Redken shampoo - Redken hair products

Redken shampoo - Redken hair products

Online sale of products Redken hairdressers and individuals.

Check out Redken whole range : shampoo, conditioner and treatments to meet all hair types:

dry hair, brittle hair, blonde hair, coloured hair, flyaways, curly hair, fine hair, normal hair, hair very dry and sensitised scalp to dandruff, oily scalp, sensitive scalp, hair fall, solar p...

  • Acidic Bonding Concentrate Redken
    Acidic Bonding...
  • Redken Extreme length
    Redken Extreme length

    Redken Extreme length is a fortifying biotin length shampoo.

    Redken Extreme length reduces breakage by 81% thanks to the biotin contained in its formula, to achieve maximum length!

    Redken Extreme length reduces split ends promoting healthy hair and can result in up to 15cm of growth in a year.

  • Redken All Soft . Dry hair
    Redken All Soft . Dry...

    Redken All Soft shampoo and care for dry hair.

    Redken All Soft contains a formula to nourish and bring suppleness to your hair.
    With Redken All Soft, your hair will be nourished, lighter, shiny and supple.

    Redken All Soft contains the Interbond Care System Technology with Avocado and Jojoba Oils that provides softness and nutrition, Proteins that strengthen and rebuild, and Amino Acids for deep revitalization.

    Redken All Soft consists of: The Redken All Soft Shampoo, the Redken All Soft Conditioner, the Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Mask and the Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil.

  • Redken Color Extend Magnetics
    Redken Color Extend...

    Redken Color Extend Magnetics - shampoo and care.

    Redken Color Extend Magnetics is a range of Redken shampoo and care dedicated to the care of colored and sensitized hair.

    With Redken Color Extend Magnetics the color is magnified, the hair shiny and soft for a long time. 

    Redken Color Extend Magnetics is a complete line consisting of: Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo, Redken Color Extend Magnetics conditioner, Redken Color Extend Magnetics mask, Redken Color Extend Magnetics Megamask.

  • Redken Color Extend Blondage
    Redken Color Extend...

    Redken Color Extend Blondage - shampoo and pigment treatment for blond hair.
    Redken Color Extend Blondage is a range specifically dedicated to the care of blond hair.

    Redken Color Extend Blondage corrects, thanks to purple pigments, warm, yellow reflections, blonde hair for a perfect and luminous cold blonde.

    Redken Color Extend Blonding consists of the Redken Color Extend Blonding Pigmenting Shampoo and Redken Color Extend Blonding Pigmenting Conditioner.

  • Redken Blonde Idol
    Redken Blonde Idol

    Redken Blonde Idol shampoo and blond hair care.

    Redken Blonde Idol brings shine, beauty and strength to maintain a perfect blonde hair.

    Redken Blonde Idol contains the exclusive Kera-Bright System Technology, a unique combination of Kerabond, violet leaf extract and lactic acid that help strengthen the fiber, nourish the hair and boost the shine of blonde hair for a beautiful and shiny result.

    Redken Blonde Idol consists of the Redken Blonde Idol Shampoo and the Redken Blonde Idol Mask.

  • Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry
    Redken Diamond Oil...

    Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry shampoo and care all types of hair.

    Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry brings shine, beauty and thermal protection to all hair types.

    Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry is a range of oil care for a glossy brushing with multi-faceted shine!

    Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry consists of Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry Shampoo, Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry ConditionerRedken Diamond Oil Glow Dry Scrub Exfoliating Scrub and Redken Diamond Oil Dry Oil Blow Drying.

  • Redken Diamond Oil
    Redken Diamond Oil

    Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo and care to sublimatrices oils.

    Redken Diamond Oil a range that brings strength and brilliance of the diamond to dull and damaged hair.

    The exclusive technology Redken Interlock Protein Network strengthens the hair, and the technology Shine Strong Complex releases a nourishing mix of oil of coriander, camelina and apricot. Shine Strong Complex oil of Coriander = Discipline. It seals the care and smoothes the cuticle to boost shine oil of Camelina = Softens. It fills in the cracks to soften the fiber Apricot Oil = Heals. It penetrates to the heart of the fiber to the care of the interior Interlock Protein Network rebuilds the protective surface provides a care progressive fortifies the cortex.

  • Redken Extreme
    Redken Extreme

    Redken Extreme shampoo and care for damaged hair, weakened.

    Redken Extreme restores and repairs weakened areas of the hair while protecting the natural shine.

    Redken Extreme is formulated with the RCT Protein Complex, an exclusive intelligent targeted application system that treats the hair from the root to the tip through the heart, delivering the nutrients at these 3 levels according to their needs.

    Redken Extreme consists of Redken Extreme shampoo, Redken Extreme conditioner, Redken Extreme Anti Snap, Redken Extreme CatRedken Extreme Mask and Redken Extreme megamask.

  • Redken Curvaceous
    Redken Curvaceous

    Redken Curvaceous shampoo and curly hair care, curly, wavy.

    Redken Curvaceous brings a specific care to all types of crimps.

    Redken Curvaceous is formulated with the exclusive REDKEN Curl Memory Complex technology, combined with IPN that strengthens, nourishes and reactivates the loop for greater discipline, frizz control and exceptional shine.

    Redken Curvaceous consists of Redken Curvaceous High-foam cleanser, Redken Curvaceous No Foam Shampoo, Redken Curvaceous conditioner, Redken Curvaceous RingletRedken Curvaceous Full Swirl and Redken Curvaceous Curl Refiner.

  • Redken Cerafill
    Redken Cerafill

    Redken Cerafill fall protection and densifying program for fine, fine, sparse hair.

    Redken Cerafill consists of 3 categories: Redken Cerafill Defy, Redken Cerafill Retaliate and Redken Cerafill Maximize.

    Redken Cerafill Defy is suitable to treat a light refinement, Redken Cerafill Retaliate a more important refinement and Redken Cerafill Maximize allows to give an aspect of matter and volume.

    Redken Cerafill includes Redken Cerafill Maximize Dense FXRedken Cerafill Retaliate Stemoxydine 5% and Redken Cerafill Defy Aminexil Spray.

  • Redken High Rise Volume
    Redken High Rise Volume

    Redken High Rise volume shampoo and care for fine, soft, flat hair.
    Redken High Rise Volume brings a glamorous volume with a silky finish to fine hair.

    Redken High Rise volume is formulated with a blend of softening filloxane, which thickens your hair instantly.
    Redken High Rise Volume also contains silicone polymers for a polished and silky finish with volume.

    Redken High Rise volume consists of the Redken High Rise volume shampooRedken High Rise volume conditioner and the Redken High Rise volume duo volumizer.

  • Frizz Dismiss: smoothing and anti-frizz
    Frizz Dismiss:...

    Redken Frizz Dismiss shampoo and care smoothing and anti-frizz protection.
    Redken Frizz Dismiss is the first product line with anti-frizz protection rating (FPF) based on your hair type and the humidity level in the air.

    Redken Frizz Dismiss is 4 indices of smoothing and moisture protection that fit all types of hair, fine hair with thick hair.

    Redken Frizz Dismiss provides protection against heat and humidity and up to 82% less frizz after using shampoo, conditioning and styling care after 24 hours.

    Redken Frizz Dismiss is sulfate-free, sodium-free, and therefore suitable for smooth, chemically treated hair.

    Redken Frizz Dismiss consists of Redken Frizz Dismiss shampoo, Redken Frizz Dismiss conditioner, Redken Frizz Dismiss mask, Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame, Redken Frizz Dismiss smooth force.

  • Scalp Relief scalp dandruff
    Scalp Relief scalp...

    Each product Scalp Relief contains the latest discovery is Redken : technology Interbond scalp. Similar in its operation to the exclusive Redken Interbond conditioning system, the technology Interbond scalp brings key components to the scalp and hair.
    Targeted Action of active principles : 1 Contribution of components on the scalp and hair. 2 Release of actifs3 Fixing optimum DANDRUFF CONTROL. To combat dandruff Results : Contains Zinc pyrithione, a powerful active anti-dandruff Combat and help eliminate dandruff, irritation and itching. Purifies, moisturizes and soothes the scalp. The hair is light, shiny air Zinc pyrithione = Fight and control dandruff SYSTEM HYDRO-ZONE : 1 Glycerine to moisturize. 2 Extracts of lavender to soothe and cleanse

  • Scalp Relief scalp sensitive
    Scalp Relief scalp...

    Each product Scalp Relief contains the latest discovery is Redken : technology Interbond scalp. Similar in its operation to the exclusive Redken Interbond conditioning system, the technology Interbond scalp brings key components to the scalp and hair. Targeted Action of active principles :1 Contribution of components on the scalp and hair. 2 Release of assets. 3 setting optimum CURE SCALP RELIEFSOOTHING BALANCE
    Results : Soothes and calms the scalp. Helps to relieve tension of the scalp Provides a soothing effect to a sustainable. The hair is soft, shiny, air SYSTEM CALMING : 1 Extracts of eucalyptus to relieve the tension. 2 licorice Extracts to soothe and calm. 3 Provides a film permeable to regulate and protect

  • Scalp Relief - oily scalp
    Scalp Relief - oily scalp

    Technology : INTERBOND SCALP Each product Scalp Relief contains the latest discovery is Redken : technology INTERBOND SCALP. Similar in its operation to the exclusive Redken INTERBOND CONDITIONING system, the technology INTERBOND SCALP brings key components to the scalp and hair. ACTION TARGETED ACTIVE ingredients : 1 Contribution of components on the scalp and hair. 2 Release and repair of the assets 3 Mounting optimal OIL DETOX For oily scalp RESULTS : Absorbs instantly and regulates the excess of sebum, Regulates the pH of the scalp, Rebalances, purifies and cleanses the scalp. The hair is clean, light, bright and air SYSTEM LIPA-SPONGE1 Micro sponges to absorb excess sébum2 Lapacides to regulate the pH3 Extracts of lemon to purify

  • One United: treatments multi benefits
    One United: treatments...

    Redken One United is multi-benefit care for all hair types.

    Redken One United revitalizes the hair fiber, nourishes, moisturizes, smoothes and detangles without weighing it down.
    Redken One United strengthens, repairs sensitized hair, bridges hair porosity and reduces split ends.

    Redken One United prepares the hair for styling, prevents blow-drying, refreshes and protects against heat styling devices. Redken One United improves control, has an antistatic action and helps to reduce rebellious locks and frizz for easy brushing.

    Redken One United brings a silky touch, intense softness and sparkling shine to the hair and protects the colored hair and protects against daily aggressions (UV, pollution, wind ...).

    Redken One United can even be used as a cutting lotion.

  • Redken For men
    Redken For men

    Because the hair of men lose every day of the essential elements that give them force and energy. Because they are pollution, changes in temperature, the overload of product, the hair dryer... They become dull, weak and lifeless ! Redken has combined the power of protein with the carbohydrate to create Redken for men. True energy recharge daily to the hair of the men, the technology Redken for men based on : • Proteins for pénètrer to the interior of the fibre, to strengthen its internal structure. • the Carbohydrates to recharge hair in energy, the rebooster in depth. • Essential Complements to thicken, to nourish and reinvigorate the 87% Of users find their hair strengthened and energized.

  • Redken Styling
    Redken Styling

    SEARCH BY NEED to Find products suited to your type of hair and your needs. Index _Control mini 01-05 _Control means 06-15 _Control extreme 16-25

  • Redken Solar
    Redken Solar


  • Color Rebel
    Color Rebel

    Color Rebel
    Makeup for hair

    Reveal your own "rebel attitude" with the new coloring temporary Color Rebel by REDKEN ! This make-up hair non-commitment allows you to change your look in 1 minute and fades away in 2 to 5 shampoos only !

    Zero transfer onto clothes
    Fades in 2 to 5 shampoos
    Inspired by the applicators make-up

  • Redken No Blow Dry
    Redken No Blow Dry

    Redken No Blow Dry - Styling products for drying in the open air.

    Redken No Blow Dry is a range of styling products that allows you to dry your hair in the open air faster while obtaining a natural finish without having the impression of having a product styling on the hair. This range is formulated with Air-Tex technology based on flexible polymers for a malleable control, and of polymers with fast drying which accelerate the drying time. It is ideal for quick styling, without heating devices for a stylish look easy and natural!

  • Redken All Soft Mega
    Redken All Soft Mega

    Redken All Soft Mega.
    Redken All Soft Mega shampoo and care for dry hair to very dry and frizzy.

    Redken All Soft Mega nourishes the hair intensely and is particularly suitable for medium to thick hair.
    Redken All Soft Mega brings a richer nutrition is deep than the Redken All Soft range.

    Redken All Soft Mega consists of Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo, Redken All Soft Mega ConditionerRedken All Soft Mega Mask and Redken All Soft Mega Hydramelt.

  • Redken Brews - Redken for men
    Redken Brews - Redken...

    Redken Brews is a full Redken line of men's products.

    Redken Brews products for men offers all hair care for men, styling products, care for beards or face.

    Redken Brews necessarily has men's shampoo or men's conditioner that will meet your unique hair care needs!

    Redken Brews also offers a wide selection of men's haircare products such as Redken Brews gel, a selection of Redken Brews ointments, men's hairspray, and hair styling pastes ...
    Redken Brews will also take care of your skin with all new cleaning, beard and face care products.
    Redken Brews is the range that takes care of all men!

  • Redken Shades Eq Gloss - tone-on-tone liquid color
    Redken Shades Eq Gloss...

    Redken Shades Eq Gloss is a tone-on-tone liquid color with an acidic pH.

    Redken Shades Eq Gloss is enriched with wheat proteins, it is the coloring that is taken for a care.

    Redken Shades Eq Gloss guarantees gentle treatment for a revitalizing effect and mirror shine.

    No sensitization, no lightening, it blurs up to 30% of white hair.
    Ammonia-free, for optimal comfort and a pleasant smell.
    PH acid (to close the scales of the hair).

    Redken Shades Eq Gloss offers an ultra-shiny and natural result that fades like a tan.
    The results are visible on natural, highlighted and colored hair.
    Redken Shades Eq Gloss neutralizes unwanted reflections, patina blond hair, allows to lengthen the permanent colorings of Redken, enhances or modifies the intensity of a natural color or adds a gloss effect ...

    Tips for using Redken Shades Eq Gloss:
    Apply Shades EQ Gloss coloring to washed and towel-dried hair.
    Dosage 1: 1 (60ml of coloring for 60ml of oxidant).
    Oxidizer: Processing Solution or Processing Solution Gloss to Gel for more precision.
    Tip: Crystal Clear can be used alone mixed with Processing instead of your Shades EQ Gloss shade for a glossy effect or mixed with a Shades EQ Gloss shade.
    Exposure time: 20 minutes.

    PRECAUTIONS: Hair coloring can cause severe allergic reactions.
    It is mandatory to do an allergy test 48 hours before using the product. Wear suitable gloves when preparing, applying and rinsing the product. Do not use metal tools (pliers, comb ...).
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