Schwarzkopf Professional shampoo - hair products

Schwarzkopf Professional shampoo - hair products

Schwarzkopf Professional products for hairdressing professionals of German origin.

The brand Schwarzkopf is rich in more than 110 years of experience.

Recognized by all professionals, Schwarzkopf is an expert indisputable of hair-styling products. Coloration Schwarzkopf, care and styling products the brand offers you a wide range of hair product...

  • Schwarzkopf BlondMe Advanced Bonding System
    Schwarzkopf BlondMe...

    Schwarzkopf BlondMe Advanced Bonding System.

    Schwarzkopf BLONDME with Advanced Bonding System, adapts to all types of blond and is specially formulated for delicate blonde hair. BLONDME brings a deep care to measure for all blond:
    - ALL TYPES OF BLONDS: Sublime all types of blond with intense care.
    - COLD COALS: Sublime blond with cold and ashy reflections and neutralizes hot reflections.
    -HOT BODY: Sublime warm colors, revives the caramel reflections lacking shine.

    The Bonding Technology contains magnesium citrate to balance the pH and stabilize the inner structure of the delicate blond hair by creating new bonds in the core of the hair fiber. The Link Creative Technology is integrated into the sulphate-free care line to create new bonds and maintain a fabulous result. Care ingredients, hydrolysed keratin and Marula oil keep a strong, healthy blond hair.


    Schwarzkopf BLONDME shampoo and care to meet the needs of all Blondes

    New BLONDME range, specific coloring, care & styling products that work in synergy - for supreme hair quality and a sublime blonde.
    Action: "Keralumière infusion" technology with keratin and silk powder extract. For a deep care & a sparkling luster.

    BLONDME of Schwarzkopf to maintain the Blond you created.


    The hair color Schwarzkopf Essensity Without any compromise on performance, staining Schwarzopf Essensity is the first color without ammonia, or perfume, that contains more than 90% of the ingredients are derived from the nature. Products coloration Schwarzkopf for exceptional color and optimum coverage of white hair, while stabilising the hair structure during the colouring process. With a composition after the search, Schwarzkopf offers a range seine (100 % ammonia-free, fragrance-free, silicone-free, without paraffin oil, without mineral oil, without parabens or derivatives of formaldehyde) - based ectoïne, a quality asset. Did you know ? The ectoïne is a substance micromoléculaire recognized for its properties, photo-protective and moisturizing. It helps to stabilize the protein molecules in the hair fiber and to protect the channel protein of the hair.


    With BC Hairtherapy it's now possible to provide a specific care for each hair problem and scalp.Each solution is designed for the same purpose : help you to restore the original beauty of your hair. The technical expertise and research conducted in the laboratory have allowed to Schwarzkopf Professional to provide the range of hair care BC Bonacure is a new dimension of beauty of the hair and quality product thanks to ingredients ultra-high-performance. We know that hair has the same needs as the skin and require as much care. It is essential to take care of her hair, not only in surface but also in depth, with a therapy that preserves their beauty and magnifies their brilliance. BC does not only bring an outstanding performance but delight also the meaning. Texture soft and velvety, and new delicate fragrances create a truly cosmetic experience and therapeutic that you will want to repeat regularly.

  • Mad About Curls, Waves and Lenghts
    Mad About Curls, Waves...

    Mad About Curls & Waves from Schwarzkopf Professional range of shampoo, care and texturizer for curly or wavy hair.

    Mad About Curls & Waves because hair with matter is more than a trend, it's a lifestyle! It is time to highlight each curly or wavy hair.

    Mad About Curls & Waves offers four stages of care and styling:

    Washing: hair with material is known to be "the most curly and the driest".
    Care: from light to deep care with rich and fat consistencies, all the levels of nutrition that dry hair would need are in the assortment
    Protect and Style: a wide selection of styling products, light sprays, balms, no-rinse care and definition creams
    Refresh: given the nature of textured hair, washing it daily is not recommended. However, are included in the assortment of refreshing products intended to give shape to the hair between two washes

    Mad About Curls & Waves is also infused with the latest Aquarine Complex - an association of skincare ingredients that:

    Strengthens the hair
    Moisturizes intensely
    Protects the hair from heat *
    Provides up to 96% less breakages *
    Provide up to 94% fewer split ends *
    Wrap each hair with a "healing shield" for a palpable definition
    Brings incredible curls and ripples, long-lasting

    * when used as a holistic skincare and styling program

  • [3D] MEN SION
    [3D] MEN SION



    Within a range of styling products, there should always be a group of products that offer you flexibility without compromising hold. Thanks to its new formula, Silhouette offers an improvement in the fixing, flexible hold or a strong, improved, invisible, and holding long-term. The assortment of Silhouette Mounting flexible or strong is tailored to your daily needs in terms of styling. The range Silhouette Fixation of soft and strong offers multiple possibilities of hairstyles natural and always trends.


    Beyond the care, discover the beauty and The pleasure of luxury at quotidienSEAH HAIRSPA is the first hair care that gives your hair the extraordinary feeling of a Spa treatment.The performance quotidienSEAH HAIRSPA accesses to a higher level of hair care with its new active principle, the Oil dAmarante. This asset is like a puzzle to offer a deep conditioner and a lightweight feel. For hair deliciously soft and shiny – every day !The daily pleasure Awaken your senses with the new massages HAIRSPA, textures enveloping, the fragrance mesmerizing and enrich your daily life. Do you pleasure every day in relishing the divine colors and shapes of SEAH HAIRSPA.New SEAH HAIRSPA – luxury. Each and every day.

  • Osis + Glamination
    Osis + Glamination

    OSiS + Glamination is the first range of styling infused with minerals liquid for a performance of style, a natural movement and a high brilliance.

  • OSIS+ freeze - spray - wax
    OSIS+ freeze - spray -...

    OSiS the art of contradiction OSiS Essentials Style: the key products you need to create beautiful hairstyles.Form : a range of special shape to curly hair, or rights.Gloss : brings a finish, high-gloss to all styles.Texture : a complete range for texturiser all styles.Fix : select these products for a touch of finish perfect.OSiS Creatives Created for styles unlimited and creative. Show off your different facets simply !Degree of control OSiSDegré control 1 : control légerDegré control 2 : control moyenDegré control 3 : maximum control

  • OSIS+ Design Mix
    OSIS+ Design Mix

    OSiS Design MixEnvie to create your own design ?OSiS Design Mix brings... texture spray brand new give your creations. An optimal range of 6 products to meet all your requirements of styling professional.Hair styling products to work on their own or mixed, as developed and tested for their perfect miscibility.A range of products that excels in the art of contrasts and lets you mix and create your own products and coiffages. Play of oppositions :The effects styling : contrasting reflections of light, texture and form. The control styling : degree of control 1 vs. degree of control 3.The fragrance : a fragrance for the degree of control 1, and another for the degree of control 3, and between mixtures without limit.

  • Fibreplex

    Check out.... FIBREPLEX !

    You do not want to choose between having beautiful hair and a beautiful colouring ?

    Do most of trade-offs : bleach, lighten or colored your hair without damage and finally possible thanks to this revolutionary service !

    The first service Schwarzkopf Professional to protect the hair from breakage by up to 94%* during the services of discoloration, lightening and coloring.

    FIBREPLEX guarantees the quality of hair enhanced after any colour service without a change in your usual color, or to a lengthening of the exposure time or increase the strength of the developer.

    FIBREPLEX is for use with all ranges and products from discoloration and staining.

    *Instrumental in the laboratory after brushing hair bleached by integrating the technical service of the products FIBREPLEX No°1 and No°2 vs of the hair bleached without the addition of products FIBREPLEX to the technical service.

    The products FIBREPLEX :

    The innovative technology in 3 steps consists of :

    N°1 Jump Booster – Protects the hair from damage during colouring. Penetrates into the internal structure of hair to strengthen connections.
    N°2 Bond Sealer – Seals surface capillary flexibility and high gloss long-lasting.
    N°3 Bond Maintainer – Preserves at home the quality of the hair found at the service in the lounge area and protects against future damage that may be caused by the technical services.

  • BC Excellium Q10 +
    BC Excellium Q10 +

    Fountain of youth for your hair, BC Excellium Q10 + is the first product line specifically designed not Schwarzkopf Professional hair fatigued by time, which takes advantage of what science offers to better in the fight against aging

  • Goodbye Yellow by Schwarzkopf
    Goodbye Yellow by...

    Goodbye Yellow by Schwarzkopf is a range of products for cold white hair.

    Schwarzkopf's Goodbye Yellow consists of an unprecedented concentration of pigmenting agents to remove even strong yellow highlights.

    Discover the Goodbye Yellow Schwarzkopf shampoo that cleans and eliminates yellow reflections in one go.

  • Schwarzkopf Bold Color Wash Color Enhancing Shampoos
    Schwarzkopf Bold Color...

    Schwarzkopf Bold Color Wash Color Enhancing Shampoos bring bold, vibrant color effects with minimal effort for maximum long lasting results.

    Schwarzkopf Bold Color Wash are available in 4 shades to use alone or mix together. The sulphate-free * formula gently washes and brings a vibrant color and intense shine easily and in one step.

    The highly pigmented Schwarzkopf Bold Color Wash formula acts as a semi-permanent color, for intense color results on light-colored, pre-thinned and discrete bases on dark bases.

    * SLS / SLES Sulfates: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate

  • Chroma ID
    Chroma ID