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Your products permanently and For all those who dream of curly hair, products permanent, are the perfect solution! Simple undulations in the large loop through the frizz, change your look in an instant. Products permanent will give an update ...


    SUSTAINABLE FORM DULCIA ADVANCED The first permanent long-term pause time adjustable. Cosmeticité warranty regardless of the type of the hair. ALL TYPES OF HAIR The first permanent long-term pause time adjustable. Cosmeticité warranty regardless of the type of the hair. Two types of loops : Natural / Flexible or tight / closed. Limits the loss of proteins and lipids for a maximum respect of the hair during the service. TECHNOLOGY : The lonène G™ : polymètre protector and fortifier that is in-depth in area C of the hair. The system is "Moisture Lock" provides a shield anti-apauvrissement protein and fat and provides a balance between reducing agents and alkali for a better respect of the fiber. HAIR TYPE / TARGET ALL TYPES OF HAIR and FORCES 0, 1, 2, 3 > FOR LOOPS NATURAL / FLEXIBLE FORCES 1TONIQUE, 2TONIQUE > FOR TIGHT LOOPS / CLOSED FOR USE WITH (COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS) DULCIA ADVANCED NEUTRALIZER Time to break: FORCES 0, 1T AND 1 on natural hair and natural long, healthy life : 15-20 minutes FORCES 2T, 2 AND 3 on hair sensitized and highly sensitized 10-15 minutes

  • Kit Interphase C
    Kit Interphase C

    L'Oréal Professional Permanent Kit Interphase C.

    Interphase C is the category where you will find all L'Oréal Interphase C permanent kits.

    L'Oréal professional Permanent kit Interphase C is the permanent high-end care ideal for regular curls, round, firm, fortified.

    L'Oréal Professional Permanent Kit Interphase C offers regenerated and resistant hair thanks to the care phase contained in its formula: after the reduction, the hair is very receptive, it is then that the restorative Ceramide penetrates the hair fiber to rebuild its internal matter.
    Amino acids are attached to the hair to enrich it with protein.

  • Perform

    More volume, gentle waves or curls provocative ?With Perform, all possibilities are open to you. Because carnitine, a new active close to of the vitamins, strengthens and visibly elasticity of the hair while ensuring care of the highest quality. Lotion permanent as the fixative contain the protector system structure and provide care long-term. Its action treatment is still visible after 5 shampoos. See all products WellaSans forget a protective action and a high resistance which allow you to concentrate on the essential : your fantasy.

  • volubilis

    Eugène Perma Volubilis is a perm in individual kit with neutral pH with ammonia.

    Eugene Perma Volubilis is formulated with a neutral pH and a complex of patented active ingredients that make it extra soft and offer optimal respect for the hair fiber.

    Eugene Perma Volubilis offers round curls, regular and above all a softness and incomparable hair quality.

    The natural complex combining allantoin, methionine and cysteine gives it a perfect tonicity-soft balance.
    Allantoin moisturizes the hair and smoothes the scales, methionine compensates for the sulfur losses induced during the reduction, and cysteine is a mild reducing agent that lowers the concentration of Thio glycolic acid for better respect of the hair fiber .

    4 forces in kit: applicator bottle reducer 75 ml + fixative 120 ml + protective complex 1gr.