Nioxin shampoo - Nioxin hair products

Nioxin shampoo - Nioxin hair products

Discover Nioxin the one brand for denser and thicker hair

Nioxin is one of the leaders in treatment for the hair, refined, thin recognized in the world.

Trophy winner Stylist Choice Award for best product for thinning hair for 10 consecutive years.

The factors of thinning hair are many and varied, and the hair loses density and material with the...

  • Nioxin kit system
    Nioxin kit system

    Nioxin Kit System

    Hair is visibly more dense in just 3 steps ? It is possible with the kits Nioxin !

    A shampoo, a treatment and a treatment for the scalp. Three quick and easy steps for a scalp and hair healthy, nourished, who finds beauty and density.

  • Nioxin Cleanser
    Nioxin Cleanser

    Nioxin Cleanser

    Start your protocol of care with the cleanser, you need to purify and cleanse the hair and scalp.

    The cleanser is a shampoo ideal to remove the sebum, sweat and residues environmental, clogging the follicles pilleux.

  • Nioxin Scalp Revitaliser
    Nioxin Scalp Revitaliser

    Nioxin Scalp Revitaliser

    The Nioxin scalp revitaliser is the second step in the protocol of care Nioxin. It is applied after shampooing and can be used to repair and strengthen the hair in depth.

    Strengthened and protected, the hair is stronger and more resistant. The hair loss due to breakage is significantly reduced.

  • Nioxin Scalp Treatment
    Nioxin Scalp Treatment

    Nioxin Scalp Treatment

    The scalp treatments to treat the problem of hair fine-tuned to the root !

  • Nioxin Scalp Renew
    Nioxin Scalp Renew

    Nioxin Scalp Renew

    Service anti-aging and anti-breakage !

    This full treatment that restores vitality to the scalp and reduce breakage of the hair. The scalp is regenerated and allows the hair to grow in optimal conditions.

  • Nioxin Intensive Treatment
    Nioxin Intensive...

    Nioxin Intensive Treatment

    Of intense treatments for spectacular results on the areas that are very sparse or very damaged hair.

    For hair that grows stronger, faster !

  • Nioxin Diaboost
    Nioxin Diaboost

    Diaboost Nioxin is a treatment that thickens the diameter of each hair instantly!

    DIABOOST Nioxin treatment, thickens and brings strength and density to the hair, it helps to increase the diameter of each existing hair

    Diaboost with HTX, a fusion of Niacinamide, panthenol and caffeine:
    Boost the existing hair diameter instantly.
    Penetrates the hair and makes it thicker and malleable while being less prone to breakage.
    Thicken existing hair at the root * "
    it's as if you had up to 11,000 more hair! **
    Diaboost ™ from Nioxin is a no-rinse, easy-to-use treatment that can be used alone or in combination with other Nioxin products for thicker, denser hair.
    Your hair will be stronger and thicker, while being less subject to breakage.


    Spray all over the hair after shampooing
    Do not rinse

  • Nioxin 3D Styling
    Nioxin 3D Styling

    Nioxin 3D styling, styling products hair care refined and sparse !

    8 products, 2 innovative technologies for styling in 3 dimensions !

    Pro-Thick complex of polymeric thickeners which include the hair, to create spaces between them. As a result, a dense hair and thick !

    LightPlex TM : double action, internal and external. Of care workers target the cortex to retain moisture in the hair shaft and protect it, while polymer light coat the hair so that the hair remains soft and keeps the volume.