Platifiz Precision 500g)

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Bleaching powder compact, cream mask high adhesion

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Bleaching powder compact, cream mask high adhesion

Technical whole head or hair and sweeps wrapped.

An infinite number of effects tailored to highlight your cup, to find the blond from the summer, or that of your child. Platifiz Precision allows a clarification of a polished and regular.

Toughness : durable

Clarification : Up to 7 tones

Break time : Wicks under the protection of a maximum of 50 minutes. ( check according to the merits of the application and the desired result; do not let the product spill out onto the scalp, do not use metal clips).
Whole head 30 to 50 minutes (do not bring heat, do not cover the hair, in particular, with cellophane, not to gather the hair in a bun, leave it to pause in the open air)

Fiche technique

Weight500 gr