Revlon shampoo - Revlon hair products

Revlon shampoo - Revlon hair products

The hair-styling products Revlon to your hair!

A luxurious brand specializing in hair products that has proved popular with celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Halle Berry or Olivia Wilde.

The hair products Revlon are the result of unique formulas that combine efficiency and protection of the hair.

Revlon declines its range of ...


    BE FABULOUS range of Revlon Professional is the result of over 5 years of research.

    BE FABULOUS with its unique formula, the CREAM System, will repair the hair, protecting the color, bring more softness, hydration and shine to hair.
    With a range to suit every hair type:

    Hair Recovery: specially designed for very dry and damaged hair, deeply repairs through its properties enriched in protein, Creatine, Betaine and Keratin, will give new life to your hair!

    Daily Care hair normal / thick: formulated for normal to thick hair, the Daily Care range will maintain the natural level of hydration, protect the color, fight against the signs of aging and improve the appearance and the overall texture of the hair . Your hair will be hydrated, soft and revitalized with a natural shine.

    Daily Care for hair: Fine hair has the distinction of being more fragile and vulnerable. Daily capillary Be Fabulous range specially designed for this hair type will help you get more texture and volume. Its lightweight formula will leave your hair silky without weighing it down.

  • Revlon Professional Equave
    Revlon Professional...

    The N°1 beauty care capillary snapshots. The 1st category of products, innovative and forward-thinking, offering several answers into a single product : A care-gentle detangling - a care-free rinsing - easy to use - A simple gesture. The legend is changing, thanks to the qualities of the Keratin. The structure of hair is composed mainly of Keratin. It gives elasticity, strength, vitality, strength and protection. The new range Equave instant beauty Revlon Professional is enriched with Keratin. Its formula is specially designed to moisturize and repair the hair's structure, providing all the benefits he needs, and keeping the scent of fresh, aquatic and flowery Equave, this scent which would be professionals and thousands of users. External care, the beauty on the surface of the hair : The hydrolyzed keratin provides a action care by creating a protective film on the parts most damaged hair. Benefits : A gentle immediate for a hair silky soft. A prevention against static electricity. A easy to detangle on wet or dry hair. A protective action on the lengths and tips. Care of internal health at the heart of the hair. The new range of products from Revlon Professional Equave Instant Beauty contains the amino acids of Keratin so small they readily penetrate into the internal structure of the hair. Benefits : A restorative action of damaged hair. A power restoring hair structure. An input of material and tone to the capillary fiber. Maintaining the elasticity of the hair. 2 phases for 2 actions intense

  • Uniq one
    Uniq one

    Revlon uniq one instant hair treatment without rinsing 10 in 1

    Uniq one hair care spray 150 ml. Uniq One ​​Instant Care without Rinse 10 in 1 for dry or damaged hair. The first care of the no-rinse market, it brings 10 points that your hair needs.

    Features: Repairs dry and damaged hair. Illuminates and disciplines frizz. Protects from heat. Softens and softens. Protection of colored hair with UV and UVB filters. Facilitates drying and smoothing. Effectively disentangle. Extends styling. Avoid the forks. Texturizes.

    The Uniq one range is enriched with several scents: revlon uniq one asia, revlon uniq one amazonia, revlon uniq one lotus flowers and revlon uniq one green tea

    How to use uniq one:

    On wet hair: Apply to 20 cm of hair. Short hair> 4-6 sprays Medium hair> 6-9 sprays Long hair> 9-12 sprays. Unravel your hair with a comb. If necessary you can use a dryer or ceramic plates You can use finishing products such as foams, lacquers ...
    On dry hair: Apply on the palm of your hands. Short hair> 2-3 sprays Medium hair> 3-5 sprays Long hair> 4-6 sprays Rub the product between your hands and apply from the middle of the roots to the tip ends. If necessary you can use a dryer or ceramic plates. You can use finishing products such as foam, lacquers

  • Orofluido

    Revlon Orofluido Elixir: Beauty ritual for your hair

    Softness, lightness and remarkable shine

    All the benefits of the precious Argan oil, Cyprus and linen with a delicious amber fragrance. Available in a full range of luxury packages, with a color protection, suitable for all types of natural or colored hair.

    THREE PRECIOUS OILS to magnify your hair

    Argan oil, liquid gold for your hair.
    Cyprus Oil, pure silk to the touch.
    Flaxseed oil, instant shine.
    An exquisite blend that reveals the beauty of hair.

  • Revlon Orofluido Amazonia
    Revlon Orofluido Amazonia

    Revlon Orofluido Amazonia - shampoos and care for all types of weakened, damaged hair.

    The products Revlon Orofluido Amazonia brings to the hair repair, reconstruction, body and material for a hair in perfect health. Their nourishing formulas make it possible to reconstruct the hair fiber by taking care of your hair for more softness and suppleness with a spectacular shine and body.

  • Orofluido Asia Revlon
    Orofluido Asia Revlon

    Enter in the universe of Orofluido Asia by Revlon.

    The new range Orofluido Asia drew its inspiration from the civilizations of eastern Asia for centuries.

    These cultures will devote special attention to their hair through the beauty rituals.

    A range of fragrance captivating with flowers and fruits. A seductive fragrance, combining the aroma evocative of the flower of Camellia with a soft hint of fruit, which wraps a veil sumptuous and sensual.

    Orofluido™ experiments, selects and carefully mix the natural ingredients that are the essence of the new range Orofluido Asia.

    This range consists of three precious ingredients that are an integral part of the treasures of beauty of Asia

    - Oil Camellia or Tsubaki which provides an exceptional shine, control frizz while leaving hair soft and manageable.

    - Bamboo Extract which brings resistance and elasticity to the hair fiber. It improves the elasticity of hair, promote the retention of moisture and has a protective action anti-oxidant.

    - Rice oil strengthens and nourishes the hair fibre, protects against split ends and gives shine. It has an action smoothing.

  • Revlonissimo 45 Days - Color care 45 days
    Revlonissimo 45 Days -...

    Revlonissimo 45 Days 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner repigmentant, it is the guarantee of intense colour and vibrant long-term...

  • Revlon Nutri Color Cream
    Revlon Nutri Color Cream

    Revlon Nutri Color Cream

    Check out NUTRI COLOR CREME : a cocktail gourmet 3 in 1 : color, softness, shine Nutri Color Crème is a care repigmentant which nourishes your hair and awakens the radiance of your color in 3 minutes. Active principle : electrostatic interaction immediate between the pigments and the hair fibre with colour. Smoothing and anti-static. Ingredients : fruit acids - AHA for a hydrating action, softening, nourishing and démêlante without weighing hair down. No ammonia - NH3 - and hydrogen peroxide - H2O2. acid pH (4.5 to 5) for a réspect total of the material. Easy Application : Wash and spin dry the hair, put on gloves. Apply the product and knead the hair.(a small amount is enough to create a maximum effect) Let it pause for 3 minutes and rinse. Result : Smoothing and polishing of the cuticle. Color revived, hair hydrated and nourished. Reflection of the light with a mirror effect.

  • Intragen

    Revlon Intragen Cosmetic Trichology range of shampoos and treatments dedicated to hair and scalp problem.

    Revlon Intragen Cosmetic Trichology shampoos and care dedicated to the problems of: Hair loss, dandruff, sensitive scalps, hair and oily scalp. Intragen Treatments scientifically proven, tested and visible results.

    4 product lines, 5 common actions.

    Scientifically proven results: Clinically tested and scientifically proven.Effective on both men and women.

    Hypoallergenic Range: Tested on volunteers with reactive skin.

    Action Detox: Detoxifying action that protects the hair from all types of aggression and purifies it. The hair is deeply revitalized, promoting a strong and healthy regrowth.

    Formulation enriched with natural assets: Natural assets of high quality.

    Deep hair care: Creatine strengthens the structure of the hair and improves its elasticity and resistance. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the hair fiber, texturizes and gives volume to the hair.


    As the skin, scalp and hair need water. But the water is dependent on the state of the hair fiber, a fiber widely attacked by blow drying and smoothing repeated, pollution, UV radiation, or chemical processes. When this water balance is disrupted, so is the beauty and health hair is damaged, resulting in coarse hair, brittle, dull, but also itching and dandruff. With Interactive, Revlon Professional is tackling this key problem of hydration and launched a line of care designed to restore and maintain hydration internal hair. His secret ? His system Hydra-Capture-rich moisturisers which immediately restores the water content and holds it like a sponge in the internal structure of the fiber to a sustained at an optimal level. Discover all the products hair Revlon

    La gamme interactive a été arrêtée par Revlon, vous avez les gammes suivant vos besoins qui pourraient vous convenir :
    La gamme : Be Fabulous (cheveux secs, colorés, fins, en perte de matière)
    La gamme : Intragen (chute de cheveux, antipelliculaire, à tendance gras, sensible)
    La gamme : 45 days (cheveux colorés, méchés ou décolorés)


    SENSOR SHAMPOO Shampoos at acid pH Hyper-concentrated in active contractors Very cosmetic – texture, color, fragrance, sweetness. 5 specification : Nutritious hair very dry and sensitized Moisturizing – dry hair Tonic – hair as normal. Volumizing - hair-fat Scrub – dandruff, itching to Discover all of the products hair Revlon

  • Style Masters
    Style Masters

    Revlon Style Masters Some of the best hairdressers in the world have joined Revlon Professional to encourage the values highlighted by the project. With the support and expertise of the brand, they have participated in the creation of Style Masters, a new range of hair styling professionals. The developed products highlight the creativity and talent of each individual. This reality, the team, the Style Masters lived during a session of hair without precedent. The photos taken during this meeting reflect perfectly our vision of the talent : proud and professional. .

  • ALPHA 5 IN 1
    ALPHA 5 IN 1

    ALPHA 5 IN 1 Shampoo with acid pH 3 specificities : Very dry - damaged Normal – frequency Very fatty (natural or artificial) to Discover all of the products hair Revlon


    Discover all the products hair Revlon

  • Staining Orofluido ammonia free
    Staining Orofluido...

    Colour Elixir is obtained from the fusion of oils of argan, Cyprus and linseed oil. The excellent results obtained with this permanent colourant without ammonia are possible due to the interaction of the oils with different pigments specific. This coloration permanent enthralls us with its delicious fragrance of Orofluido. Maximum results with a maximum respect for the hair. ►The characteristics of the staining Orofluido Colour Elixir has been formulated from oils with many virtues, which combined with an alkaline solvent to optimize the performance of the staining and to ensure the penetration of the pigment in the hair fibre without the awareness. In addition to its formulation without ammonia, Orofluido Colour Elixir is a permanent coloration is pleasantly scented that covers white hair 100%, respects the hair and brings an exceptional shine.

    La coloration Orofluido est arrêté par Revlon et elle est remplacé par : Color sublime coloration sans ammoniaque

  • Revlonissimo

    Revlonissimo by Revlon Professional oxidation coloring

    Revlonissimo Colorsmetic, the REVLON PROFESSIONAL color expertise combined with the most advanced cosmetic technology
    The new professional oxidation coloring with mask effect, brings to your hair:

    • Intense shine
    • High chromaticity
    • Long lasting
    • Maximum coverage of white hair
    • Maximum hair resistance (hyaluronic acid and soy protein)

    Revlonissimo Long lasting color, has 5 range to satisfy all requirements, create effects, lighten, darken, nuance, neutralize, intensify.

  • Color sublime by Revlonissimo
    Color sublime by...

    Revlon Color sublime by Revlonissimo, the first permanent color without ammonia that offers a selection of 3 perfumes to maximize the senses.

    Color sublime by Revlonissimo has been formulated with the latest technologies in coloring and care offering attractive and natural tones, total coverage and optimal respect of the hair.

    Color Sublime By Revlonissimo offers a choice of 51 shades classified into 12 categories:

    Color Sublime By Revlonissimo Natural, Color Sublime By Revlonissimo Ash, Color Sublime By Revlonissimo Iridescent, Color Sublime By Revlonissimo, Color Sublime By Revlonissimo Cold Beige, Golden Iridescent, Golden, Tobacco, Amber, Nutty, Copper, Red and Burgundy.