Oxidation coloring

Oxidation coloring

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The technology of the coloration of oxidation, allows you to change your hair color permanently, and covering up to 100% white hair.
You can darken or lighten your base up to 3 colours according to the oxidant used 10, 20 or 30 volume and up t...

  • Matrix

    Socolor beauty Matrix - Color sync Matrix

    The complex conditioning Cera-Oil nourishes the hair while making it visibly smooth, soft and shiny. Its revitalizing action is up to 30 shampoos. The technology ColorGrip gives a lasting colour, outstanding coverage of white hair and spectacular results to each color service. For a color always perfect. SoColor offers excellent grey coverage, blonde subtle or spectacular, and vibrant red pigments HD sustainable. Color chart SOCOLOR [ Changement de packaging et d'appellation en cours, mais la formulation n'a pas changé ]

  • l'oréal

    L'Oréal professional oxidation coloring

    L'oreal majirel coloring, majiorel cool cover, majirel High lift, majicontrast, majirel mix, luo color. Professional coloring, high hiding power, long-lasting hold. white hair coverage up to 100%

    Staining tubes are sold without oxidant.

  • Schwarzkopf

    Colour-Schwarzkopf Schwarzkopf Professional is a recognized brand in the world, and, in particular, for its expertise in coloring products. An endless palette of colours, a natural composition, a required maximum... discover the famous range of coloration Schwarzkopf : colouring Schwarzkopf Igora, colouring Schwarzkopf Essensity but also the coloration Schwarzkopf Senea. you can now choose your color, thanks to the application case to expand Schwarzkopf

  • Staining CKS
    Staining CKS

    Its specific formulation allows perfect coverage of white hair and prolongs the duration of the staining. Permanent coloration COLOR STAR by CKS low concentration of ammonia respects the natural structure of the hair and gives a feeling of comfort to the use. Enriched with silk protein for a perfect shine, it is also enriched in the protein of corn to strengthen and protect the hair structure. COLOR STAR by CKS consists of 64 shades of coloration that will allow you to achieve an infinite range of colors. Call and make your colours thanks to our specific range of dyes : The natural and the reflections, the Mixtones, the super skin-lightening, the matisseur. Permanent Crème color : it is Enriched with silk protein Covers 100% white hair, High-intensity, brightness and shine Held long-Term Protection of the scalp Mixture in the ratio 1 + 1 exposure Time 30 minutes Tube 100ml (average of 2 applications) Preparation : 1/2 tube + 50ml oxidant Oxy'star break Time : 30-40 minutes dwell Time for the great skin lightening (series 100) 50-60 minutes

  • TiGi

    TIGI COLOUR technology oxidation delayed allows a color-rich, uniform, vivid, and revealing. The color TIGI is not oxidized when it is mixed with the Activator TIGI COLOUR. The oxidation is retarded due to the modulator of oxidation and the self-timer color. •The Complex TIGI: Formulated with chamomile,Amino Acids and sugar crystals,the Complex TIGI is designed to give you comfort, improve your hair and maintain the natural protection of the scalp and provide a maximal brightness to the hair. •Micro-pigments: These are all small molecules;they provide intense colour and long-lasting. •The Aromas TIGI: Provide the benefits of Aromatherapy while masking the smell of a traditional color. •Texture Cream-Gel: Application is simple and uniform; flexible in the use and application. •Basic Neutral perfect Balance to 100 % : it Ensures predictable results and a simple formulation. Preparation : 1 tube + 1.5 oxidizer


    Discover the products of oxidation coloring and discoloration Generik

  • EugenePerma staining
    EugenePerma staining


  • Revlonissimo coloration
    Revlonissimo coloration

    Revlonissimo by Revlon Professional oxidation coloring

    Revlonissimo Colorsmetic, the REVLON PROFESSIONAL color expertise combined with the most advanced cosmetic technology
    The new professional oxidation coloring with mask effect, brings to your hair:

    • Intense shine
    • High chromaticity
    • Long lasting
    • Maximum coverage of white hair
    • Maximum hair resistance (hyaluronic acid and soy protein)

    Revlonissimo Long lasting color, has 5 range to satisfy all requirements, create effects, lighten, darken, nuance, neutralize, intensify.

  • Wella coloration
    Wella coloration

    All the hair color professional Wella Professionals coordinate perfectly with each other and give you more flexibility and choice to meet your expectations. For a full-service coloring, Wella Professionals offers a wide range of dyes, temporary, semi permanent and permanent; the change from one coloration to another is simple thanks to the digital system common and can get results that are color perfect! Koleston Perfect, Color Touch, Color Fresh and Agreement : Wella Professionals offers you all varieties of colors possible with tones and depths of hues similar which offers a wide range of possibilities of colours. See all products Wella