Mulato shampoo - Mulato hair products

Mulato shampoo - Mulato hair products

Mulata shampoos, treatments, styling and products repigmentants natural Mulato.

Mulato shampoos and hair care ingredients origins natural made in France.

With Mulato, more of a compromise : not to choose between effectiveness and naturalness, the products Mulato are without parabens, without silicone, without résorcine, without PEG, and their ...

  • Mulato repigmentants natural
    Mulato repigmentants...

    Mulato repigmentants natural

    The repigmentants Mulato offer a natural alternative to coloring oxidation traditional.

    They are the Organic Shea butter, fruit extracts, silicone-free, paraben-free, without résorcine, no peroxide, no ammonia.

    They intensify the colour and bring reflections and depth. They gradually fade in 8 to 10 shampoos so not to effect the roots.

    The repigmentants do not alter the structure of the hair.

  • Mulato Azali
    Mulato Azali

    Mulato Azali shampoos and care with exceptional nutritional and cosmetic virtues for curly hair, curly, frizzy ..

    Frizzy, curly or curly Afro hair, Mediterranean reveals multiple textures. In everyday life, however they are difficult to maintain because they are particularly dry. Added to this are some capping habits (Relaxers, weaves, braids, smoothing, coloring) that aggravate their natural fragility. It is therefore important to find expert care to care. It is in this spirit that PATRICE MULATO has developed a line dedicated exclusively to the Mediterranean Afro hair with exceptional nutritional and cosmetic virtues.

  • Mulato Argila
    Mulato Argila

    Mulato Argila

    Argila, the power of the clay to hair cleansed and light.

    In order to fight efficiently and durably against the greasy hair, MULATO COSMETICS has developed the range ARGILA and brings a specific response to the nature of the scalp.A clay-based green cleaning, care ARGILA act on all factors responsible for hair that is oily.

    Purify the scalp.

    Regulate the secretion of seborrhea and promotes the elimination of toxins.

  • Mulato Flow'air
    Mulato Flow'air

    Mulato Flow'air

    Mulato Flow'air, natural products for all hair types.

    Flow'air it is a wide range of shampoos, treatments and cream formulated with natural ingredients carefully selected for their effectiveness (the oil of babassu, jojoba oil, sunflower oil...)

    This range is without parabens, without silicones and without résorcine and offers products for every hair type. There are, necessarily, made for you !

  • M by Mulato
    M by Mulato

    M by Mulato

    M by Mulato is a range of products that evokes memories of childhood...

    Rediscover the shampoo apple shampoo with eggs or shampoo with camomile for blond hair...

    M, it is the well-being for the whole family...

  • Mulato Me Kids
    Mulato Me Kids

    Mulato Me Kids is a range of natural products for children

    Product of 98 to 100% natural which comply with the scalps and fragile hair delicate of our cherubim.
    Range without silicones, without parabens, without PEG, no SLS.

    Of natural active principles:

    The Organic aloe vera : revitalizes the hair and protects it from external aggressions (sun, salt, wind, pollution...).

    The oat extract Organic : moisturizes, softens and brings flexibility to the hair.

    The yogurtène : yogurt powder, after of the milk and, therefore, very rich in lactose respects the PH of the skin. It nourishes, repairs, adds volume and shine to hair.

    The red algae (contained in the styling products): chondrus crispus is a red marine algae in the pouvoirnaturellement setting. Rich in trace-elements present in the structure of the hair, it reminéralise and restructures the hair fiber.

  • Mulato O cean
    Mulato O cean

    Mulato O cean

    Mulato O cean is a line that revitalizes and revives the radiance of the hair sensitized, damaged.

    If your hair is dull, brittle, difficult to tame to the daily, then they are damaged, weakened.

    O cean is here to repair them in-depth and naturally with the help of the marine flora

  • Mulato Vinacure
    Mulato Vinacure

    Mulato Vinacure the range anti-age capillary

    Mulato offers you the vinocosmétique : a science that extracts the nutrients of the vine and grapes to include in your care extraordinary.
    Vinacure is dedicated to hair weakened by time and external aggressions.

    The range vinacure is composed of 98% of ingredients of natural origin, no paraben, no SLS, no silicones, no PEG.

    With Vinacure your hair weakened regain tonicity, suppleness and shine.

  • Mulato Zero lice
    Mulato Zero lice

    Mulato Zero Lice

    Say good-bye to lice and nits Zero lice !

    Mulato offers you a professional solution and 100% natural anti-lice and nits.

    Check out the balsam-contractor and the spray repellent !

  • Mulato hair oils
    Mulato hair oils

    The hair oils Mulato : 3 oils 100% natural with exceptional properties for your hair.

    They bring to your hair shine, protection, hydration, nutrition, repair, discipline, strength and give style to the hair without weighing it down. They add flexibility and prevent dehydration hair by acting as a protective film.

    Their uses are varied. They can be used in the care of finish, care dealing with before shampooing and even on the body to nourish, protect and moisturize the skin.

    Check out :
    - Sesame oil
    - The oil of macadamia
    - Avocado oil and coconut oil

  • Mulato Solar
    Mulato Solar

    Mulato Solar - shampoo and hair care exposed to the sun.

    Mulato Solar is a hair care range to minimum 96% of compositions of natural origin to nourish, repair, soothe and protect hair and scalp before, during and after exposure to the sun and swimming.

  • Mulato Icon
    Mulato Icon

    Mulato Icon - natural hair products and professional

    The range Mulato icon allows you to make style, structure and definition to the hair while taking care of the hair.

    Styling Icon Mulato are formulated with a minimum of 96% natural ingredients for a perfect respect of the hair fiber.

  • Mulato Nutricosmetics nutritional supplements
    Mulato Nutricosmetics...

    Mulato Nutricosmetics is the range of Mulato food supplements.

    Nutricosmetic Mulato can complete the action of hair care.
    Mulato Nutricosmetic acts from the inside for an effective result on the hair.

    Mulato Nutricosmétique offers two dietary supplements, the Nutricosmetic fortifying capillary Mulato and the Nutricosmetic Mulato Fall Protection.

  • Color One Mulato natural color
    Color One Mulato...

    Color One of Mulato Cosmetic, a new generation of natural color

    Color One is the first natural color with a unique result without compromise on performance.

    With more than 90% natural ingredients, the absence of aggressive chemical, direct application without mixing, Color One is the first natural color with a unique result without compromise on performance.

    This generation of color combines naturalness and effectiveness: coverage of white hair up to 100%, holding for 6 to 7 weeks, brilliance and brilliance while visibly reinforcing the hair as and when applications. Ready to use, easy to use and unmixed, the 7 bases and 5 chromatic cover all needs. Color one is also compatible with all types of coloring. (Vegetal, henna, oxidation coloring ...)

    The perfect combination of high quality natural active ingredients guarantees a triple action on the hair: intensity, shine and protection. Natural ingredients also provide hair-friendly coloring. Organic cherry and blackberry extracts, jojoba or chia oil, rosemary floral water: each ingredient is carefully selected for its properties and active ingredients.

    Most :
    + 90% of ingredients of natural origin
    Without aggressive chemical agents: 0% ammonia, SLS, peroxide, resorcinol, (PPD) diamine, toluene, perfume
    Respiratory formulas for the scalp and hair, without any unpleasant odor
    An unprecedented technology: which optimizes the capture of dyes
    100% French design & manufacturing

  • Mulato origine kératine
    Mulato origine kératine

    Mulato keratin origin is the first deep reconstruction ritual with 96% natural ingredients.


    Strengthens the hair
    Strengthens the structure of the hair and the hair fiber.
    Prevents hair breakage
    Intensely hydrates and nourishes the hair.
    Brings shine
    Makes styling easier
    Under the effect of heat: decreases the volume (about 30%) relaxes the hair

    The keratin-based deep reconstruction ritual is aimed at people with unruly hair weakened by: the heat of heating devices (dryers, hair straighteners, etc.), colorings or discolorations and external aggressions (pollution, sun, etc.).


    Keratin, of natural origin certified by Ecocert
    Seriliss RA, amino acid complex, wheat protein and glyoxylic acid
    Argan Oil
    Shea Butter
    Wheat protein