 30 minutes then rinse.
Perform a post-color shampoo.
Make your hair styling.

CARMEN offers magnified highlights, extreme shine, long-lasting hold, 3x more softness * and + 70% detangling **.

* Satisfaction study conducted with a panel of 45 people composed of 15 colourists and 30 clients
** Tests carried out on a coloristic formula with the Reflect Magnetiq System in comparison with the same coloristic formula without Reflect Magnetiq System

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