Orofluido Elixir of beauty (100ml)

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Revlon Orofluido Elixir haircare three precious essential oils. Revlon Orofluido Elixir contains Flax Oil, Argan and Cyprus. Revlon Orofluido Elixir strengthens the hair leaving it light and silky.

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OFFER moments of pleasure in bringing this care to the oriental fragrances!

The ELIXIR OROFLUIDO Revlon is a product that is very sensual, which ravishes the senses.
The mystery of a scent amber; the fascination of the three precious essential oils (Flax oil, Argan and Cyprus);
the luxury of gold... a beauty ritual for all hair types.
A fluid texture and silky which exhilarates the senses and evokes the gold precious.
Its delicious fragrance amber on a background of vanilla brings an oriental touch to wake greedy

  • Argan oil : strengthens the hair leaving light and silky.
  • Oil of Cyprus : increases the volume and makes it easier to detangle
  • Linseed oil : smooth and closes the cuticle for a exceptional shine.

Mode of employment :
Pour a few drops of Orofluido Elixir in the palm of the hand and apply generously on the dried hair to facilitate the detangling.
Dry for a silky and disciplined.
Finish the beauty ritual by applying the Shine Spray Orofluido on dry hair to a remarkable shine.

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Quantité100 ml