Professional hair dryer

Professional hair dryer more powerful, faster, AC motor for a successful brushing.
the professional hair dryer allows both to dry hair quickly but also to style! Volume, brushing, modeling ... for a perfect hairstyle, choose a professional hair dryer.

To travel, to combine drying and styling or to dry only, whatever your need, Vision Hair offers a...

  • Hairdryer

    A professional hair dryer to blow dry successful Indispensable in our bathrooms, hair dryer allows you to dry quickly the hair but also to style !

    Volume, blow-dry, massage... for a perfect hairdo, choose a professional hairdryer. To travel, to combine drying and styling, or to dry only, whatever your need, Vision Hair offers you a wide choice of hairdryer in the business models of various weight (from 350 grams to 550 grams), power (1200w to 2200w), functions, etc From major brands like Babyliss, Wella, Corioliss, Parlux, Ultron or Velecta-Paramount, you will find the professional hairdryer that works for you ! Did you know ? All dry hair professional Vision Hair are guaranteed for one year. Each is sold with a guarantee bands is applied at the outlet of the device to guarantee you a new unit. In the event of degradation of this proof of security, the exchange or refund will not be taken into account.

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    Hairdryer travel


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