Phytodess shampoo - Phytodess hair products

Phytodess shampoo - Phytodess hair products

PHYTODESS Paris in Vision-hair.

The products Phytodess are true elixirs of beauty of the hair and scalp.

They combine naturality, luxury and expertise in hairdressing to reveal and enhance the beauty of all hair types. The unique formulas, the clays of color, essential oils, trace elements, precious stones and metals combine textures to delicate...

  • Phytodess Shampoos
    Phytodess Shampoos

    PHYTODESS offers a range of professional shampoo that acts on the balance of the hair.

    Phytodess shampoos have been developed around extremely soft washing bases in order to respect the integrity of the hair and to avoid any stress.

    Each type of hair is entitled to a key natural ingredient whose active molecules act at the root of the fiber to effectively treat the hair. The galenic is adapted to the nature of the hair: aerial gel cream creamiest. At the heart of unique formulas, colored clays, essential oils, plant extracts, trace elements, stones or precious metals reveal the beauty of the hair.

  • Phytodess Care of the Scalp
    Phytodess Care of the...

    The scalp, as the skin needs to be hydrated, nourished, and pampered. Its role is essential for the beauty of hair! This is why Phytodess has created products specifically tailored to the needs of the scalps on a daily basis physically attacked or by nature unbalanced.

  • Phytodess Care of the Lengths and Tips
    Phytodess Care of the...

    Specialist in hair, Dessange perfectly knows its needs. They are natural, colored or frosted hair, the specific treatment lengths and tips meet precisely and are adapted to the modern way of life.

  • Phytodess Hair Care éxposés
    Phytodess Hair Care...

    Protectors, sublimateurs and glamorous, the products SYMBIO SUN follow closely to the rhythm of life of the hair so as to better protect them. The natural ingredients selected to keep the hair supple and tonic despite the various assaults (sea bathing, swimming pool, UV radiation, outdoor lifestyle, etc.). The atmosphere is the holiday with the delicious fragrance coconut lemon which is found over the formulas. There are no more excuses to let the sun rough up the hair!